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  1. Be proud of yourself for coming out with such a great idea
  2. Aww that makes me happy!
  3. Oh, yes! You and Kat posted so many good gif. It's my favourite GD thread.
  4. Ah that's a shame.
    Some great ones have been used so far though.
    Pixiedora's make me laugh too!
  5. Yeah, the gifcussion is quite expecting place, where everything can happen. But we need to kindly harass Mike a bit to do something about the gifs size limit. There are fabulous gifs I can't post, because they are over 1mb
  6. I think ones with words are better to try and make it a discussion even if it makes no sense :') that's the best thing about it, you don't know where it will go! I haven't been in GD for a while, I will do my best to visit more
  7. Yeessss, I'm trying so hard to find ones with perfectly fitting words, but it's also hard! Maybe I should get a gif editor or something like that...
  8. Hahaa :') Your gifs are making me laugh too!
    I'm trying so hard to use gifs with words in.
  9. You are the queen of gifcussion ��
  10. Thank you! x
  11. Congrats on becoming an assistant!
  12. I like Griffith in the original series I think he is my favourite there In the movies and everything else though, my heart is with Guts <3
    Casca grew on me as the series progressed. But I love her alot now.
  13. And I must say, the last episode was really.. bloody and brutal. That's was pretty awesome
  14. Griffith was such a little sneaky bitch and I loved the way he planned everything, he could see though everyone. His boyfriend broke his heart and things went wrong, but still he was an amazing character. Casca annoyed me for so long, but later she changed and I started to like her. And how about you?
  15. Aaah that's awesome! what an ending right! Who was your favourite character? I also recommend taking a look at the films before the 2016 series (if you do move on to that)
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