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  1. Lol another dragon lets play catch with the lovable kitty
  2. I see kids can be funny creatures i have a goddaughter that is sometimes way to awkward and stubborn for her own good, and your right in what your doing because this world needs more smart and such people for future gens
  3. Hopefully.If not I will just count down til it is her bedtime lol
    She is mad at me cuz I told her to read a book.I am trying to push her since she is smart and I want the best for her
  4. Oh sorry to hear well i hope things start to get better soon
  5. Not really honestly.
    Just stress being a mom with a mouthy 10 year old
  6. Want to talk about it?
  7. Tired and drained
  8. How are you feeling today
  9. Sorry for suddenly heading off today my head started to hurt.
  10. I will try it.

    I need to start taking sleeping pills again...
  11. If your not allergic i would recommend lavinder it can be brought as oil for pillows etc
  12. Nope I had trouble sleeping
  13. Did you get enough sleep
  14. *lurks back*
    Found anything interesting yet on my page?
  15. *lurks for the fun of it*
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