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  1. Emilia Rosamund

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    Name: Emilia Rosemond
    Age: 24
    Ability: Grave Witch (She can see the dead)
    Appearance: Emilia is 5 feet tall, with raven hair and pale skin. She wears a red dress with ruffles as well as a red bow on her hair. She is a sickly form of skinny, making her look much younger than she actually is.
    Personality: Emilia is a little strange due to her interactions with the dead. Her way of dealing with people is direct and straightforward, ...
  2. Christina Sanders

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    Name: Christina Sanders
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Singer
    Appearance: Christina
    Personality: Bratty, obnoxious, show off, germaphobe, pretentious, fashionable, men-magnet, and a damn good singer.
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