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  1. Jareth got nothing on Hoggle! <3
  2. Great choice!!! That's one sexy beast!
  3. Awww that's awesome, I'm glad they are making you laugh
  4. Teeny your gif reactions in the gif thread are making me laugh so hard
  5. Yeah he was a great Gaston! She couldn't sing but I think she played the part well enough.
  6. I've not seen Cinderella but I did see Beauty and the Beast. I liked it, I wasn't sure on Emma Watson as Belle but I didn't think it was bad I thought Gaston was great!
  7. I haven't seen that one yet. Did you watch the Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast one?
  8. I really hope so!
    I watched the live action Jungle Book over Christmas and they didn't do much singing in that sadly there was a tiny bit though.
  9. Do you know if they're still having songs in Lion King? I'm guessing with Beyonce cast they must be?
  10. They definitely did and well deserved!
    I'll probably give them a chance aswell, I'm hoping the Lion King won't be ruined
  11. It's a great combination
    Yeah that was sweet, they found their girls worth fighting for!
    I think I will give them a chance! Will you?
  12. I love Tarzan so much. Probably because I love Animals and Phil Collins haha <3 Kerchak's death is so heartbreaking though I liked Mulan 2 aswell, I liked that the 3 guys got to be with the princesses
    Will you be going to see the live action Lion King & Aladdin films this year?
  13. Hunchback is my number one for musical score! God save the outcasts is just so beautiful.
    I have! It's one of the better sequels of Disney but still nowhere near as good as the first ha ha! Did you like it?
    Tarzan is such a good one too I agree! You'll be in my heart gets me every time!
  14. Oh gosh, I don't think I could name one Pirates of the Caribbean song tbh. But as soon as Bells of Notre Dame comes on, I'm on it! :')
    Mulan is SO GOOD. Did you ever watch Mulan 2?
  15. It really is! Like I have a Disney CD and it doesn't have single hunchback song on any of the 3 discs! But it has pirates of the Caribbean.....
    I'm a Disney geek and have categories for my faves but my overall is Mulan
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