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  1. I was a little vague, to say the least, last time I meant coworker for the romance rp open to other ideas as well. I also hope you are doing ok and wanted to generally catch up
  2. Makes sense but I honestly think a "soft spot" on a guy is cute. Definitely if they are affectionate and cuddly
  3. Women can get away with it more, you know how some guys can be really macho and such, i'm not like that but it doesn't make it any less akward so i avoid it from time to time i buy the dvds
  4. I am 30 and I admit I still like movies that are meant for kids.I am a bit childish at heart
  5. well as a big and older man i think most people would take the mic and could i really blame them
  6. Not a fan of them?
  7. I've seem at least half of the how to train your your dragon movies
  8. I haven't seen it yet
    I did watch How To Train Your Dragon 3 with my daughter a couple weeks ago.I have a soft spot for that movie
  9. Oh i did watch captain marvel, and while i still don't get why they made him a her, she played her roll really well and the story was pretty good, i thought it was going to be like so many of the films with a woman lead where they have some ultra skinny chick that doesn't not belong , so i do feel somewhat bad for knocking it as much as i did have you seen it.
  10. Yeah I admit that I usually don't know what to say to people.I don't have much practice in being social lol
  11. Sometimes i don't know what to say to people, but yeah it's nice when the flow between people is really good and i miss that as well.
  12. I am the same way.I forget alot of things.So no worries.
    Missed you when you were gone.I like our chats even though they are short.
  13. sorry about that your right i swear i would lose my head sometimes if was not attached.
  14. It would have been nice to let me know lol
    But it is good to know now
  15. Yes that's my real name and understandable considering i barely use it
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