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  • Animeleague OctoberFest 2012, Credit Bonanza Week, AL Awards & More!

    To Celebrate Crazy League and Ramblings being merged back into Crazy League, and so returning it to it's former glory, we shall be doing an entire month of events in Crazy League and on AL as a whole! So make sure to swing by the forums and go into Crazy League to join the party!

    It's Credit Bonanza Week in Crazy League! - For the next seven days anyone who makes a topic in Crazy League that gets two pages or more of replies will be awarded 250 credits! And that's not all, the mods will pick out some of the best topics - if you managed to impress or entertain the mods, then you will get 500 credits! Your topic can be ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, no limits, so go crazy!

    GO CRAZY AND SPAM IN CRAZY LEAGUE NOW - http://www.animeleague.net/forum/for...1-Crazy-League Anything and everything, guys! GO GO GO!

    * * *

    If that wasn't enough, we have many more events lined up for October, including -

    - 17th October to 1st November - AL Awards, nominate and vote for top AL members.
    - 20th-21st October - Animeleague Chatroom Party, have fun over an entire weekend in the chat.
    - 24th October to 1st - Halloween Week, a spooky week of events is planned!

    More details about each shall be unveiled on the boards, so make sure to hang around and stay tuned.
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