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  1. Hahaha thats funny. x3
    Omg that would be a fun thread to. Jokes xD
  2. Marooned.
  3. o: A thief?
  4. hehe, what's a pirate without a ship?
  5. I think they are so much easier to draw than people D:
  6. Next it'll be ships. Harder to draw. hehehehehe.
  7. Thats a great Idea x3
  8. Started a Pirate contest - have people draw themselves as pirate or use a portrait maker program to show off.
  9. No snow delays for this one, either.
  10. Deadlines are the worst. :[
  11. Wish I could. Really mostly just very busy with one large looming deadline.
  12. oh no whats been going on. Talk to me dear
  13. Sorry, string of issues over here!
  14. Hey I need to see you posting more in Pirates. Do you think you can be trying to do some recruiting and getting people interested in it? Ive been trying to do some for you, but I would love it if you assisted <3
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