Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

1. Animeleague reserves the right to cancel and if already paid to refund your booking at any time for any reason.

2. You are entitled to a full refund minus a £20 admin fee per table up to eight weeks prior to the event. Any refunds thereafter are at our discretion.

3. You are responsible for the security and insurance of your stock and for your own public liability insurance. We agree to provide secure storage during hours when the dealers room is closed.

4. You agree to not sell bootlegs (ie: items which are fakes of officially licensed products in this country - please see our bootlegs guide HERE for full information on what is and what is not acceptable). On the day, you may be required to sign an agreement acknowledging that none of your merchandise is bootleg and that you will take full responsiblity for your own stock.

5. Anything you sell must be legal within this country. Food and drink sales please enquire with us first before bringing as this depends on the venue. You will require any relevant certificates such as food hygiene if selling food. Real weapons, even blunted or even fakes made from metal, can not be sold due to security issues. If you are selling replica weapons, you must check if they are okay to be sold with us via email beforehand. Anything adult in nature such as hentai, must not be in public display.

6. Your stall must be no more than 8ft (2.5m) in height. No DIY style frameworks/stands will be permitted. For this purpose, what is being classed as a DIY style framework is anything that requires power tools/ hammer & nails/etc to erect/assemble. Structures should be purpose built, and connecting pieces should be able to be locked together with bolts, or securely fit together (such as push-assembly stands/frames). Erected structures should be secure/ rigid and not liable to flex/wobble/move. We reserve the right to ask you to remove it.

7. If a customer requests a refund on the day of the event then you will be required to provide it provided the product is being returned in similar condition. If the customer believes it is a bootleg or flawed and reasonable proof is not shown that it is not then you'll be required to give a refund regardless. This applies within 28 days of the event, under standard trading laws, if the customer gets in contact with us.

8. Any stock which we believe are bootlegs or illegimate or are missold you will be required to remove unless you can provide evidence it is legitimate.

9. If you break bootlegs policy or we believe you are breaking convention rules or any rules laid out here then we reserve the right to remove you from the event at any time. We will try and avoid this and give an initial warning where it is possible.

10. Upon being invoiced, you are required to pay as soon as is practical, but at the latest by 8 weeks before the event unless otherwise agreed. If it's within the final 8 weeks before the event you must pay within 3 working days of being invoiced. If you do not pay during this time your booking may be removed. We may sometimes allow later payment but this must be agreed with us beforehand.

11. The table space you buy is the exact space in width you are allocated, with approximately 3ft in space behind the table. If you require extra space width to the side of your stall for stands etc, you must ask this upon booking and there may be an extra charge depending on how much space is required. If you require extra space behind the table, then you must purchase a backing table (which is effectively backing space) which will add roughly an extra 2ft in space.

12. You agree to abide by our event rules that apply to everyone in attendance. You can read this here

13. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time. If we do so then we will inform you of any changes if you are booked in for an event where these new rules will go into effecti for you.

14. If you break any of these rules, then we will typically provide you with one warning. If this is ignored then we reserve the right to remove you from the event with no compensation or refund. In more serious cases we also reserve the right to remove immediately with no warning, compensation or refund.