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    Signup to Forum Community Staff

    On the Animeleague forums we have four levels of staff - Assistants, Moderators, Head Moderators and Administrators. 

    We take signups to staff at the assistant level. Higher levels of staff are picked from the pool of assistants.

    The benefits of becoming an assistant include earning forum-credits to your account, having the opportunity to prove yourself for higher roles, and working as part of a team which can help you get to know other members better. 

    We ask that you have 100 posts minimum to be on the forums.

    Signup to become an assistant HERE.

    Signup to Events Crew

    Interested in staffing for one of our events such as Alcon, London Anime Con or London Gaming Con? Then read on!

    Why Crew?Well, you get free entry and one free-meal a day. And of course you get the satisifaction of having helped the convention out. We're always happy to provide references to people who work for us, so it's something extra which you can add to your CV afterward. Crewing is also a very easy way to get to know other members of the con, and there is usually a lot of camaraderie between fellow crew members over the course of the event! 

    What Kind of Work is it? Usually a crew member will help to manage queues, serve attendees, act as a runner to move equipment/items around and so forth. When you join crew, you are placed on to a team. Each team has a team-leader who you will report in to and who will look after you over the event. Each shift you are given is usually two-three hours long. 

    How many hours does a full-crew member do? Each full-crew member does 7 hours a day that they attend. This entitles them to free entry in addition to free meal. 

    What Teams are there? Specialist, Video Gaming, Artists Alley, Registrations & Help, Cosplay Organisers, Hall Events, Bar Events and Dealers.

    I've already paid my entry, can I get it back if I crew? Provided you do the shifts which are allocated to you, then you will receive the entry money back on the Sunday. 

    What's this about setup and takedown Crewing? If you want to help out on the Friday or Monday for setup or take-down, then shifts you do then will count toward your hours. This means you'll be working less on the event days. 

    To Signup - Please email crew@animeleague.com with - 

    Events to Crew:
    What skills/experience you have which may be useful: 
    Which days you will be at the event for (ideally give us an idea what time you will be arriving and leaving too - this will help determine your shift-times): 
    The top three teams that you would like to join:

    If you have any questions related to volunteering, then please do not hesitate to email us back!

    Article Writers: We need YOU!

    To help provide front-page content we would like to invite people to apply to join our article-writing team.

    The Role:
    The team will consist of five writers/vloggers. Each writer will get one article a week to produce based on their specialist theme. Our five themes will be; anime, cosplay, gaming, AL forums, and AL events.
    To submit one article to us a week a minimum of three days before it is put up. (So if you're doing anime articles which are put up on Monday, you'd hand it to us three days before on the Saturday for editing). Typical articles are 300-500 words.
    The Benefits:
    Your articles get credited to you and promoted across our networks and front-page. Provided you write regularly, we will give you a full reference for your CV.

    To Signup please complete this form and post it here or email

    Areas you can write in: (Anime, gaming, cosplay, AL community or AL events)
    Writing or vlog: Would you prefer to write your weekly article or release a vlog via our youtube channel which is put on the front page?
    Can you do one article a week:
    Previous experience/samples of what you've written: (If applicable)
    Why would you like to write for us: (Tell us why this interests you)
    Help promote Us!

    We encourage those who want to help the forums and the events to first and foremost help spread the word. Without massive budgets to spend on mainstream advertising, we rely heavily on our attendees to help with this.

    For those who help, we offering free upgrades to supporting membership on your registration (make sure to ask) and/or a free t-shirt (from our existing stock).

    You can help promote by -

    1. Facebook & Twitter: Help by inviting your friends to our facebook page HERE, and posting fb/twitter links about us.
    2. Posters/Flyers: By dropping flyers/posters in to shops, groups, societies and handing to friends it can massively raise awareness. We can send out flyers if you request for some in this topic HERE.
    3. Word of Mouth: One of the most effective ways, make sure to personally speak to your friends and encourage them to check the event out!
    4. Promote or link to us on your website/forum/blog: Download a copy of the Animeleague presskitHERE which contains images, buttons, press-releases and further information to use, making it as easy as copy and pasting to write about or link to us on your website, forum or blog!
    5. Banner/Link Exchange and Cross-Promotion: If you're interested in cross-promoting and gaining traffic, email us on info@animeleague.com and we can explore possibilities.
    Those who partner up with London Anime Con, will also be added as a partner on the animeleague website, a community of almost 30,000 members, making it very worthwhile!
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    1. Liam Nathan Spooner's Avatar
      Liam Nathan Spooner -
      hi my name is liam spooner i was anime con this year and i'm thinking of volunteering for anime events
    1. Liam Nathan Spooner's Avatar
      Liam Nathan Spooner -
      i've had work experience at the salvation army during year 11 and i think this job will be pefect
    1. Adam Itachi Hooley's Avatar
      Adam Itachi Hooley -
    1. Adam Itachi Hooley's Avatar
      Adam Itachi Hooley -
      finanal fantsy
    1. IRON MAN ADAM's Avatar
      adam david hooley age 30
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