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Tasteful Tackiness [A Mod-Blog]

[center]A place for Darksabre to spew all sorts of mindless drivel over the pages of AnimeLeague. Topics will range from writing to whatever suits her whimsical fancy at the moment. Expect random youtube videos, odd pictures, odder quotations and the strange sensation that you are ever-so-slightly less awesome than she.[/center]

  1. Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak

    Yes, so this is just a short little blog-post to alert everyone to the existance of my blog.

    I'm telling you right now - don't expect any sort of consistency in my rate of posting. It will vary widely, and it will probably not make any sense whatsoever. I like being unpredictable (and I'm kinda crappy with time management, shhh), so I might not post for a few weeks, then have four or five new blog-posts up in the week.

    Blog-wise, I suppose this entry is about begginings. ...