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  1. Ohhh NY again, thats cool! I still never made it to the US...still on my list but maybe soon, I do a fair bit on Twitch sooo could do it with that xD I MISS YOUR FACE THOUGH
  2. Ohhh I'm doing well. I'm on summer break at the moment and visiting my parents in New York. I'll be here for About 1.5 more weeks
  3. I am okay just day to day things at the moment. So kinda boring my end you xD! How about yooouuuuu <3
  4. Miss you too!! How are you? <3
  5. Misssssssssss You! I hope you are doing all okay :3
  6. Yeah I just got across now, and I am kinda settled in now, just got to do all the basics here but been really busy! xD How is life treating you?
  7. Im well thanks! The Netherlands huh? Awesome!!
  8. Hey you Sorry been busy with moving haha! Leaving the UK in less than a week for the Netherlands! How are you doing? :3
  9. oh not bad, just teaching...but not for the summer. I moved last about 9 months ago
  10. Yeah its not fun really, I have been here for over 3 years so its going to be a bit of a change...but tbh I want to leave the country really, I want to do more but just need to get a new job haha! OH you have to show me all your creative things then I hope I am looking forward to it! How are things going with you?
  11. Ugh thats rough to have to move under those conditions. Moving can be stressful...ive done it a few times. Yeah I'm back as hmod lol but in a new place....CA! Never modded that section before
  12. Thanks for the message :3 Sorry I have been away for a little while, life has been pretty...annoying recently, I have to move from my house because I rent and they are selling it so its less than ideal atm the moment :< Seems like you are being a force on here again hehe! How are you doing with things I always miss having you around x
  13. haaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaayyyyy
  14. Thaaaats good nice to be all done haha! Been up to much recently? :3
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