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  1. London Geek Meet

    I went to the London Geek Meet and it was awesome. One of the best meets I've been to. Enjoyed seeing The London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben, going to Namco, the protest, China Town and Forbidden Planet.

    Looking forward to LAGC!
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  2. AL Wifeys Gen 7 Team

    Planned Sun Team
    @Izzy - Raichu/Blissey/
    @ANBU - Mimikyu
    @Aquadrop - Primarina
    @YukiChan - Drampa/Raichu
    @Chibi Angel - Liligant/Sylveon/Togekiss
    @whiscashgil - Lapras/Vaporeon
  3. Birmingham ALcon 2016

    One of my favourite cons I've ever been to. I'm completely broke. Just got enough money to scrap the train home tonight. Overall it was a fantastic experience. I plan to go to it again next year.
  4. Only 2 more day till Birmingham Alcon

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