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Moon's Character Profiles

Within are ALL my character profiles for characters I use ALL over AL and where you can find them.

Some character names and images maybe repeated simply because the base personality of the characters are the same, but they are involved in different worlds with slightly different pasts (bassically I lack creativity in character creations lol). These 'doubled' characters are placed into seperate categories or are invovled in completely different RPs, so please don't get them confused!

As for the Character Pictures, I will try to link all the Character Pictures back to the original creators, and hopefully with time, I'll be able to replace them with my own original artwork. For the time being the pictures on display are the reference I shall use. Pictures that do not link back to my Deviantart Page were not created by me.

Click here to be taken to my Deviantart page.

  1. D&D Character Sheet : Eden Barvoril

    Given Name: Yaspira Urixik

    Personality traits & Flaws:

    • Short Tempered: Eden has a strong sense of right and wrong, as it aligns with her personal morals and beliefs and not necessarily the law. As such, she has a short

    Updated 07-29-2018 at 02:31 PM by Moonlit Memories

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    Yaoi Ninja Clan Character Profiles , Public (Open) RP Profiles
  2. Asariel

    Click thumbnail for larger image

    Alias: Azariel, Zadkiel, Hapi, Neptune, The Angel ...

    Updated 12-17-2017 at 02:46 AM by Moonlit Memories

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    Yaoi Ninja Clan Character Profiles
  3. Seilenos the Satyr

    Alias: Seil

    Physical Appearance: Seil can appear rather intimidating at first. His shoulders are broad, his chest wide like a barrel, and his face chiseled with sharp angles of his jaw that are only softened by the slightly bushy side burns he boasts. His short, coarse, but thick hair is a rich brown, matching ...

    Updated 08-23-2017 at 05:36 AM by Moonlit Memories

  4. Thomas Walker

    Alias: Tommy, Tom

    Physical Appearance: Tom's hair is a dark brown, similar to his father, and his eyes are also a honey hazel. His skin, however, is deathly pale giving him the look of a porcelain doll.

    Sex: Male

    Age: 6

    Birthday: July 14th

    Species: ...

    Updated 04-12-2015 at 03:16 PM by Moonlit Memories

    CityScape Character Profiles
  5. Kiyan the Tiefling

    NOTE: Picture to be Updated

    Name: Kiyan a.k.a. The Tiefling a.k.a. Nightingale

    Age: Unknown

    Race: Tiefling ( as defined by D&Ds Planescape- see spoiler)
    Carrying the taint of evil in their forms and perhaps their very souls tieflings are often mistrusted and feared throughout the planes. The distant descendants of humans and evil outsiders, tieflings are regarded as twisted, devious, and untrustworthy. More often than not, this opinion is

    Updated 07-23-2018 at 01:45 PM by Moonlit Memories

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    The Enchanted Forest Character Profiles
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