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Tenko's Life Drabbles

Where you can read about me and my life, really.
Or just when I want to rant (also known as a Tenko Rant™). That's something I'm prone to doing.

  1. A Tenko Rant™ (The One About A Language Course).

    I just wanna start off with a warning: this is gonna be petty. but I need to get the irritation off of my chest.

    So, I signed up for a Japanese class a couple of weeks ago, and have really been looking forward to it - I've desperately needed to get out more, meet more people (I've lived in England for almost 5 years and have no friends of my own, which is a blog entry for another day) and I was excited to work on my language skills (I speak English and French, I've got basic Russian
    Language , Rants
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