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  • Want to join our Media & PR Team?

    We are looking for people to join our Media & PR Team.

    It is a voluntary role, we can offer those who join -

    1. A CV reference.
    2. Experience and advice from fellow team members several of which work in professional PR.
    3. Being a part of what we do and an opportunity to join crew as a member of our press team.

    If you are interested then please email pr@animeleague.com with -

    1. A summary of your previous experience (if none do not worry - long as you're keen and willing to learn).
    2. Why you wish to join our team.
    3. Your full name and age.
    4. Do you wish to join either; a. Content Creation (ie: fb page posters, webpage posters etc) or b. Networking and Promotion Team (ie: speaking with industry, press, media or community). Or maybe both?

    We will then get back to you within a few days.
  • Animeleague Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 08972208. Registered office address is 609 Fishponds Road, Bristol, BS16 3AA