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  1. Silent Night

  2. Chrismas Tunes

    Paul McCartney
    Pipes of Peace

    Jona Lewie
    Stop The Cavalry

  3. General Products - Space Catalog

    I put these together a while back for a game I came across.

    General Products "Tin Can" Destroyer

    Designed for "head-on" warfare, presenting the smallest possible target to the enemy. Its appearance however sometimes give it more 'unflattering' names.

    The forward-most section is the superstructure, 1 meter thick armor plating, sloped ...
  4. Anime Character Types

  5. Guerilla Gaming: Samizdat: An Introduction

    In Russia about the 1700's, someone came up with a new way of brewing tea. A water tank wrapped around a funnel that would be filled with charcoal and set alight to heat the water around it. A smaller pot with water and tea leaves would be sat on top of the funnel to brew really strong tea. One would then pour a little bit of the tea concentrate from the top pot into a cup, then add hot water from the larger pot to dilute it to taste.

    It was so clever, because it sat on the table ...
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