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  1. Meow meow
  2. *pet pet* good Kat <3
  3. Meow
  4. *hugs*
  5. Yep, that's me
  6. BESTIE!!
  7. BESTIE!!!
  8. *smiles* Hi Ben
  9. *Jumps from couch in a pouncing motion to tackle. A tiny parachute is deployed as I am over you. Instead of a pounce, i very slowly float down and sploot on you like a snuggly blanket.*

    Hi Kat.
  10. .....I miss you....
    I need my bestie
  11. *melts*
    Why do you want me on top for?
  12. *rolls around so you're sitting on top of me. I pet you as you meow*
  13. Meow
  14. Rawr!?
    *tackles playfully*
  15. Rawr
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