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  1. I know you are
  2. Nyeh heh heh xD
    Told ya, I'm crafty
  3. Damn....
  4. *catches pokeball*
    *throws back*
  5. *thows pokeball*
  6. You can try, lol
    I'm known to be difficult to catch. Especially since this encounter is before you receive your Master Ball
  7. lol
    Can I throw a Pokeball so I can capture the Ben? Need to keep the bestie
  8. Catacombs used "Huggles", CRITICAL HIT!!
    Kujo is subdued!
  9. Yayness!!!!
  10. Luckily, "Huggles" is a special move and you have the MP for it.
  11. Meow then huggles
  12. Bwuh! A random Kujo appears!
    What will you do?

    Fight <
  13. *meows*
  14. *pet pet pet*
  15. Meow meow
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