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    AL Summer Calendar of Events - Join in the Fun From Now Until End of August!

    We have a new event every couple of weeks from now until the end of August. Each section has planned an event. Be sure to check them out and join in

    A list of planned events and dates are as follows:

    3rd June - Summer Chat Party. We kicked off the summer events season with the Summer Chat party. If you missed it, be sure to check out the Summer Chat Party 2 on 22nd July!

    5th June - EZ: The Blockbuster Quiz: - * ON NOW* Each day at a designated set of times, quizmaster Thanos (aka a moderator) will invade your forum-based planet armed with questions from six different categories, derived from the six Infinity Stones of entertainment knowledge.

    17th June - EH: 2 Truths 1 Lie. Play a game of 2 truths and 1 lie. Can you work out which is true and which is a lie!?

    24th June - C&CM: Create your own Cosplay Character. Do you have an idea for a cosplay character? Create it here in this event for fun and prizes.

    1st July - A&M: The 3 Clues Game. We drop hints. You take guesses. Do it well and get a prize!

    8th July - ALJ: Matchup Event. Get randomly matched with a group. Make a journal together, and have fun. Extra points given for theming your journal.

    15th July - RPN: Summer Soulplay. Players will be entered into one of two threads, each with its own in-character competitions. Additionally, the threads will be competing against each other to complete a hidden objective, and the first thread to do so wins. Prizes will be given to members in the winning thread along with the best overall writer, as determined by a poll at the end of the event.

    22nd July - Summer Chat Party 2. If one chat party wasn't enough, we have two! Come join us for a weekend of chat, music and randomness on AL Radio!

    22nd July - CL: Summer Spam Wars!. Hop in, join the fun, and sign up on the awesome summer Spam War. Who will be victorious this time? Make sure you don't miss the fun in Crazy League!

    29th July - VG: Video Game Crossword Scrabble. Time to get crossword thinking hats on. Unscramble the words and find the hidden meaning for points and a nifty award badge.

    5th August - CAW: Pick Your Prompt. Calling all artists and writers it's pick your prompt time. Those that like to write find an image and write about it in poem, short story or song lyrics based upon your image. For art/GFX find a short story or poem and draw us picture of what comes to mind.

    12th August - GD Secret Surprise Event To Be Confirmed!: GD is busy preparing a special event, but they won't tell anyone (shush, it's a secret ). What will they do? No one knows

    19th August - CN Matchup Event. Get randomly given a clan - make a thread for your clan with your group. Extra points given for theming your thread!

    More To Come

    And we have much, much more! Sections are also running smaller events throughout, so be sure to check each section regularly so you don't miss anything!
    by Published on 05-31-2018 06:10 PM

    We shall be running the cosplay at Leicester Comic Con this 9-10 June as well as their official afterparty. Highlights include the cosplay masquerade at 4pm on Saturday and at 3.30pm on the Sunday. There will also be a Begineers Guide to Cosplay Talk on the Saturday, as well as a General Cosplay Q&A on the Sunday. Check the event out now at www.comicconleicester.co.uk (note the show is sold out so this only applies to those who already have a ticket!)

    Cosplay Competition is 4pm on Saturday and 3.30pm on Sunday.

    Goodies and event tickets up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. You can go read more on the rules and pre-signup HERE and you can submit a pre-signup for your cosplay by filling in this form HERE (or signup at the cosplay desk on the day which is in the Cosplay Zone). Winners determined by our special guest judges (See below).

    Cosplay Guests and Talk

    We will have five fantastic cosplay guests in attendance. These are confirmed as -

    - Kawaiiju Cosplay
    - Pollygon Art
    - Pinstripe Cosplay
    - Mo Sassenach (Ciri_Pie)
    - Waddle Gee

    As well as judging the cosplay contest, they will host a cosplay talk each day as well.

    Cosrave on Saturday - Official Afterparty from 8.30pm to 2:30am!

    Check out the official afterparty HERE and make sure not to miss out!

    We look forward to seeing everyone this 9-10 June!
    by Published on 05-25-2018 05:15 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by RedHat View Post
    Hello everyone! We've been hard at work updating AL for the new EU Laws. Our priority is always to our users; so we have done the following changes:


    You may have noticed the cookie notification at the top of the forum when you first visit. You can see which cookies we set, and what they do. We need to load some cookies in order to use the forum, but these are essential and not used for any user tracking. The other cookies are optional, and you can select which you do/don't want. We recommend that you have the preferences cookies at the least, as they are needed to provide forum functionality.

    Note: The cookie notifications is giving us a little trouble, and this will be added next week. Please use the desktop website for now to select your cookie preferences.

    Registration Form Updates, Emails and Our New Monthly Prize Draw!

    We've updated the registration form for the forum with an Opt-In to our emails. New accounts will only receive our newsletter emails if they give us permission. Existing accounts will continue to receive our newsletter emails, however you can opt-out easily at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email, or by replying.

    Our email software is clever; it knows when someone reads our newsletters. We will be releasing a new privacy policy for emails in our next email. As a thank you to people who continue to read our emails and open them, we will enter you into a monthly prize draw to win tickets to one of our events! (the details/terms of this will be disclosed soon).

    Emails from the forum such as private message notifications are separate to the newsletter emails, and can be enabled or disabled at anytime in your profile settings.

    Our Conventions & Personal Information

    All our convention websites have been updated; we've removed cookies from these websites (using sessions instead, which do the same job). We've also added an email Opt-In option to all our registration pages. We never share personal information with 3rd parties, and these emails that opt-in are also valid for the monthly prize draw mentioned above. The right to account removal (below) also applies to our event websites, as does routine removal of personal data.

    Your Right to Account Removal

    You have a right to have your account and all personal data removed at any time. If you wish to do this, please contact an Admin or email us at info@animeleague.com. We will usually respond to all account deletion requests within 48 hours, but please allow up to 14 days for this; we're busy people

    Note that if you've been really naughty and your IP address is banned, we reserve the right to keep your IP address permanently on the banned list; irrelevant of any time period or request for removal. This is to protect our other users and ourselves.

    Routine Data Removal

    We are routinely cleaning up our old data; this includes old IP addresses and old chat logs. We will keep your IP address for 24 months from the time it's entered onto our system. Afterwards, it will be removed and we will not be able to access or restore the logs. We are keeping the IP address for this length of time due to security reasons, and we may revise this policy at a later time.

    Other data such as server access logs are also routinely deleted and are not kept any longer than is necessary for security and system maintenance purposes. System logs are kept for 4 weeks.


    There's a lot of changes happening online right now. We are more than happy to make changes to our services, as your data and online safety is our top priority.
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    It's Animeleague's Birthday this 24th February and to Celebrate we shall be running over a dozen events across every section on Animeleague, as well as a special Chat Party this Weekend. Stay tuned for more updates next week. For now, we can reveal these major events -

    #1. Chat Party on 24th and 25th February

    We shall be hosting a Chat Party on Saturday 24th February and Sunday 25th February the AL Chatroom and Radio. See the AL Chat Party Thread for more information.

    #2. AL Birthday Forum on 23-24 February

    Next week we shall be making a special AL Birthday section on the forums! A place to tell us your best memories of being a part of Animeleague from the forums to the events. We also have a range of fun and exciting activities (shhh it's a secret!) to reveal on these two days too. It's gonna be a blast! Wooo!

    #3. Events Across the Forums

    Each section shall be running it's own event, and we shall also be running community-wide events as well. Click on each link below to check them out -

    CN's Birthday Related Word Event: This year, as the title suggests, Clan Nation is taking the battle to the clan’s with our related word event!
    The Animeleague Triple Triad Tournament: Welcome to the Animeleague Triple Triad Tournament - A game from the Final Fantasy series, it's installed on our forums. You'll be given 200 AL points to start buying your deck, and matched to an opponent.
    GD's Match the Member: Enjoy AL's birthday with GD by matching the member's picture to their name! Anyone can send us pictures of themselves while the event is running.
    AL Journal's Birthday Matchup Event: Get matched up with other people who share a similar birthday, chat and get to know them! Prizes for the best/most active journal.
    CL's Birthday Spam Event: Go nuts and spam as much as you want. Celebrate the birthday in spammy style, and win prizes for posting the most.
    EZ's Theme Song Awards: To celebrate AL's birthday, we will be hosting an award contest to pick a theme song for each section AND for AL as a whole!
    CA&W's Special Birthday Art Battle: After an eventful weekend in London and Cardiff, CA&W shall be hosting a special art battle under the themes: CELEBRATION, BIRTHDAY and PARTY.
    C&MC's AL Birthday Celebration Cosplay Cafe: Pick a character - maid or customer, start chatting, and we have birthday cake!
    A&M's Name That Anime Challenge: Guess what Anime the picture is from. There will be a new picture each day for the event duration.

    #4. Special Liverpool Birthday Meet on Saturday 24th February

    An AL Birthday Special Meetup! Happy Birthday to Animeleague we will be celebrating with games, events and shopping plus CAKE! Everyone's welcome - anime fans, gamers, cosplayers & geeks. Cosplay is optional, not compulsory.

    It's a great chance to meet up with people and make new friends between our big geek events Manchester Anime & Gaming Con on 7-8th April 2018.

    Read more about the birthday meet in the Liverpool Meetup Thread.
    by Published on 01-27-2018 09:57 AM

    The Alcon Chatroom Party (27-28 January)

    Attachment 49607

    - All weekend. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
    - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
    - The party goes on from midday GMT on Saturday to well past Sunday midnight!
    Events - just like a real-convention but online! - we have events ALL day long - see the event planner at the bottom. We have quizes, cosplay, roleplay and lots more!
    - Our own radio station going on throughout the day with DJs blasting out your favorite tunes. You can tune in @ www.animeleague.net/radio


    Midday - Get To Know & Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio, meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    6pm - Welcome to the PARTY! - We kick off the proceedings and get ready for an epic weekend. Much fun and games, weee!
    7pm - Big Geek Night Live - Join us from 7pm onwards with special guest appearances from well known community-members and a variety of crazy music ranging from rock to disney to random youtube stuff. We'll have all the usual games including, blind date, auction, and so forth. It'll be a fantastic night of nonsenical games and sentimentality. Woo!
    10pm - Member Auction


    Midday - Get To Know and Chat/Radio Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio and meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    6pm - Festive Quiz - Test your festive knowledge in our quiz!
    7pm - Mike's Happy Hour - My Hour of Fun! Grab some drinks, it's gonna be fun!
    8pm to 10pm - 20 Rooms - - A radio RPG with a twist, where YOU the chatroom help decide the outcome. Rules explained on air. Want to join the RPG? Tune in and let us know!
    10pm till late - The Party & Games Show! Grab a drink and let's party in to the night! Yay!


    Midday -
    3pm -
    4pm -
    5pm - LikkleMel
    6pm - LikkleMel
    7pm - @Ferefire
    8pm - @Ferefire
    9pm - @CountAndre
    10pm - @PharaohAtem
    11pm -
    Midnight -

    SUNDAY RADIO SCHEDULE (all times in GMT)

    Listen to the radio @ www.animeleague.net/radio

    Midday -
    3pm - @RedHat
    4pm - @RedHat
    5pm - LikkleMel
    6pm - LikkleMel
    7pm - @Ferefire
    8pm - @Ferefire
    9pm - @CountAndre
    10pm - @Hatter Cosplay
    11pm -
    Midnight Onward -
    Want to Help Out?

    We're taking volunteers to run chatroom events.. so if you fancy running one, or being a DJ on the radio, please post in here!
    by Published on 01-08-2018 09:05 PM

    What are the AL Advocates?

    The AL Advocates are a club of AL fans that are passionate about Animeleague, it's community and events! Our mission is to help spread the word about AL, it's community, forum/chat, meetups and conventions across the ...
    by Published on 01-08-2018 09:01 PM


    Animeleague is first and foremost about community and involving YOU! From forums, to conventions to social media and meetups, we are a force to change the anime scene in the UK and worldwide!

    Animeleague, or AL for short, aims to connect ...
    by Published on 01-03-2018 07:39 PM

    Get ready for a massive 2018 - this year we will be running 11 conventions from London to Liverpool, Leicester, Norwich, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and elsewhere. Here's our dates -

    10-11 February - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - www.cardiffanimecon.com
    16-18 February - London Anime & Gaming Con - www.londonanimecon.com
    7-8 April - Manchester Anime & Gaming Con - www.manchesteranimecon.com
    28-29 April - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - www.bristolanimecon.com
    5-6 May - Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con - www.birminghamanimecon.com
    6-8 July - London Anime & Gaming Con - www.londonanimecon.com
    4-5 August - Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con - www.liverpoolanimecon.com
    18-19 August - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - www.cardiffanimecon.com
    30th August to September 2 - Alcon 2018 - www.alcon.org.uk
    October 6-7 - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - www.bristolanimecon.com
    November 10-11 - Norwich Anime & Gaming Con - www.norwichanimecon.com

    Provisional 2019 Dates

    February 2-3 - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - www.cardiffanimecon.com
    February 15-17 - London Anime & Gaming Con - www.londonanimecon.com
    April 13-14 - Manchester Anime & Gaming Con - www.manchesteranimecon.com
    April 27-28 - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - www.bristolanimecon.com
    May 4-5 - Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con - www.birminghamanimecon.com
    June 28-30 - London Anime & Gaming Con - www.londonanimecon.com
    3-4 August - Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con - www.liverpoolanimecon.com
    17-18 August - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - www.cardiffanimecon.com
    TBC- Alcon 2019 - www.alcon.org.uk
    October 5-6 - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - www.bristolanimecon.com
    November 9-10 - Norwich Anime & Gaming Con - www.norwichanimecon.com
    by Published on 01-02-2018 01:06 PM

    Come Join Our Crew!

    We have 11 Anime & Gaming Cons which take place across the entire UK in 2018 from Cardiff to London to Birmingham to Liverpool and more, and we're looking for people to come crew for us! Advantages include Free entry, CV references
    by Published on 12-14-2017 11:35 AM

    Hoo Hoo Hoo! Come join in the festive spirit and christmas-ify up your username!

    Do So now HERE

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