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    ClanNation News –Clans in the Making

    Current Clans In Progress:
    Right now, there are a few clans that have yet to make it to a full clan or at the bare minimum to create one. Each desired clan must reach a quota of ten members, including the leader. Four clans are awaiting to be created as a clan, or have just met the quota of 10. Below is the date the clan’s sign up thread went up, how many members, the Leader(s) and clan name. They will be followed by descriptions of each and a link to the sign up thread. Remember that you can only join 2 clans as a member and 3 clans as an assistant member.

    June 25th –Tokusatsu City (Themed Clan)
    Leader(s): Kamen Rider Verto & Kari2011
    Members: 8 (Not including Leaders)

    Sign-up thread: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...sign-up-sheet)

    About the Clan: For fans of “Tokusatsu” series to discuss the past and future series to come, localizations and various other attributes that relate to clan members interests. The clan also has goals to create a home for fans of Tokusatsu on AnimeLeague. When at full capacity, the clan plans to have weekly threads that will aspire fans to join in on the topics about Tokusatsu related threads (including Power Rangers). Even better, the Sigh Up thread is simple. Only asking for your username, favorite series, and how long you have been watching.

    April 14th –The World That Never Was (Kingdom Hearts)
    Leader(s): Kari2011
    Members: 6 (Not including Leaders)

    Sign-up thread: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...-clan-revival)

    About the Clan: This clan is trying to be revived. It’s center focus on fans and roleplayers being able to get together and not just role play but discuss and chat about the games, the characters and each series; amongst other fun aspects. This clan welcomes both new and old fans of the game series, even those who play the game over and over again. This clan’s sign-up thread is also simple, requesting just your username, whether or not you are a fan of the series or new to the games, and how much time you can put into the clan.

    July 9th –Australianimation
    Leader(s): Kaida Mizu
    Members: 3(Including Leader)

    Sign-up thread: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...tralianimation

    About the Clan: This clan is meant to help introduce Australia members to other Anime and Manga Fan loving Australian Members, help them meet up and find conventions in their location, discuss anime, and various other interests of the Australian community and nation. As it stands, they do not have a specific sign up thread and welcome all interested. Australia Members have a clan wishing to be more pronounced, active and enjoyable, so check the clan out.

    May 23rd –Media Hounds
    Leader(s): Andy Rooney (Taric)
    Members: 8 (Not including the leaders)

    Sign-up thread: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...1-Media-Hounds

    About the Clan: Media Hounds is a clan for all media types, radio, television, books, shows, etc that are for fans of various types to join and discuss the various discussions available about each of the above mentioned types of media for clan members and more. Games are open to this clan as an activity members can also enjoy, the sooner they get the member quota the sooner this clan can blossom.

    These are just four desired clans, with 17 plus more clans already running that you can join by visiting ClanNation. Feel free to come back to the ClanNation updates where you will be provided with events clans will be hosting in sections they sponsor or in their own clans. Until next time, take time to view the various sign up threads of clans and soon to be clans.

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