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  • ClanNation: Under Dogs' In-Clan RP Event: 13 Nights of Halloween (Open to All)

    “13 Night of Halloween” is Under Dogs’ Nightmare Based RP Event for this year’s 2012 Halloween

    It is time you challenged your writing skills to effectively twist and contort your characters from what they normally act to the side effects Halloween has on their minds and fears. This RP is meant to be based off of your characters interactions with other characters, their fears and all of it happens in their sleep, Halloween Night where they are trapped for 13 days in the course of 24 hours. When the clock strikes 12 O’Clock in the morning to start the Day of Halloween (in the RP – You decide when this happens), your characters will be locked in their minds to fight their fears, survive 13 Nights of Halloween’s Nightmares.

    For in-depth Details, Please Visit the Under Dogs Clan

    Halloween is almost here and the Under Dogs' Mansion has been decked out in Halloween Decor. Gargoyles thought to protect the borders of the land are glaring down at the vacancy in front of the closed gate. "Beware of Canine's" is molded into the iron work of their gate. A party is soon to be hosted on Hallow's Eve, all participants are unsuspecting to an Ancient Curse that is close to surfacing. Up the gravel road, past the invading wooden forest lies the Mansion Garden and Court Yard. There are cobwebs and spiders scurrying about as the worn out residents make their final touches. Many pumpkins are lined along the stone walls, Wolves, Dogs, and many other creatures of night have been carved into their skin. A few have contorted faces, with eyes filled with an evil touch.

    Upon entry of this Mansion lies a hallway leading to a marble floor ballroom, two double dark oak doors with medieval handles are wide open. Inside lies beverages, food, and ancient artifacts tainted with Halloween colors. Many figurines glow in which cast off lights gleaming from above; where the cathedral ceiling beams high. The Gothic windows allow little of the setting sun from entering as it starts painting the sky outside a set of shades varying between deep red and orange with streams of dying blue. Inside the ballroom also echoes music festivities to match the occasion and slowly, more visitors enter the now opened gates of the Under Dogs Estate.

    Upon the last arrival, the Front Gates Close, the Gargoyles Shift and claw at the stone pillar they rest upon, digging as they crouch, ready to pounce the uninvited intruders that may come. Wings slightly unfurled as if prepared for flight. The mist of the woods snake and slither out blinding the path to the gates. Behind the closed gates, the party ensues. What remaining lights stream out from the surrounding area casts a dark shadow of the gates upon the gravel road, the words begin to shift slowly like a spider re-webbing its home. As the bell in a tower beyond finally calls the ending of Hallow's Eve, the word's clearly finish their transformation and read:

    13 Nights of Halloween
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