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  1. Day in the life of college: 10/24/19

    Day in the life of college:
    Date: October 24, 2019

    Hi all, I am Dangomochimishi, Dango for short! I just wanted to wish all my readers a 'Happy Thursday!' Tomorrow's Friday, so I hope you can pull through one more day until the weekend ladies and gents. I just wanted to say, college as a freshmen is not easy. I don't know if any of you struggled your first year, but how did you guys get through it? The semester is almost over and I feel like I am so far behind all my peers.
  2. 388/Blog

    Gonna try and blog about things... Today's blog... Kingdom Hearts.

    So far, played most of KH1, a small amount of CoM and part of Coded and 358/2 Days. Liking it so far... If only I was not so blind earlier as I accidentally deleted the save I have been playing since Boxing Day... GDI I am so mad about that.

    One of the saves I started today, I plan on using as a playthrough on stream... oh gods...
  3. 2018 Manga Roundup

    Hello! I have a confession to make before starting this list. Until 2018, I've never really seen the point in reading manga, as it's quite expensive for something I can read quite quickly but then I watched Seraph of the End and fell in love with the characters and the plot. I just had to find out what happened next, so I bought my first volume (volume 10 as the anime and manga follow each other really well) now 10 months later I have a small (28 book...) collection, with several titles on preorder. ...
  4. 2018 Anime Roundup

    Hello! I've enjoyed anime since discovering it via Pokemon, Cardcaptors and Spirited Away. I don't like watching content on my laptop (I wear glasses so try/fail to limit my screen time) so other than few cheap and hope it's good buys from HMV (Black Blood Brothers, Eden of the East & Summer Wars being a few of my buys) it's only since buying a firestick and being gifted a Funimation subscription in Sept 2017 have I been able to really watch anime. I want to share what I've watched over the ...
  5. Blog-2

    Whats up Meowies!
    I'm trying to find another anime I can watch:/
    Went to a movie store and released I e watched their WHOLE anime section, ummm dose that mean I'm lame or just lonely enough to of watched all of that within the last few months......ummm...wellll...ehh who cares.
    Can people recommend some as I'm into mature/blood/romance/scary/cute/school/weird characters anime recently
    Thank you guys,
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