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  1. I have been well thanks
  2. Hey Dragon, hows it going?
  3. Hi
  4. indeed xD you are always welcome on chatroom
  5. I see you lurking
  6. Dont mind me
  7. It is I, Teeny! Hello Dragon! ^^
  8. Its teeny
  9. I seen a funny joke on it xD
  10. Yeah Goblin Slayer is really good, quite dark in places but has some cool fight scenes
  11. I need watch goblin slayer too
  12. Dooo it! Aah I'm not sure, I don't use Netflix!
  13. Oh nothing unless you wanna pm what i thought xD is it on netflix ?
  14. What are you thinking? o.O
  15. Hmmm i hope its not what im thinking xD
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