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  1. Hopefully! Have a summer class, some weddings to attend, and a few other events to fill out my summer.

  2. Good, that pleases me? <3

    fun things ahead?
  3. been a rough last few weeks, but getting better now

  4. The plan is what we can

    Somewhat busy, but more relaxing now <3
  5. Sounds like a plan!

    How have you been, buddy?
  6. Everybody does.
    Time to breathe new life into them <3
  7. I sometimes forget these things exist

    also, heya belsammy <3
  8. It's way too quiet here in these visitor messages. there, fixed. D:
  9. : dances with you :
    that's better!
  10. *dances here because I can*

  11. I dunno there's all sorts of adventures that can be had in a bedroom >_>;; - in a closet especially I mean
  12. oh mannn
    what kinds of adventures eh? >.>;;
    : 3
  13. I hope the closet is bigger on the inside; I am looking forward to some adventure.. ;3
  14. Anything and everything..
    Closet might be better. Bigger and cleaner by a lot
  15. XD What would one find there? D:
    But where else would I hide? >_>
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