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  • Animeleague Birthday Celebrations & Chat Party This WEEKEND & Onward!

    It's Animeleague's 15th Birthday this 24th February and to Celebrate we shall be running over a dozen events across every section on Animeleague, as well as a special Chat Party this Weekend. Stay tuned for more updates next week. For now, we can reveal these major events -

    #1. Mini-Chat Party on 24th February

    We shall be hosting a Chat Party on Friday 24th from 6pm to 10pm GMT on the AL Chatroom and Radio.

    #2. AL Birthday Forum on 23-24 February

    Next week we shall be making a special AL Birthday section on the forums! A place to tell us your best memories of being a part of Animeleague from the forums to the events. We also have a range of fun and exciting activities (shhh it's a secret!) to reveal on these two days too. It's gonna be a blast! Wooo!

    #3. Events Across the Forums

    Each section shall be running it's own event, and we shall also be running community-wide events as well. Click on each link below to check them out -

    CA&W's Prompt Exchange: Pair up with someone to create work based on your partners prompts.
    A&M's Name That Pokemon: Guess the Pokemon from the picture to earn points and prizes!
    EZ's Guess That Song/Movie: Guess the music from a sound clip. Guess the movie from a picture. The person with the most points at the end wins.
    VG's Pokemon Sun/Moon Tournament: You have been challenged to the video games pokemon tournament! Are you ready to battle?
    CH's Cosplay Design Content: Design a cosplay by drawing, colouring, painting etc or show off a cosplay you have made!
    RS Alcon: Welcome to Roleplayers' Sanctuary's spin on ALcon. Show up as any character, original or fandom, and join in the festivities. Everyone's invited!
    CL's Raffle & CL's Ninja Game: CL presents a special Raffle Event, the more you post in CL the more chances you get to win, and for the first time CL is introducing the Ninja Game. Come join the mystery intrigue of the Orients. Where you will either be a Ninja secretly murdering Samurai or a Samurai seeking out the hidden Ninja to extract revenge.
    ALJís Lolcat Invasion: THE LOLCATS HEARD THERE WAS A PARTY ON AL! THEY'VE COME TO TAKE OVER THE FORUM WITH THEIR FUN!! Join in the games to play and win prizes!
    GDís Cake Hunt: Find the hidden cakes in threads to earn points.
    CNís First Letter/Last Letter: Join a clan and join in with our wintery-themed word game!
    Join Us In Entrance Hall: No birthday and more importantly, birthday party, is complete without friends. Why settle for just the ones you have when you can have more. Introduce yourself and chat with likeminded users in the Entrance Hall and, just maybe, make some lasting friends while youíre at it!

    #4. AL Birthday Chat Party

    We have a full weekend of fun planned for our birthday this 18th-19th February! Click here to see what is happening!
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