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  1. True plus we need all of the bio of our team
  2. Well since their are two more people in our group we could ask them too plus we need to temporary setup the group 3 journal as we think of its name
  3. Auntie pixie be the leader of our team plus we need to think of journal title
  4. Yup
  5. Auntie pixie where team mates for the journal event
  6. For me it doesn't suit me since im thin
  7. Yup beside im not used to long hair anymore
  8. The usual for me short hair kind
  9. And i plan to get a haircut soon
  10. Not only was my day good but a relaxing one
  11. Hiya auntie pixie
  12. Same stuff and i made a dropbox a friend helped me to make one
  13. It was great
  14. How was your weekend?
  15. Auntie Pixie hello
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