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  1. Anime list update: AICO Incarnation, Children of the Whales, Violet Evergarden

    I just created a Momogari account at ANN. If I'm to be committed to moving all of my anime lists to the new account, I may as well make an effort to organize them better.

    Recent Anime additions to my list
  2. Back from Gaming and Anime con 2018 February.

    I decided late last year in September that I was going to go to my first ever Anime convention for my 26th birthday. I wanted to try the full whammy experience, cosplaying to staying in the hostel trying to get most out of this experience as possible. Even if it meant going out of my comfort zone cosplaying as Mey-Rin from Black Butler. Walking from and to the Hostel and the convention traveling in the underground tube station.

    I have had a brilliant time for a first-hand experience, ...
  3. DmC: Devil May Cry (Definitive Edition)

    So I bought a few games and am thoroughly enjoying this game. At first I didn't like it and even thought it was a waste of money, I really regretted getting it, so I sold it. But now I bought it again(obviously), and it's pretty fun. Not to mention the OST comes from my abslute favorite aggrotech band: Combichrist. That never hurts. SO! I'll be posting my updates(with screenshots this time) in here, along with any videos of decent combos or really kickass cutscenes. I definitely want to upload ...
  4. Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (Gameboy Color)

    "Who plays GBC games anymore, you ask?" Well, me, obviously. This isn't the only GBC game I have either, but it's the one I've been playing ever since it came out. It takes forEVER to win with a weak character in a battle either in Battle mode or Story mode. Then, when I finally get all of the cards there are to get, I restart it so I can earn them over and over again! It isn't necessary in the least to get every character up to Level 5, but it's my goal this time. There's... at least 20 fighters ...
  5. Assassin's Creed Origins

    I got this for my birthday along with a $50 PS Store gift card that I used foolishly on the Season Pass. >.> I did get the Horus outfit and mount from mom and dad preordering it though! And I had about $20 left, so I used those to buy Helix Points to get some Legendary Weapons/Shields. Here's what I got with Helix Points so far:

    Crescent Moon (Legendary Hunter Bow) : Level 1 : Quality 15 : Damage 100/s : +4 Charging Speed (1st) : +2 Combo Multiplier (2nd) : On Fire (3rd) | Pretty ...
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