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  • CityScape: An Update by La Muerte


    Interesting RPs:
    Resident Evil
    Being Human

    The Resident Evil RP seems to capture the reality of Cityscape. It is based on a game and story that is very popular among gamers. This RP represents what CS stands for; itís a casual open forum for peopleís imagination to run freely as long as it is within human reasoning. For the beginners this would be the most logical place to start in CS. The Being Human RP takes you down the path of several creatures that we all know very well. This seems like the perfect thriller RP and seems to place a dark veil over what we consider to be human traits. For the RPers out there that love the darker side of RPs this would work wonderfully for you.

    Rantingís of the writer:
    This issue of my article I present a thought provoking challenge to any whom will read this. I challenge you to make a difference! If you have an idea for a tournament, battle Royal, Scavenger Hunt or even a Party let it be known! Send an email or personal message to a CS mod. The one thing AL thrives on is ideas and innovations. Being constant is rather boring and downright monotonous. So be a Fan! You never know that one big idea could change more than you think. To the people whom read this I thank you. I am hoping that one day I can touch someone or inspire someone. It makes my day to see a person thrive when they are encouraged. This is the greatest reward I strive for to encourage and inspire others to be more than just a name on a site or just a number in life.

    The above article is based off of the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinions of the CS staff.
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