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  1. *throws you a giant snowball filled with cookies*
  2. Working, saving money and paying bills. Otherwise I'm doing okay.
  3. I've been doing alright. working, working, trying to sort money, and stuff. xD

    And yourself?
  4. So true. How have you been doing anyway?
  5. Indeed. Everything starts (or restarts) somewhere. ^^

    Wibbly wobbly, timey~wimey and such xD
  6. And hello to you too, but at least it's something.
  7. Hi to you too... xP

    Yeah, I'm only events mod to help with the LAC/Alcon forums xD. Still working at getting more consistent time online here. ^^

    But yay for activity and such. ^^

    *throws cookies around the place ^^*
  8. I must be seeing things again
  9. Throws a pie at you.
  10. .......................
  11. Happy Birthday: *Gives Cake*
  12. steals all your coffee and tea
  13. ............*thwack*....................
  14. Doing pretty good actually. What have you been doing of late? I'm a curious person you know.
  15. Yarrrrr.

    I be good. ^^ And you?
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