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  • What is Animeleague?


    Animeleague is first and foremost about community and involving YOU! From forums, to conventions to social media and meetups, we are a force to change the anime scene in the UK and worldwide!

    Animeleague, or AL for short, aims to connect anime, gaming and fans of all things geeky together through it's conventions/events which take place across the UK, it's extremely active and friendly forums which are worldwide and it's free community meetups which take place across every major city in the UK (and maybe across the world in the future!). Whether it's anime, gaming, cosplay, or just general chat and discussion about life in general, AL has something for everyone and all are invited. Make sure to be a part of one of the top five anime communities in the world and join today!


    We have been around since 2002 as an online forum. In 2007 we started our first event. In 2011 we became officially an events company with the above objectives. Our purpose and goals has always been the above!


    1. We run one of the most active forums and chatrooms in the world - www.animeleague.net/forum with over 50,000 members. We are active, busy and thriving as we understand community and run regular events there to involve you!
    2. We run nearly a dozen conventions across the UK. From Norwich to Manchester, Liverpool, London, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol and more. Check out our calendar here - https://www.animeleague.net/forum/co...-2018-Calendar!
    3. We run over fifty community meetups a year. The Big Geek Meets are a massive part of what we do and is part of our continual drive to build the AL community in this country. Check them out here - https://www.facebook.com/pg/Animeleague/events/


    - You can attend our conventions or be a member on our forums
    - You can apply to be an assistant on our forums
    - You can join our Events Crew
    - You can help promote Animeleague by becoming an AL Advocate or Street Teamer in your local area

    Any questions or other ways you can get involved, feel free to email us on info@animeleague.com


    Animeleague is here to bring in anime fans, gamers and fans of all things geeky! We're here to create something fun, friendly and awesome that involves you, properly utilises your talents and brings you in to our family. Welcome aboard and let's make things awesome together!
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    1. Ichigo's Avatar
      Ichigo -
      I just recently joined this site. And I am already loving it! I have joined other (Anime) forums. But they don't have enough fanbase like this does! And, I even doubt that anyone on those sites post accordingly. So, I used Google to find other forums, and came across this site! I was skeptical, but I thought I give this site a try. I am glad that I did.

      I enjoy anime and I watch it all the time (mostly online). So, I wanted a platform (or place) to meet new people and make new friends that share my passion (for Anime).
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