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    It's Animeleague's 15th Birthday this 24th February and to Celebrate we shall be running over a dozen events across every section on Animeleague, as well as a special Chat Party this Weekend. Stay tuned for more updates next week. For now, we can reveal these major events -

    #1. Mini-Chat Party on 24th February

    We shall be hosting a Chat Party on Friday 24th from 6pm to 10pm GMT on the AL Chatroom and Radio.

    #2. AL Birthday Forum on 23-24 February

    Next week we shall be making a special AL Birthday section on the forums! A place to tell us your best memories of being a part of Animeleague from the forums to the events. We also have a range of fun and exciting activities (shhh it's a secret!) to reveal on these two days too. It's gonna be a blast! Wooo!

    #3. Events Across the Forums

    Each section shall be running it's own event, and we shall also be running community-wide events as well. Click on each link below to check them out -

    CA&W's Prompt Exchange: Pair up with someone to create work based on your partners prompts.
    A&M's Name That Pokemon: Guess the Pokemon from the picture to earn points and prizes!
    EZ's Guess That Song/Movie: Guess the music from a sound clip. Guess the movie from a picture. The person with the most points at the end wins.
    VG's Pokemon Sun/Moon Tournament: You have been challenged to the video games pokemon tournament! Are you ready to battle?
    CH's Cosplay Design Content: Design a cosplay by drawing, colouring, painting etc or show off a cosplay you have made!
    RS Alcon: Welcome to Roleplayers' Sanctuary's spin on ALcon. Show up as any character, original or fandom, and join in the festivities. Everyone's invited!
    CL's Raffle & CL's Ninja Game: CL presents a special Raffle Event, the more you post in CL the more chances you get to win, and for the first time CL is introducing the Ninja Game. Come join the mystery intrigue of the Orients. Where you will either be a Ninja secretly murdering Samurai or a Samurai seeking out the hidden Ninja to extract revenge.
    ALJs Lolcat Invasion: THE LOLCATS HEARD THERE WAS A PARTY ON AL! THEY'VE COME TO TAKE OVER THE FORUM WITH THEIR FUN!! Join in the games to play and win prizes!
    GDs Cake Hunt: Find the hidden cakes in threads to earn points.
    CNs First Letter/Last Letter: Join a clan and join in with our wintery-themed word game!
    Join Us In Entrance Hall: No birthday and more importantly, birthday party, is complete without friends. Why settle for just the ones you have when you can have more. Introduce yourself and chat with likeminded users in the Entrance Hall and, just maybe, make some lasting friends while youre at it!

    #4. AL Birthday Chat Party

    We have a full weekend of fun planned for our birthday this 18th-19th February! Click here to see what is happening!
    by Published on 01-17-2017 07:00 PM

    And we're live! Go register for Alcon 2017 NOW at http://www.alcon.org.uk Taking place this 31st August to 3rd September and better than ever with a brand new upgraded Student Union venue and voice actress of 400+ voices Monica Rial and internet sensation LittleKuriboh just highlights amongst many many more big announcements to come! Whether you're a cosplayer, anime fan, comic fan or gamer, there'll be something for you. Make sure not to miss out and get your ticket now!

    Big Announcements So Far

    #1. LittleKuriboh Confirmed
    #2. Monica Rial Confirmed
    #3. Upgraded Student Union and Queens Buildings
    #4. Theme to be Alcon Royal Variety Show with..
    #5. Brand new events planned such as the Alcon Panto Show

    Coming by the end of February..

    #1. Two more big name international guests to be revealed
    #2. Our full abridger lineup to be revealed
    #3. Our full cosplay guest lineup to be revealed
    #4. Awesome bands, performers and parties - we will reveal some of them!
    #5. Speakers and special guests - again we will start to show you who we have!

    This series of announcements will come on AL's birthday week (21st Feb to 25th Feb)

    Make sure to register now while tickets are still available at just 45 for all four days!
    by Published on 01-14-2017 10:17 AM

    If the radio cuts out, simply reload the page.

    If you're having issues with flash (or you're on a mobile device), you can listen listen HERE instead.

    Alternatively Click HERE and open the file to listen via Winamp if you have it installed

    The AL Happy 2017 Chatroom Party! (14-15 January - this weekend)

    - All weekend. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
    - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
    - The party goes on from midday GMT on Saturday to well past Sunday midnight!
    Events - just like a real-convention but online! - we have events ALL day long - see the event planner at the bottom. We have quizes, cosplay, roleplay and lots more!
    - Our own radio station going on throughout the day with DJs blasting out your favorite tunes. You can tune in @ www.animeleague.net/radio


    Midday - Get To Know & Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio, meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    7pm - Welcome to the PARTY! - With your host @Ferefire we kick off the proceedings and get ready for an epic weekend. Much fun and games, weee!
    8pm to 10pm - 20 Rooms - - A radio RPG with a twist, where YOU the chatroom help decide the outcome. Rules explained on air. Want to join the RPG? Tune in and let us know!
    10pm - Mike's Happy Hour! - My Hour of Fun! Grab drinks etc!


    Midday - Get To Know and Chat/Radio Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio and meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    6pm - Animeleague Quiz - Test your knowledge in our quiz!
    7pm - Big Geek Night Live - Join us from 8pm onwards with special guest appearances from well known community-members and a variety of crazy music ranging from rock to disney to random youtube stuff. We'll have all the usual games including, blind date, auction, and so forth. It'll be a fantastic night of nonsenical games and sentimentality. Woo!
    9pm - Member Auction - Everyone's up for bid!
    10pm till late - The Party & Games Show! Grab a drink and let's party in to the night! Yay!


    Midday - @RedHat
    3pm - @RedHat
    4pm - @RedHat
    5pm - @SSJ JackMan
    6pm - @SSJ JackMan
    7pm - @Ferefire
    8pm - 20 Rooms - @Ferefire
    9pm - 20 Rooms - @Ferefire
    10pm - @Ferefire
    11pm - @SSJ JackMan
    Midnight -
    1am Onward -

    SUNDAY RADIO SCHEDULE (all times in GMT)

    Listen to the radio @ www.animeleague.net/radio

    Midday - @SSJ JackMan
    3pm - @AngelMagick
    4pm - @AngelMagick
    5pm - @RedHat
    6pm - @RedHat
    7pm - Big Geek Night - @Pixiepaige
    8pm - Big Geek Night - @Pixiepaige
    9pm - Member Auction - @Pixiepaige
    10pm - @DaddyCool
    11pm - @DaddyCool
    Midnight Onward -

    by Published on 01-02-2017 03:26 PM

    Get ready for a massive 2017 - this year we will be running EIGHT conventions from London to Cardiff to Manchester to Bristol, Cardiff and many other places. Make sure to put these dates down in your diary now -

    3-5 February - London Anime & Gaming Con - www.londonanimecon.com
    8-9 April - Manchester Anime & Gaming Con - www.manchesteranimecon.com
    29-30 April - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - www.bristolanimecon.com
    10-11 June - Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con - www.liverpoolanimecon.com
    30 June - 2 July - London Anime & Gaming Con - www.londonanimecon.com
    19-20 August - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - www.cardiffanimecon.com
    31st August to September 1-3 - Alcon 2017 - www.alcon.org.uk
    October 7-8 - www.bristolanimecon.com

    - You can Register and Pay NOW for all of these events including for Alcon 2017.
    - Alcon 2017 in September is our special four day event of the year. For 2017 it'll be even bigger and better than ever with the opening of the brand new bigger and better students union building for the event.
    - Interested in trying out our events in Manchester? It's just 16 total for both days - a bargain if you register and pay a month beforehand.
    - Of course, we shall also be running free to enter Minicons and meetups around the country as well. Keep up to date on our fb @ https://www.facebook.com/AnimeleagueCosplay/ and on our forums @ http://www.animeleague.net/forum/

    We also recommend to come and post on the Animeleague forums/chat - a great place to make new friends and get to know people before and after each event.

    Hope you all have a fantastic 2017!
    by Published on 12-26-2016 06:28 PM

    The AL Happy Holidays Chat Party this THURSDAY 29th December

    - Special one day chat party. From midday to midnight. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
    - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
    - Events - just like a real-convention but online! - we have events ALL day long - see the event planner at the bottom. We have quizes, cosplay, roleplay and lots more!
    - Our own radio station going on throughout the day with DJs blasting out your favorite tunes. You can tune in @ www.animeleague.net/radio


    Midday - Get To Know & Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio, meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    5pm - Welcome to the PARTY! - With your host @Ferefire we kick off the proceedings and get ready for an epic weekend. Much fun and games, weee!
    7pm - Guess the Christmas Song - Come along and guess that festive song!
    9pm - Mike's Happy Hour - Bumper Christmas Special - My (Two) Hours of Fun! Grab those drinks, it's gonna be awesome!
    11pm - Member Auction - Get put up for auction or win someone!


    Midday -
    3pm -
    4pm -
    5pm - @Ferefire
    6pm -
    7pm -
    8pm -
    9pm - @Ferefire
    10pm - @Ferefire
    11pm -
    Midnight -
    1am Onward -

    Want to Help Out?

    We're taking volunteers to run chatroom events.. so if you fancy runing one, or being a DJ on the radio, please post in here!
    by Published on 11-23-2016 05:53 PM

    We kick off with the Chat Party this Weekend!

    Make sure not to miss the AL Festive Fun Chat Party this weekend - You and EVERYONE is invited! Make sure to stop by, it's a great chance to make new friends, and also has a load of mini-events including Cosplay Blind-Date, Member Auction, Radio RPG and more! To join in anytime, just click Chatroom at the bottom right to open the chatbox.

    But that's just for Starters.. Get Ready..

    We have tonnes of Events lined up for you from now until the middle of December. Every single section of AL is doing something. Here's our top 10 -

    #1. Mega Festive Icebreaker - If you want to make friends and break the ice, come join us in Entrance Hall for our mega Icebreaker! Signup here.
    #2. Christmas Team Spam Wars - Hop in, join the fun, and sign up on another Spam War. The Reindeers will be kicking it and watching us battle to win. Santa will be hard at work as always this time of year. Join in here.
    #3. ALJ Festive Speed Dating - This is a great way to get to know people or maybe more. Check it out here.
    #4. Christmas Photo Event - Post your Christmas photos in General Discussion and earn awards/points here!
    #5. 12 Days of Christmas - The 12 days of Christmas song with an anime twist! Join in here.
    #6. ClanNation Winter Tournament - Christmas Cards, Short Stories, Holiday Music and Spam, we have it all! Hope over to ClanNation to join in here.
    #7. Creative Arts & Writing Secret Santa & AL Christmas Carol - Become a secret santa to send/receive presents (digital or physical). Join in with making our own version of A Christmas Carol. Signups: Secret Santa & Christmas Carol
    #8. Roleplayers' Sanctuary Events Hub - Come Join us for lots of holiday fun. We have four events planned this season: From a Snow Ball fight, to a Christmas Theme DnD Labyrinth. Check out our Event Hub for more details.
    #9. Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Win a pair of tickets to an Animeleague event of your choice (except Alcon) by posting up pictures of a Cosplay you have worn this year! Enter here.
    #10. AL New Years Meet Birmingham on 30th December to 2nd January - An epic three day meetup with bowling, arcades, shopping, bars, club etc planned! We have hotel rooms booked up, and beds available, so even if you're not Midlands based there's spaces to stay over for this. Signup here.

    And More! There's other events also due to start off in the next few weeks. Make sure to stick around the forums and get involved in what is going to be a fantastic and fun holiday season here on Animeleague!
    by Published on 11-22-2016 11:18 AM

    We're pleased to today confirm that the dates for Alcon 2017 will be 31st August to the 3rd September back at DMU with a massively upgraded Student Union and events space (no more temporary bar, yay). Please book these dates into your calendars now!

    Expect further big news and announcements over the next couple of weeks as we gear toward our launch. Watch this space!
    by Published on 11-02-2016 11:31 AM

    London Anime & Gaming Con returns this 3-5 Feburary with a full Friday opening from midday onward and what promises to be it's best ever guest lineup! Make sure to grab discount tickets at just 29 for all three days, or from 9 a day at www.londonanimecon.com while they're still available. Tickets are selling very fast, so we strongly suggest to get yours soon.

    World renowned guests include world-famous cosplayer Ani-mia and Quinton Flynn who has voiced many anime, games and animations including Raiden in Metal Gear, Axel in Kingdom Hearts, Reno in Final Fantasy 7, Silver in Sonic, Iruka and Deidara in Naruto and Kon in Bleach amongst almost 100 other anime and gaming roles.

    These are just the highlights of over 20 speakers and performers already revealed, with MANY more to come, so make sure not to miss out and to grab your tickets soon!

    We're running a SHARE CONTEST on facebook right now where you can win a pair of full tickets to the event. To enter just CLICK HERE and share the photo for a chance to win. The winner will be announced on Sunday the 13th November.

    You can read more about the event and what is planned for this 3-5 February on the website now at www.londonanimecon.com
    by Published on 08-26-2016 04:32 AM

    The Alcon 2016 Conbook is now available to download. A full planner, highlights and schedule for the event in detail. Plus articles submitted by YOU the attendees! Here's all you need to know about the event.

    [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT ] - Download is approximately 10mb.

    ** You can also view the final event timetable and signup links to signup for events beforehand HERE **

    We hope this gives a good taster for what you have to look forward to in four days time and allows you to plan your day accordingly.

    If you're not yet registered for Alcon, you can still buy your ticket before the end of this Tuesday 30th to get in at http://www.alcon.org.uk/register.php

    Note: Due to the overwhelming likelyhood that we will sell out beforehand, tickets on the door will NOT be available.
    by Published on 07-14-2016 06:50 PM

    We shall be running the cosplay at Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this 23-24 July. Check the event out now at http://www.cardifftattooandtoycon.co.uk and make sure to get your tickets now!

    Cosplay Competition is on at 2pm each day!


    Goodies and event tickets up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. You can go read more on the rules HERE and you can signup anytime from 10am through to 1:30pm each day. Winners determined by our special guest judges.

    We look forward to seeing you all there! Confirmation on our cosplay guests to come shortly!

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