Frequently Asked Questions

About Animeleague

What Is Animeleague?
Welcome to the Animeleague forums, run by the fans, for the fans. Animeleague exists to bring anime fans, gaming fans, cosplayers and general geeks together. We do this through our forums, real-life meetups and conventions to provide a home for one big family of friends.

Whether it’s anime, gaming, cosplay, or just general chat and discussion about life in general, AL has something for everyone and all are invited. Make sure to be a part of one of the top anime communities in the world and join us today!
What Does Animeleague Do?
For a complete overview of what we do, please check out the .com website at

1. We run conventions in locations all around the UK, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more. Our full list of upcoming events can be viewed at
2. We run a discord server for chatting. You can access that at
3. We also have a mobile app, which allows you to access the forums as well manage and get info about the events you're attending. You can download that at
4. We run meetups and small free to attend community events.
5. And of course, we run these forums. Make sure to bookmark for those!
What Can I Do On The Forums?
There are plenty of things to get involved in on the forums, including:
- Join General Discussion to discuss and debate anything and everything.
- Enter the crazy antics of Crazy League! This is a place filled with memes, jokes, random games and polls, and a place to spam to your heart’s content!
- Make your own journal! AL Journals is a place where you can keep your own journal in a thread, and is the perfect place to write about your day and how you’re feeling, while being surrounded by a loving community.
- Talk about your favourite interests and fandoms with us. Whether it's anime, gaming, or anything else, we invite you to make a topic or engage with what someone else has posted.
- Share your creative work with us in Arts, Cosplay & Writing. It’s a great place to share your work, as well as get opinions and feedback!
- We also regularly run on a monthly basis forum events. Make sure to check in to see what you can participate in, whether it's games, contests or more!

Rules, Staff & Policies

What Are the Rules?
If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let us know via the report post button or through PMing a staff member. If it is something very serious that you feel risks causing you or someone else harm or breaks the law then please contact us immediately at

1. No Harmful behaviours to other Members No Flaming, baiting, insulting, harassing, bullying, causing drama to or provoking other forum members. If someone asks you explicitly to stop contacting or harassing them then you MUST abide by this.

2. No spamming outside spam areas If a section or topic is clearly for a certain purpose don't make or post something completely out of place. This also includes no "bad posting behaviours". Such as posting lots of new topics in one go (as we judge it - typically if you're posting more than 6 in an hour - no), posting a mass of say 20+ images deliberately to spam up a topic, making double or triple posts in rapid succession etc.

3. No advertising. Do not post links to other commercial sites, message boards, chatrooms or events unless we give you permission to do so or it is in a section that allows this (such as your own journal or portfolio topic in Creative Arts, or it is in a relevant discussion topic such as for example "Where can I buy this game?").

4. Keep content and discussion Work-Safe. While some swearing in moderation, please note that some people post from work-places/school and colleges and that not everyone wants to read very crude posts or images. If you intend to post something NSFW (not safe for work), please either spoiler tag it or post it in an 18+ tagged group/clan.

5. Respect Our Staff. Our forum staff give up their spare time to run this site for you voluntarily. Respect and listen to what they say. Do not publicly dispute this. If for any reason you feel any of our staff have made a poor judgment then please email us to register a complaint and we'll examine it.

6. Respect Other Members Privacy Respect and be mindful of people's Age, Gender, Pronouns, Religion and beliefs. If someone does not want to reveal any of this then do not pressure them to provide this. Similarly, we advise to be very careful in general about giving out your personal information online.

7. Trolling, Ban Evasions & Breaking the Law If we suspect you of trolling, evading an existing ban or breaking the law in any way that may be harmful to other members then you will be immediately & indefinitely banned. Every situation is different, and we do have the right to remove any post not covered by the above rules if we feel it is necessary. If you believe a member of staff has made a mistake, you have a right to appeal by emailing us at Any decision taken after said appeal will be final.
Falling Out With Members
If you have an issue with another member, we recommend taking some time away from the situation to calm yourself, and then try to deal with it privately via Private Messages. A lot of arguments stem from miscommunication and misunderstanding, so try to understand the other person’s point of view. If this doesn’t help to fix the situation, you may contact an Admin to help resolve the situation. We do not tolerate people arguing or bullying each other publicly, whether that be in the forums or the public chatroom.
Rule Breaking Punishments
If rules are broken, the following actions may be taken:
Unofficial Warnings: This is a member of staff sending you a friendly PM to inform you if you have done something wrong. Don't see this as too serious, but do make sure to listen to what they have to say.
Official Warnings: Should be taken very seriously if you receive one. You should speak to the staff member and make sure that you do not repeat your mistake again. Warnings can be issued by any staff member.
Probation: Your last chance. Sometimes we can issue these without ANY warnings beforehand if your actions are serious enough. A probational status can only be issued by an admin. Probations are essentially contracts that the problem member signs as a final agreement to remain on the site with any further rule breakage resulting in a ban. A probation may last from one month, to three months.
Banning: Bans can range from one week, to three months, to indefinite and occur when breaking probation or, if the rule breakage is serious enough, can be dealt out immediately. When coming back from any ban you will automatically be put on a three month probation.
Admins, Mods & Members
On AL we have 3 main user groups, Admins, Moderators and Members. Here is the difference:
Administrators: Admins are the main staff members who run the site. They help to fix tech issues, and have the final say on big decisions like website changes and bans.
Moderators: Mods work alongside the admins to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Mods will help with anything in their section, including running events and checking to make sure that rules are being followed.
Members: A member is everyone, which includes mods and admins. No staff member is above the rules. Similarly if you wish to apply to be a moderator then do get in touch and we will consider your application.
Privacy & Cookie Policies
- Legally we reserve the rights to remove, edit, or to manipulate any content on this site for any reason. We also reserve the right to delete, ban, or suspend your account at any time and for any reason.
- The IP address of all posts are recorded, and all personal information you enter will be stored in a database. This will be kept confidential. You may request for your membership and information to be removed by emailing
- We will not be held legally responsible for any posts or content on these message boards, nor the actions of our members.
- We reserve the right to change this agreement in the future.

The rules are here to protect you, not to oppress you. We run a team of very friendly and helpful people and always have made AL a fun place for everyone in our best interest. Long as you approach AL with this in spirit then it'll be very unlikely you'll get in trouble and it'll be very likely you'll be more than welcome here!

Our privacy policy can be found here:

Animeleague uses cookies! Our Cookie Policy can be found here:

How To Navigate The Forums

How Do I Create Topics and Post Replies?
To post a new topic in a forum, click "New Topic". To post a reply to a topic, click "Post Reply". You will need to register an account before you can post a message.
How Do I Edit Or Delete A Post?
You can only edit or delete your own posts. You can edit a post by clicking the edit button for the relevant post. Please note that normal users cannot delete a post once someone has replied.
How Do I Create A Poll?
When posting a new topic or editing the first post of a topic, click the “Poll creation” tab below the main posting form. Enter a title and at least two options in the appropriate fields, making sure each option is on a separate line in the text area. You can also set the number of options users may select during voting under “Options per user”, a time limit in days for the poll (0 for infinite duration) and lastly the option to allow users to amend their votes.
How Do I Edit Or Delete A Poll?
To edit a poll, click to edit the first post in the topic; this always has the poll associated with it. If no one has cast a vote, users can delete the poll or edit any poll option. However, if members have already placed votes, only moderators or administrators can edit or delete it. This prevents the poll’s options from being changed mid-way through a poll.
Why Can't I Access A Clan or Section?
Some forums may be limited to certain users or groups. To view, read, post or perform another action you may need special permissions. Contact a moderator or administrator to grant you access.
How Do I Report A Post?
You should see a button for reporting posts next to the post you wish to report. Clicking this will walk you through the steps necessary to report the post. Please only report posts that you believe breach our rules. Constant fake reports will be punished.
How To Use Emojis
We do have a list of emojis that can be used on the forum. The full list of emoticons can be seen when you are writing a post.
Can I Post Images?
Yes, images can be shown in your posts. You will have the option to either upload your own attachment, or link to online images.
What Are Global Announcements?
Global announcements contain important information and announcements regarding website updates, maintenance, as well as forum-wide events and chat parties. They will appear at the top of every forum page.
What Are Sticky Topics?
Sticky topics within each section appear below announcements and only on the first page. Stick topics can include section specific rules, as well as ongoing events and games, so they’re always worth checking out before posting in a section.
Why Is My Topic Locked?
Locked topics are topics where users can no longer reply and any poll it contained was automatically ended. Topics may be locked for a few reasons, including but not limited to the topic reaching a post limit or if an event has ended. If you believe your topic has been incorrectly locked, please contact the Head Moderator of the section you are posting in.

Board & Profile Features

About Bookmarking and Subscribing
Bookmarking a topic allows you to keep a list of all of your favourite topics in one list. Subscribing to a topic means that you will be notified when there are new responses in a topic. Both your bookmarks and subscriptions can be viewed and edited in your User Control Panel.
How Do I Bookmark and Subscribe?
At the top and bottom of every topic is a little tools icon, if you click this you will get a small menu which includes the links to both bookmark and subscribe to a topic. Replying to a topic with the “Notify me when a reply is posted” option checked will also automatically subscribe you to the topic. You can also subscribe to a specific forum, by clicking the “Subscribe forum” link, at the bottom of a page, upon entering the forum.
How Can I Change My Settings?
To change your settings, visit your User Control Panel, which can be found by clicking your username at the top of any page. This will give you the option to edit multiple things about your profile.
How Can I Appear Offline?
In your User Control Panel, under “Board preferences”, you will find the option to hide your online status. Enable this option and you will only appear to the administrators, moderators and yourself. You will be counted as a hidden user.
How Do I Add An Avatar?
Within your User Control Panel, under “Profile” you can add your own personal avatar. This image will be displayed with all of your posts and on your profile.
How Do I Add A Signature To My Posts?
To add a signature to a post you must first create one via your User Control Panel. Once created, you can check the Attach a signature box on the posting form to add your signature. You can also add a signature by default to all your posts by checking the appropriate button in the User Control Panel. If you do so, you can still prevent a signature being added to individual posts by un-checking the add signature box within the posting form.

Advanced Board Features

Posting Videos
To post any video onto the boards, you can find the correct parts of the code in the URL section of your browser. An example of the Youtube video link you'll need is below:

We're going to use the part after the "[video=]" for the beginning of the tag, and then the entire URL for the rest of it. Copy the parts after the equal sign and put it in the video code, after youtube, like so (remove spaces for actual code):

It should look like [video][/video]
Bold, Italics and Underlining
You can find an easy-to-use color menu in the Quick Reply box located at the bottom of every thread. It will look like an A with a specific color (most likely black, the default) underneath it. If you've highlighted a word, sentence or paragraph in your reply and want to make it a certain color, simply click the drop-down arrows and select your color. If you want to do the colors manually, you should get the code to look something like this (without spaces):

[COLOR= #ff0000]Colour[/COLOR]
And it should turn out like this:

Add some color to your world

You can add color to your hyperlinks as well! Check out the hyperlink section to find out how.
Changing Text Size

Making your text bigger or smaller is very simple, you just need to know the size of text you want if you wish to use the quick reply box or the advanced text box. Below is the code for changing the size of text. You can only go from size 1 to 7; simply insert the number where you see #:

[size=#]Up - or downgrade. Your choice.[/size]
A very popular thing across the boards to store all of your friends. The code goes a little something like this (remove spaces):

[dropbox][option]Here's a dropbox[/option]
[option]Here's a line in a dropbox[/option]
[option]And another[/option]
[option]And the last one[/option]
A marquee is a line of text that enters from the right side of the page and exits on the left. A marquee can contain just text or images. To get text to scroll, you'll put whatever you want in between the marquee codes. Here's an example (remove spaces for code to work):

[marquee ]It's marquee time![/marquee]
To get images to scroll, just add the image URL with image tags around it in between the marquee codes. If you need help with image codes, look at the "Image" section below.
Using Spoiler Tags
Let's say you're talking about a movie or book and what you have to say might give away important parts of the movie/book. You'll want to use this tag to let others know that what you've typed can give something away. All you have to do is put what you want to say in between the spoiler tags or the hide tags, like so:

[spoiler ]Spoiler tags[/spoiler]
[hide ]Hide tags[/hide]
Changing Text Alignment
The center tag can come in use when you want to add a certain something to your signature or have a title to a thread you posted. Like the tags above, you continue to put what you want to say in between the correct tags shown below (remove spaces):

[CENTER ]Be the center of attention~[/CENTER] Centering not your thing? Then be original and put your sig content or posts to the right of the page. Continue to follow the pattern of putting everything in between the correct tags - like this (remove spaces):

[RIGHT ]It's feels good to be right.[/RIGHT]
To hyperlink something is to have a word or sentence become click-able; to direct you to another website or image. You'll of course use the URL tag with this, but add a little extra. An example is shown below (remove spaces):

[URL =""]Click here to go to AnimeLeague[/URL]
Image Tags
To use the image tag, you'll need the URL for a specific image. Image URLs end with some of the following: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, etc. So make sure that the image URL ends in some of those - or others that you know of. To get the image to show up on the boards, you'll need to sandwich the URL in between the image tags like so (remove space):

[IMG ][/IMG]

You can enable an image to contain a link as well (remove spaces):

[URL =""][IMG ][/IMG][/URL]
Quoting Posts
If you want to quote somebody and don't feel like going back and forth to press "Quote" for each post, you can do it yourself like so (remove space):

[quote ]This person said this and that.[/quote]

Or, if you feel inclined to include a "title" for the quote (remove space):


[quote ="So and So"]This person said this and that.[/quote]
The forum gives you the codes to do generic, plain lists. I'll show you how to do those - but also ones where the bullet points become numbers or letters. Here's the generic (remove spaces):

[* ]Bullet point 1
[* ]Bullet point 2[/LIST]
It should turn out like this:

Bullet point 1
Bullet point 2

For abc and 123 bullet points, you'll need to click "List=" above the message body for the opening and closing tags. Then continue with "[*]" for each point. For 123 and abc points (remove spaces):

[* ]#1
[* ]#2
[* ]#3
Should turn out like this:


[* ] Point A
[* ] Point B
[* ] Point C
Should turn out like this:

Point A
Point B
Point C
HTML is a widely accepted web-design language. It creates headings, tables and alters fonts in many ways - just like BBCode. To create a table with BBCode, you'll do it just like you would with HTML - except replace "< >" with "[ ]". You'll start off with the table tags (Without the spaces): [ table] [ /table]. In between the table tags, you'll need to add in the tr tags. TR meaning "Table Row." You'll use this whenever you're adding a row or column. In between the table row tags, you'll need the TD tags. TD meaning "Table Data" - this is the information you want all the rows or columns to contain. This tag is to always be between the table row tags. Below you'll see how to only make one or 2 columns of information. With every column you need filled, you'll add another set of TD tags. Here's how you'll get your basic table with two columns with rows:

[table ][tr ][td ]Column 1[/td][td ]Column 2[/td][/tr]
[tr ][td ]Row 1[/td][/tr]
[tr ][td ]Row 2[/td]In half[/tr][/table]
[table ][tr ][td ]Column 1[/td][td ]Column 2[/td][/tr]
[tr ][td ]Row 1[/td][/tr]

Earning AL Points

What are AL Points?
AL Points (AP) are AnimeLeague's currency. You can earn AL Points by good posting, participating in events, and generally being helpful. AL Points can then be spent on upgrading your user account and rank status.
How Do I Find How Many AL Points I Have?
Easy! Go to your profile and click on info. Your AL Points are also displayed on the left of each post you do.
How Do I Earn AL Points?

Being New!: When you first join, you're awarded 1,000 ALP to get you started!
Making Posts: Each post made earns you 5 AP.
Making Topics: We encourage people to start new discussion. So every topic you make earns you 15AP.
Being an assistant or moderator: If you would like to apply to become an assistant and help out the boards, check out this topic here. There are also many other benefits in becoming an assistant, often assistants can work their way up in staff by becoming a moderator. You can earn up to 500 ALP a week for being an assistant or moderator.

Inviting Your Friends: You can earn up to 1000 ALP for inviting a friend to these boards and they stay on AL long enough to make 50 posts. Check out this topic here.

Special Events/Contests/Tournies: You can gain AL Points for participating in special events. Usually special events are announced in specific forums. If you are unsure if the event is handing out AL Points, then ask in the thread.
How Do I Spend AL Points?
1. Member Ranks

The primary purpose of AL Points is to upgrade your user rank. Everyone initially starts with no rank bar and their title as is a "Standard Member".

Standard Member - 0AP
Advanced Member - 5,000 AP
Elite Member - 20,000 AP
VIP Member - 50,000 AP

Once you have enough AP, simply post in this topic HERE, requesting the membership you'd like to purchase, and your choice of special rank bar to accompany it. Note that if you already have purchased a membership, then you simply pay the difference in price to upgrade.

- Please note that Advanced, Elite and VIP members may change their username at anytime.
- Please note that Elite and VIP Members may request to change to any other rankbar they're eligible for, free of charge, once every 2 months. To do so, simply request your new choice in this topic.

2. The Lottery

We run a daily lottery with big jackpots up for stake. Why not buy your ticket today?

3. The Seasonal Member Raffle

Every three-month we run a giant raffle event on the forums. You can spend 500 ALP for one raffle ticket, or 1,000 ALP for three tickets. The winner of the raffle will win real-life prizes which can include tickets to future events, items from our sponsors and so forth. The prizes at stake vary each season, and will be confirmed each time beforehand. Raffles occur at the start of June, September, December and March with the information/entry topic going up one week beforehand. Members are PMed with the link to participate one week beforehand.
What Are Awards?
Awards are post-bit images approximately 25 by 25 pixels that will also show up in your profile and next to your forum posts. Different sections award different participation like Signature and Avatar of the Month contests in GFX and Art, monthly Cosplay Haven contests, Assistant of the Month awards, etc. Board-wide events will also earn the winners awards as well.

Helping Out & Joining The Team

Applying to be a Moderator
If you are interested in becoming an moderator on the forums, you can do so by PMing an admin. You may only be a moderator if you are an active user on the forums (typically spending at least an hour a day on here posting regularly), and are not on probation.
Crewing At An Animeleague Convention
If you would like to volunteer to crew at one of our events, you can view all of the information by clicking here. Crewing at an Animeleague event is both great for work experience, as well as getting to meet other anime & gaming fans. We have multiple teams who do a variety of tasks, so there will be something for everybody.
Become An Animeleague Advocate
The AL Advocates are a group of AL fans that are passionate about Animeleague, it's community and events! Our mission is to help spread the word about AL, our community, our online forums as well as our meetus and conventions. Our advocates will be the first people to hear Animeleague news, and are a valued part of our community. You can fill in the form to become an advocate by clicking here.