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  1. Happy Hardcore Special This Friday 9pm on AL-Radio

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    Will be doing a 3 hour Happy Hardcore Special radio show this Friday on Al-Radio

    Starting with classic 90`s happy rave anthems right up to modern day makina and joins me in the studio is DJ NEKO-SHUFFLE for a kawaii happy hardcore megamix
    also we have MCs and all sorts and interviews with one of Hardcore`s best J-core producers EUFEION

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  2. Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con

    So Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2017 was last weekend it was great, a lot of hard work, but it paid off as I had such a blast! Facebook keeps reminding me of this cringe of a video from CAGC 2016 and the status to go with it is terrible XD SUPER CHEESY! and I mean CHEESE!. Basically this was when I was crewing I think this was my 3rd time crewing, but my 1st in Cardiff cause I always crewed at Bristol as thats where I live.

    I think this was the Clan Battle and I was on a break for like ...

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  3. Asariel

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    Alias: Azariel, Zadkiel, Hapi, Neptune, The Angel ...

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    Yaoi Ninja Clan Character Profiles
  4. Embrace the Pain

    I've been wondering why I try to make everyone happy when I'm practically dead in my heart... So, I'll return to internalizing my frustrations and depression since I can't talk to anyone about them. I'm having trust issues of late and I'm not sure how long I'll have this cluster of dark emotions. It might be a while. I only end up getting hurt anyway so maybe it's for the best...
  5. LIAGC 2017

    I know it a month late but I had a tech problem and working has been hell. but anyway here it is.

    This was cool day I left home early to get the train down and arrived in Liverpool about 11ish so made my way down to hostel to drop off my bag and do some paperwork so while I wait I thought I made a bee line for forbidden planet and see if I could get a book to read I did not but what I did find were two gentlemen Matt and chopstick (his nickname). Who was going to the con? ...
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