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  1. For me it doesn't suit me since im thin
  2. Long hair can be a pain! I get mine trapped in car doors all the time
  3. Yup beside im not used to long hair anymore
  4. Stick with what works
  5. The usual for me short hair kind
  6. Ooh nice having a new style or just a tidy up?
  7. And i plan to get a haircut soon
  8. That sounds lovely!
  9. Not only was my day good but a relaxing one
  10. Good day niece Kaga!
  11. Hiya auntie pixie
  12. Same stuff and i made a dropbox a friend helped me to make one
  13. That's what I like to hear! What did you get up to?
  14. It was great
  15. Good thank you! How was yours?
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