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  • A&M Presents: Halloween Alter-Ego Challenge

    Character Alter-Ego Challenge

    This challenge is simple and open to all crafts. To participate in this challenge, all you need to do is submit a written or visual representation of your favorite character in an Alter-Ego of your depiction. They can be either Manga or Anime Characters, this is to your leisure. However, there are a few rules, expectations and limits to your participation. They are as follows:


    With Four Categories and Two Skills, you may only participate in two total!

    What do you mean?

    First you should know the categories:

    1. Written: Best Character Alter-Ego
    2. Written: Worst Character Alter-Ego
    3. Artistic: Best Character Alter-Ego
    4. Artistic: Worst Character Alter-Ego

    Not everyone is skilled in terms of writing, and the same goes for Artists. However, to give you a second chance at really diving into your creative juices, the door to this haunted house of A&M has allowed you the opportunity to Duel. The combinations are up to you to decide and gives you the freedom to not have to decide on just one character and one selection.

    What combinations are allowed?

    Your limit is two submissions, they can be one of each written (1 Worst & 1 Best). One of each Artistic (1 Best & 1 Worst). One of Each, one artistic (Best or Worst), one written (Best or Worst). Of course, you can do two for the same category (Written Best & Best or Worst & Worst -OORR- Artistic Best & Best or Worst & Worst).


    1. Respect Participants & Viewers (We really shouldn't have to ask!)
    2. 2 Submissions Per Person
    3. Plagiarism is Unacceptable
    4. Submissions are to be submitted here.
    5. Golden Rule: Flaming, Baiting, and out right Trolling will not be tolerated.

    Most Importantly!
    Personal offense should NOT be taken because a member used your favorite character and disfigured them or contorted them for submission. Even if they think the "Best" Alter-Ego is not a "Best" Alter-Ego in your eyes. You can settle this difference by voting for another Alter-Ego'd character in place of another characters. This event is a chance to open the doors for Death Matches and Battles with renowned or favored characters down the road. How you behave with this event, and submissions, will determine if A&M staff allows similar and old events. Please be on your best behavior and remember it's just a game. No offense is meant to be given or taken, it's all just fun!

    If you submit more than 2 entrees, the first two will be your official submissions unless you specify otherwise in a post.

    You are expected to fill out the basics when you post, so others know how to judge their informational knowledge with your work and the character(s) you chose.

    When posting your submission(s), you are expected to include the following:
    Quote Originally Posted by Submission Basic Musts
    Origin: (Name of Anime/Manga the Character Derives from)
    Category: (Specify which submission(s) the character(s) belong)
    Characteristic: (Strongest (Best) /Weakest (Worst) Alter-Ego Trait: Humor, Horror, Sketchy, Skittish, Child-like, Cute, Gruesome, etc) - Characteristic Trait is your controlling element to the Alter-Ego and image (in written or artistic form) change to your character.
    How does this challenge work?
    This challenge is simple. You will be given the choice on how you wish to present your favorite characters. All you have to do is create an Alter-Ego for them, this is up to you on how to approach it. Because it is Halloween time, creating an Alter-Ego for a character you admire or dislike, helps you vent or play around with it at an innocent cost. You can have fun with it or be super serious so long as you don't take other submissions seriously.

    The real challenge is to test your creativity and devotion to manipulating a character and what you know about them to see how well you can convince fellow viewers and participants that the Alter-Ego can really horrify or amuse a Halloween costume of personality alteration to a character. Take this how you may and enjoy the opportunity to go wild.

    Your submissions will be paired off against other characters from the same category and the top three winners of each category will receive an award and credits. This will not be done in a poll so if you want your favorite Alter-Ego to win, then please post your votes in the threads per category face off. The number of submissions will be fairly split up if necessary.

    Category Specifics
    Writing Format-
    The freedom to choose is up to you, but remember that the amount of time and effort, even length is for you to decide. Try to be reasonable and put effort into your work. You want to entice readers into believing you made a great Alter-Ego of your character(s) for the category your submission was entered for. Forms can range in your delight, RP style, Short Story, Poem, Flash Fiction, Essay, etc. The freedom is yours to claim, mold and there really isn't a limit or restriction on how to do this. Remember to focus on creating a different personality trait for your character and don't forget that there is more than just attitude but attire too!

    Artistic Format-
    Size limits are the only issue you may have, please keep the limit as per AL Rules. Other then that, the creativity is at your disposal. Keep in mind that if you want to do this, you can use your skills to alter your character into the image you feel best represents the intended Alter-Ego you felt was best for your character's submission category. You can make fun by dressing a boy character into a bunny suit that is completely out of whack or get gory, dressing a chick into a taunting dark outfit meant to steer away from her usually nice appearance. Submissions can be hand drawn and scanned in, Photoshopped, or even a picture you took of another crafted art depiction. This includes clay sculptures, video animation, and even cosplay if you want to dress the part.

    Best VS Worst
    What qualifies as "best"?

    • Best is the Alter-Ego you feel your character could pull-off in consideration to their normal traits. A good way to think on this is Bleach's Main Character Ichigo and his other half for a basic guide into deciding an Alter-Ego.
    • Keep in mind that you can decide to have a "Best" Humorous, Serious, Horror, Lazy, Grim, Skittish, etc Alter-Ego of your choice but "best" is what you feel would be best fitting for that mood or goal you have. The goal is to, in the end, convince fellow members that you chose the best Alter-Ego the character could have.

    What Qualifies as "worst"?

    • Much like Best, The Worst Alter-Ego is what you feel would be the worst Alter-Ego for a character to have. This is the category best fitting for venting out against a character and doing it in a light environment.
    • The worst is not your depiction on how you feel about the effort in your submission. Even if writing/art isn't your strength, attempting this challenge is about the character and how well you attempt to create that Alter-Ego for them you feel would be the worst Alter-Ego they could have. We want you to depict it, however, the best you can.

    Voting will be decided by members of AL. Threads will be set-up by A&M Staff. If there are multiple threads for one category, the winners from each thread will be paired off against the other winning threads. At the end of the submissions dead line, it will be announced how many stages will play out. If you have participated in the voting for AL Awards, you can picture how this will play out depending on submissions. Everyone can participate because voters decide. All voting will be done via post, not through polls.

    Submissions END: October 31st, 2012
    Voting Stage 1: November 1st - November 7th

    Prizes Are Equally Applied to Each Category as Follows:

    1st Place: 2,000 Credits + Award Badge + Submissions in a Front Page Article
    2nd Place: 1,500 Credits + Award Badge
    3rd Place: 1,000 Credits + Award Badge

    Participants get 500 Credits

    Thank you to All of A&M Staff for Contributing to this Event!
    Special thanks ahead of time to all participants!
    Happy Halloween & the Best of Luck to you all!
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