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  • 'Pro VS Anti' a Vday Event

    'Pro VS Anti'
    a V-Day Event
    Brought to you by the L&W Staff

    What is this Event?
    Much like a battle, you challenge another or a group of individuals. However, this event has no form or style limitations. Either you like valentines day or you don't. Or, you would prefer to write something for V-Day but either with a stand for the love it displays or against the twisted meanings of the modern day. This is not limited to just the above ideas though so write whatever comes to mind...

    What can I do?
    You can write a poem, short story, song, or anything else of your desire to submit into this event. All participants will receive credits and an Award Icon. However, there is a twist, what you do will determine your side. Try not to make it obvious on the side you are on with "Pro-" and "Anti-" in your pieces. Keep in mind that your ranking of how you feel about V-Day doesn't have to match the 'ranking' of your piece. All Moderators and Assistants are allowed to participate with all members.

    How do I sign up?
    You don't. Simply write a piece of which ever art you desire and post it in the "Pro VS Anti" a Vday Event thread stickied up in L&W. Basically, just do it. Please do not post something you have already done and shared with L&W. Write something new.

    To read more about this event, go to the Sub Section of Manga Forge or Graphics, Fiction & Art in the forums and click "Literature & Writing". You will be directed to the forum where this even can be found at the top.

    Please feel free to post comments/critiques in th other threads in the section. Enjoy and See you in the Section!
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