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Sanguinans Luna

[CENTER]All the earth is a grave and nothing escapes it,
nothing is so perfect that it does not descend to its tomb.
Rivers, rivulets, fountains and waters flow, but never return
to their joyful beginnings;
anxiously they hasten on the vast realms of the rain god.
As they widen their banks, they also fashion the sad urn of their burial.

[color=red]This is a multi-purpose blog where content revolves around the tainted darkness of my mind.[/color][/CENTER]

  1. Try not to get sucked in by cute kittens and puppies...

    Okies Yush...

    Some comments that made me laugh when looking at kittens on youtube included the following:

    "If Adolf Hitler was given a kitten....things would have been different."



    Where both of those comments just made me laugh a lot.

    Okies, so why do I like kittens... ?

    Besides being fluffy, cuddly and a furball of awesomeness, ...

    Updated 02-21-2012 at 02:24 AM by Creophagous

  2. Okay so I didn't create a wordpress how to... Did Drawing for all of AL!

    Anyway, I was bored and the last couple of days I was getting annoyed with my first wordpress theme I installed. Although it looked cool, it wasnt updated to make use of the new Wordpress 3.0 menu system or anything ...and after deliberating on what I should do...I decided to delete the theme and also moved my site to a different host. Well In that respect Kodomo is the administrator so he is godlike in his powers there and I didn't mind one bit. I kinda like the whole idea of him looking after ...
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