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  • GDPR Fun! Updates to Cookies & Your Privacy!

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    Hello everyone! We've been hard at work updating AL for the new EU Laws. Our priority is always to our users; so we have done the following changes:


    You may have noticed the cookie notification at the top of the forum when you first visit. You can see which cookies we set, and what they do. We need to load some cookies in order to use the forum, but these are essential and not used for any user tracking. The other cookies are optional, and you can select which you do/don't want. We recommend that you have the preferences cookies at the least, as they are needed to provide forum functionality.

    Note: The cookie notifications is giving us a little trouble, and this will be added next week. Please use the desktop website for now to select your cookie preferences.

    Registration Form Updates, Emails and Our New Monthly Prize Draw!

    We've updated the registration form for the forum with an Opt-In to our emails. New accounts will only receive our newsletter emails if they give us permission. Existing accounts will continue to receive our newsletter emails, however you can opt-out easily at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email, or by replying.

    Our email software is clever; it knows when someone reads our newsletters. We will be releasing a new privacy policy for emails in our next email. As a thank you to people who continue to read our emails and open them, we will enter you into a monthly prize draw to win tickets to one of our events! (the details/terms of this will be disclosed soon).

    Emails from the forum such as private message notifications are separate to the newsletter emails, and can be enabled or disabled at anytime in your profile settings.

    Our Conventions & Personal Information

    All our convention websites have been updated; we've removed cookies from these websites (using sessions instead, which do the same job). We've also added an email Opt-In option to all our registration pages. We never share personal information with 3rd parties, and these emails that opt-in are also valid for the monthly prize draw mentioned above. The right to account removal (below) also applies to our event websites, as does routine removal of personal data.

    Your Right to Account Removal

    You have a right to have your account and all personal data removed at any time. If you wish to do this, please contact an Admin or email us at info@animeleague.com. We will usually respond to all account deletion requests within 48 hours, but please allow up to 14 days for this; we're busy people

    Note that if you've been really naughty and your IP address is banned, we reserve the right to keep your IP address permanently on the banned list; irrelevant of any time period or request for removal. This is to protect our other users and ourselves.

    Routine Data Removal

    We are routinely cleaning up our old data; this includes old IP addresses and old chat logs. We will keep your IP address for 24 months from the time it's entered onto our system. Afterwards, it will be removed and we will not be able to access or restore the logs. We are keeping the IP address for this length of time due to security reasons, and we may revise this policy at a later time.

    Other data such as server access logs are also routinely deleted and are not kept any longer than is necessary for security and system maintenance purposes. System logs are kept for 4 weeks.


    There's a lot of changes happening online right now. We are more than happy to make changes to our services, as your data and online safety is our top priority.
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