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    1. #16

      Practical Deiculture: An Introduction to Divinity Engineering

      From L. deus "god," and L. cultura "a cultivating, agriculture,"
      The practice of the cultivation of Gods.

      To some, particularly the popular press, Henceforth Addlewright is a madman.
      To some he is the most innovative wizard of his generation.
      To the students and faculty at Marialid's prestigious Magical Academy he is a strange choice for a Professor.

      His latest controversy was his announcement of a new course, a course teaching the creation of not minor spirits or servants, but actual Gods.
      Getting this past the board was no mean feat.
      "Long the Gods have made shaped man to their whim, what is wrong with doing the same" he stated.

      You are the inaugural class, those brilliant, or strange, enough to sign up.
      Your coursework marks are to be announced in two days.
      Your professor is missing.
      Find him, your grade depends on it!

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      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      We Be Goblins!
      Is a first level Goblin adventure for Pathfinder!
      The Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have stumbled upon a great treasure—fireworks! It is up to you, as the greatest warriors of your tribe, to head out and recover them! (This module was originally released by Paizo for Free RPG Day this year)

    3. #18

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      The largely unnecessary plot for the RPG MashUP

      All has gone to pot in the multiverse.
      The aeon tuns.
      The grand cosmic phoenix stirs from from it's world-dreams.
      It's death-cry echoes back through the strings of causality, transcending time and space, pooling into droplets of fire that sear the veil between worlds.
      All who hear it know the end is nigh.
      Nations tumble. stars panic and spew sun-fire into their systems or explode from existential dread. Rivers, free of their obligation to the cycle, break from their banks and dance devastation upon the land.
      But there are some , a mad few, for whom the inevitable end of the cosmos is not a reason to give up. It is a call to arms.

      "Let's get this apocalypse sorted out!"

      This isn't actually a serious game, I just enjoy writing crap like this.
      Previous characters include: Binmen, Cyborgs, Time-Travelling Soap Thieves, Disco Dancers, Goku, a Canadian Ex-Military Vampire Deer, the Old Spice Guy and a massive host of others.

    4. #19

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      For the D&D game on Saturday at 5pm, come and join us new players and experienced

      In the City of FarCrest, as the newest batch of Recruits that got thru training of the FarCrest Guardians
      Your first mission is to discover the root of a series of Caravan attacks in the last several weeks

      who could be causing these attacks?
      or does this go further then that?

    5. #20

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      Delinquents Vs Aliens

      Yours is the baddest school in Tokyo Prefecture.
      Those jokers from Destrade and Bass run when they see your guys coming, Cromartie are a bunch of dangerous freaks, but not badass enough that you can't take them.
      If there were an Olympics for Badasses you'd be China.

      You're a bunch of... individualistic guys trying to make a name for your selves.

      Then one day aliens invaded.
      Today, in fact.
      Turns out that facehuggers can't latch on to people with Pompadour, and that you and your crew are humanity's last hope.
      Rock on!

      It's gonna be a table-based brain-melting charge through Tokyo, filled with all the mad crap you'd expect from Japanese high-school gangsters!
      And a bunch of other stuff.

    6. #21

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      defo gonna try and make some of these, wanted to get into RPGing for ages =D
      I've been waiting for you... BOY!

    7. #22

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      Last year, on their way to a field trip in South America the 'special class' of Stamenthorpe Academy ran into more than a spot of bother. So much so that they didn't even make it past the exotic environs of East Midlands Airport!
      The faculty of the Academy, not ones to let a mere pyrotechnic disaster put them off doing something, have organised another trip for this year's class. What could go wrong.
      They'll be flying out of Doncaster this time, changing in Geneva before flying to Japan. At least that's the plan.

      A Modern Occult (mildly) Horror game, I'll probably do about 20 character sheets up. There isn't much by way of a system, it's dead easy and a good way to meet people.

    8. #23


      Welcome to the Necropolis, a dimension of dread, ruled by the nameless Necromancer-Kings who have warred against each other since time immemorial.
      A landscape of crypts and tombs under a pyre-smoke blackened sky.
      Nothing truly lives in this bleak world, even the rats are corpses animated by the necrotic radiation spilling from some of the more potent sites of power.

      You are the new breed of Zombie.
      Not faster, not stronger, not able to fly or anything else. Yet.
      What makes you special is the spell that animates you.
      It gives you a will that is beyond that of a common zombie, but what is more it allows you to disassemble other necromantic creations, infusing them with your own unholy power to keep them animated.
      In short, you are what you eat.

      You've escaped from the laboratory of your creator, driven by visions of freedom.
      Needless to say your former master wants you back.

      A game for about 6-8 players, and a simple system, though one which may need a lot of notes!

    9. #24

      Dark Heresy: In the Same Boat

      It's a rare prize, a spaceship floating in the void.
      Caked in the dust of millennia, scarred by meteorite impacts, but still recognisably human.
      A Voidtreader class supply vessel, Slake the Crusader's Thirst.

      Around the massive vessel orbit two others, the lights of their hulls bright against the darkness. The Valorous Endevour, a chartist vessel of much renown and the Mass Driver, a Rogue Trader vessel of sinister reputation.
      Both are Very far from home.

      Though the Mass Driver is a more powerful ship, but is damaged after a skirmish with Orks. The Valorous Endevour is only lightly armed and in a dangerous area. They will have to work together.
      The Thirst is still tempting, too tempting to ignore.

      This will be game for 7th level Dark Heresy or 2nd level Rogue Trader characters, up to 10 of them.

    10. #25

      Fullmetal Alchemist: The Falshern Gap Solution

      Amestris is in a constant state of tension regarding it's northern neighbor, Drachma. Only the Briggs Mountains make an non-aggression pact possible.
      Of the handful of usable routes through the mountains the largest is defended by Fort Briggs, Amestris' mighty fortress.
      The next most usable, the Falshern Gap, is interdicted by Castle Falshern, an independent tiny kingdom that arcs impossibly over the steep sides of the gap like a massive bridge.

      The Master of Falshern, a title passed down by blood, has recently been the subject of overtures by Drachman diplomats, perhaps suggesting an alliance. It may be time to make up his mind for him.

      You are alchemists, and more than that you form the elite alchemic commando unit.
      Your mission is to get into Falshern and make any alliance with Drachma... unlikely.
      How you accomplish this is largely your call to make when you get a full view of the situation.

      A slightly more complex game in terms of both rules and plot, but nothing too difficult, for 6-8 players.

    11. #26

      Advance of the Britannic Pattern: A Shot in the Dark

      It is the year 4999, but not in the future of our world. What follows is the history of theirs.

      In 1778 Queen Victoria achieved a crushing victory to the forces of the Great Colonial Uprising, a victory achieved by use of a blend of science and magic never-before-seen. The shock cemented Her place as ruler of the globe, other nations swiftly offering fealty to Britain as the true majestyof Her power became evident.

      By the middle of the 19th century the construction of the gate was almost at an end. A testament to the ambitions of empire that dwarfed all that came before it. When it opened the citizens of the empire gazed for the first time upon the sky of another world. The colonisation of Secundus had begun.
      Other gates were wrought in time, the lands of Solomon, Tertius and Jerusalem.

      Then in 1901 the sun set on the homeland of the empire, and did not rise again.
      The Exodus from Earth swelled the population of the outer worlds, but the heart was not completely abandoned.

      In the 3000 years since Her empire has spread across a more than a hundred worlds, and the Pattern has spread with it.
      The pattern is the foundation of the technology, and glory, of the empire, allowing it to thrive wherever it can take root.
      It is at once Alchemy and Geometry and Philosophy and Technology. The permeating soul of the realm, nowhere untouched by it's influence.

      There is a problem on Tertius, and the worlds linked to it, a series of thefts and murders sharing only two common links.
      The use of alchemically treated, sigil inscribed, arrows and their eerie similarity to a series of historical crimes long forgotten.
      The Order of the Seven Keys, knights of the crown, tasked with bringing such world-hopping criminals to justice, are tasked to find the criminal known as The Fletcher and bring him to justice.

      You have tracked him to the Antarctic Grand Pit on Tertius, an unforgiving place.
      You shall be more unforgiving still.

      A game for 5-7 players using a custom-built system. A bit more serious than the other stuff I'm running.

    12. #27

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      Will there be some one there with a grid mat for the D&D games ill need one and there is no way ill be able to get one over to England from Canada with me on the plane, so anyone that would have one its would be greatly helpful 8D

    13. #28

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      @Thor n: I can pick some squared paper up if you want, and I've got an A2 sketchpad to bring for mapping, if that helps.

      Writing Dark Heresy characters today, 10 of them!
      Tomorrow I'll try get a .pdf copy of the rules for FMA up, so people can take a look.
      Loads still to do!

    14. #29

      Re: Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's the RPG thread!

      that would be great thanks

    15. #30

      I Has Content!

      Well, here it is, the system document I'll be using for the RPG MashUP (Basic), the FMA game (Advanced) and if people come up with something they want me to run in the spur of the moment I'll probably use it for that too.

      It's designed to be printed as two double-sided sheets, one for Basic and one for Advanced.

      Hope you like it!

      Edit: Actually, Necropolis is pretty much the same too, but with more of a focus on Gear rather than skills.
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