These battles will be completely anonymous. You must PM your entries to @Hisoka for them to count. Any entries posted here will be disqualified, though you're welcome to make another one.

You MUST MUST MUST mark the number of the AotF/SotF in your PM. Title it something like "Aotf #whatever entry 'Theme'". Otherwise, we can't keep track of them.

Avatar of the Fortnight!

This Fortnight's Theme is: Swordsmen
The character in your avatar must be a male.

The Avatar that you make must:

Fit this theme.
Previous made pieces are NOT allowed
Can be traditional or Digital.
Follow AL Rules (maximum 150 pixels in width, 150 pixels in height)

Please read the Important info up top.

Deadline is November 14th at 12 am(A/EST)

Voting will commence from the 14th November to the end of the fortnight. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be announced, and 1000, 500, and 250. YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF, and polls are public, so everyone can see who has voted for who.

If you win first place, your work will also be displayed in this thread for everyone to admire.
credits will be awarded.
Remember that you must vote in any available battles in order to participate.

Available Battles:


Please make sure you take a look at the full rules:


New rule, guys!

Your entries must be uploaded to anonymous tinypic or imageshack accounts.

You can also host them on your own image sites if you like, but the link you submit can't have a user name in it.