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    If the radio cuts out, simply reload the page.

    If you're having issues with flash (or you're on a mobile device), you can listen listen HERE instead.

    Alternatively Click HERE and open the file to listen via Winamp if you have it installed

    Want to DJ? Signup HERE.

    DJ Schedule

    Monday - @LikkleMel - 7-9PM
    Tuesday - @RedHat 7-9PM
    Wednesday - @Kairi Nunjutsu
    Thursday - @PharaohAtem
    Friday - @Catharsis 7-9PM
    Saturday - @H03nn89
    Sunday -

    Random / Gap Filler

    @Pirate Timelord

    We are always looking for more DJs for AL Radio, anyone can join and have a go!

    If you are interested in being a DJ on AL Radio please PM LikkleMel
    Many thanks and enjoy AL Radio!
    Comments 41 Comments
    1. Chris Woodward's Avatar
      Chris Woodward -
      thanks guys.....rocking it out big time!! lol
    1. sharon bowler's Avatar
      sharon bowler -
      Hi Bear and Damien, Doing a great job. xxx
    1. DeleteDelete's Avatar
      DeleteDelete -
    1. PocketMouse's Avatar
      PocketMouse -
      You guys are doing a fantastic job! Thanks for having me on air yesterday, it was a blast!
    1. ThePurpleNicknamer's Avatar
      ThePurpleNicknamer -
      These songs are amazing!
    1. Little Red Reiki's Avatar
      Little Red Reiki -
      I love this song I don't even know what its called XD
    1. DeleteDelete's Avatar
      DeleteDelete -
      Aweome music
    1. Mongo's Avatar
      Mongo -
      <3 is music..and this is awesomeness!
    1. Dhevix's Avatar
      Dhevix -
      Shameless plug: Successful
    1. M.J.Caboose's Avatar
      M.J.Caboose -
      hahaha your all drunk or giddy
    1. AnimeGuardJ's Avatar
      AnimeGuardJ -
      Thanks Teddy for the mention!
    1. Maiko-Chan's Avatar
      Maiko-Chan -
      GWIYOMI!!!! Thank you Oppa!!! <3
    1. The Frozen Samurai's Avatar
      The Frozen Samurai -
      10/10 would relisten xD
    1. Erikajoy (=^・^=)'s Avatar
      Erikajoy (=^・^=) -
      Go! Wouter. Im hearing you XD
    1. Erikajoy (=^・^=)'s Avatar
      Erikajoy (=^・^=) -
      I want to join radio station. How?
    1. Draco Dragon's Avatar
      Draco Dragon -
      its not working how come
    1. sammypie25's Avatar
      sammypie25 -
      when is the next weekend long radio event?
    1. Darkchalice's Avatar
      Darkchalice -
      queen is a great choice
    1. Grog3471's Avatar
      Grog3471 -
      sounds like I just missed it
    1. Otaku_Blossom's Avatar
      Otaku_Blossom -
      Nice tunes
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