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  • Cosplay and Cosrave After-Party @ Comic Con Leicester this 9-10 June

    We shall be running the cosplay at Leicester Comic Con this 9-10 June as well as their official afterparty. Highlights include the cosplay masquerade at 4pm on Saturday and at 3.30pm on the Sunday. There will also be a Begineers Guide to Cosplay Talk on the Saturday, as well as a General Cosplay Q&A on the Sunday. Check the event out now at www.comicconleicester.co.uk (note the show is sold out so this only applies to those who already have a ticket!)

    Cosplay Competition is 4pm on Saturday and 3.30pm on Sunday.

    Goodies and event tickets up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. You can go read more on the rules and pre-signup HERE and you can submit a pre-signup for your cosplay by filling in this form HERE (or signup at the cosplay desk on the day which is in the Cosplay Zone). Winners determined by our special guest judges (See below).

    Cosplay Guests and Talk

    We will have five fantastic cosplay guests in attendance. These are confirmed as -

    - Kawaiiju Cosplay
    - Pollygon Art
    - Pinstripe Cosplay
    - Mo Sassenach (Ciri_Pie)
    - Waddle Gee

    As well as judging the cosplay contest, they will host a cosplay talk each day as well.

    Cosrave on Saturday - Official Afterparty from 8.30pm to 2:30am!

    Check out the official afterparty HERE and make sure not to miss out!

    We look forward to seeing everyone this 9-10 June!
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