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  1. Oh okay. I'm glad it's working now. Sometimes you have to reload the page.'s server has been glitching a lot lately and it's been affecting a lot of our websites.
  2. Nevermind. It's working now.
  3. I tried but the link isn't working.
  4. You're very welcome. There is so much happening on my end both on and offline, that I haven't had as much time to post in more threads. Anyway, you should definitely check out my latest blog. I even list some Goth female characters in animation.
  5. A well thank you Purgatory Girl. That is very much appreciated.
  6. Hi TheRedWarrior! I really appreciate all the warm welcomes to Animeleague. I have even gone as far as putting in a good word for this forum on my latest blog.
  7. Hello. Welcome to Animeleague. If you need any help or just want to talk then please feel free to message me.
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