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      AL Community Guide! How-to's, tips and everything else!

      1. Introduction

      Welcome to the AL community guide! You may be asking yourself: "Well what is the AL community guide?" Well it's a guide created to help you get the most out of using the forums. This aims to provide information on how to use the many functions that are provided, as opposed to a general introduction which the Newcomer guide provides. Anyhow, on with the guide!

      AL is a site that has many cool features. The forums are one of them. There is A LOT you can actually do with them; from checking out board statistics, to changing how it looks, and even how your own posts look. This guide aims to explore the various things from the useful, to the plain cool, to even the useless that you can do all around the forums. Feel free to contribute and ask questions as this guide will only continue to expand! Also, as a tip, if there is anything specific you want to find out, hit 'Ctrl+F' and this will search through the guide for whatever you type in the box. You can use this with the name of the sections as seen in the table of contents. This will save you the trouble of having to look through an otherwise lengthy post.

      • A quick note on clickable links: Links in this guide look like [This] where the square brackets indicate text that can be clicked on. This is done for the purpose of making links clearer, and distinguishable as board themes don't make it clear where a link is indicated. These text links are used to make it easier to read and format the guide.

      Table Of Contents
      ---[First Post]---
      > 1. Introduction
      > 2. Admins, Moderators and Assistants
      > 3. Board Features
      > 4. Settings
      --> 4a. Overview
      --> 4b. My Messages
      --> 4c. Subscriptions
      --> 4d. My Settings
      > 5. Navigating The Site
      > 6. Forum Terminology
      --> 6a. Acronyms and Abbreviations
      --> 6b. Word Meanings
      ---[Second Post]---
      > 7. Using BBCode (Such as Youtube tags)
      > 8. Other Tips and Tricks
      --> 8a. Adding even more colour!
      --> 8b. Correctly Using BBCode
      --> 8c. Posting Images
      --> 8d. Spacing Text and Images
      > 9. Questions and Answers ~Under Construction~
      > 10. Updates and Changes
      ---[Third Post]---
      > 11. Using the Forum
      --> 11a. Forum View
      --> 11b. Posting
      --> 11c. Front-Page Sidebar
      --> 11d. Radio
      --> 11e. Chat

      2. Admins, Moderators and Assistants

      You will notice that around the forums there are four main usergroups. These are indicated at the bottom of the forum index by the legend. Understanding the purpose of each of these is key to getting around the forums so you know the purpose of the users that belong to that group. This section aims to explain what each of them mean:

      Administrators: These are who run the entire site. They deal with technical issues, and have the ability to add, remove or change anything across the forums. Admins also have the final word on big decisions, such as bannings and site changes.

      Head Moderators: Head mods are those which are in charge of their designated forum. Generally, there is one head mod for each forum. Head mods are well respected and have the final word on big decisions within their designated forum. Head moderators have the ability to move, split, and lock topics, as well as announce or sticky threads. If no available mods are online and you wish to report an issue, then it's best to contact the head mod of the forum who will deal with it when they are next online.

      Moderators: Mods work alongside with head mods. Mods are there to ensure that everything in their designated forum runs smoothly. They also share the same powers that head moderators do, but limited to the forum that they are a mod of. Generally, there are multiple mods for each section. If you find an issue within a forum, then you can report it to any mod of that forum that is available.

      Generally, mods and head mods are responsible for running and taking care of events and features within their forum. This guide as an example being a feature of Welcomes and Goodbyes. Moderators, head moderators and administrators are also known as staff.

      Assistants: While they don't share any of the abilities that admins and mods have, assistants play an important role in making the forums run smoothly as well as helping out where needed. You will gain credits as rewards for the schemes you participate in as an assistant, and it will increase your chances of becoming a mod if you regularly help out a particular section. Anyone who is not on probation may apply to be an assistant. We also ask that you have at least 100 posts, and have been here for a minimum period of one month before you are able to apply. You can sign-up [Here]. You can see the various schemes that you can participate in as an assistant in Assistant Central.

      3. Board Features

      There are many boardwide features that are present on AL. All of these can be accessed from either just under the AL banner or to the upper left of the banner as shown here:

      Here are explanations of what each link does: Note: AL is always changing its layout and adding new features, if you notice something is not listed here, please inform an Administrator.

      Row 1 -

      Facebook Connect:: If you don't want to remember your password or keep logging in with your username and password, cimply click this link and a new window will pop up that will connect you with our AnimeLeague Facebook page. In this window, you can either deny our Facebook page to have access to your basic information (any information you make public as per Facebook settings) and who you want to see that you've connected to our Facebook page (options in a drop-down menu). Once you log into Facebook, you'll be connected to your account!

      Notifications: This area will turn a different color when you have some requests or PMs awaiting your attention; a number of notifications will appear as well. Click the drop-down arrow to see how many of what requests you have waiting for you and click to be directed to a window where you can approve, deny, or answer the request/PM. Clicking the drop-down arrow when you don't have any notifications will give you an option to go to your Inbox.

      Friends: Clicking this will give you the following options:
      • View Friends: Simply, see what friends you already have added to your AL account.
      • Add/Invite Friends: Clicking this will give you three additional options. These options will allow you to add people on certain social network services or even messenger services (MSN, AIM, Beebo, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.). With this option you will need to log into your account, so be prepared to provide the e-mail or userID you use for those sites as well as your password. Keep in mind that NONE of that information will be stored or shared. The second options allows you to update a contact file (if you don't have one already, you'll see instructions on how to make one) and find some of the friends on your contact file who are already here. The last option simply allows you to type in your friends e-mail addresses and we'll send an invite that way.
      • Search Members: Clicking this option will take you to a window where you can search our memberlist for people you know are already on this site and just need to add them to your friends list.
      • Friendliest Members: Clicking this option will take you to a page where you can see who has the most friends in their friend list on the site. The stats page will give you the top 50.

      Messages: Straight-forward; clicking this will take you to your Inbox.

      Edit Profile: This option will take you to a new window where you can edit any/all information on your page. The options you will initially see are options for your e-mail, country of residence, hobbies, age, etc. You can find other information for more advanced settings to the left. More information on what these options do are available in Part 3 of this guide.

      Settings: Clicking this will take you to an area wher eyou can see all of your Subscribed Threads. Mainly, those that have new posts you haven't seen. In the lower right corner of this area, you will see an option to view all Subscribed threads. Information on how to subscribe to a thread are detailed in Part 3. To the left of this window, you will also find the advanced setting for editing your profile and account.

      Logout: Clicking this will log you out of your account. This is useful for increased security, as well as if multiple people use your computer and access AL. When you go to log back in, your name and password may automatically be remembered if you chose for you internet browser to do so. Logging in as hidden will not show that you're online to other members, but will automatically log you out after a set time period of inactivity. If you do not click the "Remember Me" option below the Username input box, you will also be logged out automatically after 15 or so minutes of inactivity.

      Row 2 -

      Main: Simply takes you to the forums' Index page.

      Website: Gives you the following options -
      • Frontpage: This area is where you can find all of the articles our writers create for the front page. You will also find announcements on AL-run events both on the forums and off the forums, so keep an eye out for this area! If you're interested in becoming a writer, please go [Here] to find the scheme, find out what it will entail and sign-up to become an assistant.
      • IRC: This is ALs IRC Chatroom where you can chat with many of our members about virtually anything. While we do have a chat feature located at the bottom of the index page, they are not mutually exclusive.
      • Contact Us: Clicking this will open up a request to use an e-mail program on your computer. Once you select a program, an e-mail will be sent to ALs e-mail account and you should receive a response within 48 hours.
      • Affiliate With Us:All of our Affiliates are listed on the left of the Frontpage. This link will take you to an article on the Frontpage with instructions on how you can become a partner and/or sponsor of AnimeLeague.
      • Link to Us Similar to the "Affiliate with Us" page, this link will take you to a Frontpage article where you can find banners to place on your website. If you link to us, we can place a link on our website for you as well.
      • Join our Staff: We have four levels of staff: Admin, Hmod, Mod and Assistant. This link will take you to a page where you can apply for one of those positions (or may contain links where you can do so) and where you can also sign-up to become a Crew member for our Events. So if you attend Alcon, LAC, and other such events that AL hosts and would like to be apart of our Crew, this is the place to do it!
      • Staff List: A simple list of all our Admins, Hmods, Mods, Assistants and Events Crew.

      Forum: Gives you the following options -
      • My Subscribed Threads: Takes you to a list of all the threads you have subscribed to. Depending on your settings, this could be threads you've posted in, or manually subscribed to. More details on how to subscribe to threads given in Part 3.
      • Index Page: The main forum page of AL where all Forums and their respective staff are viewable.
      • Awards: This is where you can find all the available awards on the forums. Some are section or board-wide awards that you earn when you participate in that certain event. Others are awards that have been suggested by users to be recommended and requested by users. You can contact the Community Administrator via PM with your.
      • Search: An option available to you for searching the forums. You can use this feature to search for anything on our forums.
      • Calendar: Our Calendar may contain the details of events currently being held or will in the future. When viewing those events (by clicking on them), you may RSVP to that event so the person running the Event knows how many people plan to participate and can notify you of any delays or changes in the event. Also, you can find a list of every person having a Birthday that day, month, or months ahead.
      • Forum Statistics: Mainly used for staffing purposes, this area can be utilized if you want to know who has the most friends, who has the least, who has left the most visitor messages, how many people have posted in a section (and how many posts within that week), etc.
      • Memberlist: A list of every member on our forum with the newest members listed first and the oldest members (those who have been here longer) at the end. You can filter the results of the Member List using the legend at the top or using the "Search Members" feature in the upper right corner.
      • Active Topics: A list of all the topics that have been posted in recently. All topics are listed in order of newer/more recent posts first. This list contains all the topics posted in the last week.
      • Latest Posts Live: This is a list of all the individual posts made recently. It does update itself, so there's no need to refresh the page. You can also filter the posts shown in this list by clicking the "Subscribed Threads Only" box in the upper left corner.

      Arcade: Our gaming area for all of our members, currently visible to everyone. If you find that our collection is lacking in some way, you're more than welcome to send your game suggestions to our Arcade Admin [Yami].

      Triple Triad: Triple Triad is a Trading Card System that, as of May 2nd, 2012, only has the Final Fantasy TCG (Trading Card Game). Clicking this tab will take you to your stats for any and all games that we have. Under the Index banner, you will find links to purchase decks (using your credits), go to the Battle Arena and find our Rules for the TCG. Please let [Yami] know if there are any issues with the game.

      Credits: Gives you the following options -
      • Shop Items: A list of all the items we have in our shop. Using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, you can navigate through the various items we have that you can purchase with your AL Credits. Please contact a Community Administrator with any issues and suggestions for new items.
      • Manage Credits: If you're wanting to donate credits or just see your recent credit activity, you can do so in this menu.
      • Ranks & Special Items and Shop & Credits Guide: These options take you to the same place where many of your questions on Credits, ways to spend credits, ways to earn credits and the different items that AREN'T available in the shop can be found. Questions or issues on credits and anything mentioned in that thread can be posted there. You will receive a response within 48 hours of your post.

      Guides: Gives you the following options -
      • FAQ: A compilation of nearly every question you may have about AnimeLeague and how to use its features. It is the longer and FAR more detailed guide than this one. This guide contains all of the features and information that are used more often by our members.
      • Beginner's Guide: A short (10 Step) Guide to getting started on AnimeLeague. If you are a new member, it is recommended that you look through this thread first. This thread also links to the guide you are reading right now.
      • Radio Guide: A guide on how to listen and become an AL DJ. You will also find information on our current DJs so you can determine when your favorite DJ will be on air or when the next DJ is scheduled to go on.
      • How to Join Staff: If you are interested in becoming an Assistant, this link will take you to the thread where you can find out what being an Assistant entails, the process required and the schemes/sections you can help as an assistant.
      • Rules: All of our 10 boardwide rules on AL. Please be sure to read these first if you are a new member. Additional rules can be found in each section at the top of the forum. By registering you are agreeing to these rules and all other rules made available to you.
      • Information Central: A thread where you can find information on our Bannings and Probation procedures, what each Ban means, which Admins to contact in certain situations and information on our Credit system (it's the same thread as the "Ranks & Special Items" and "Shop & Credits Guide" thread).

      Groups: Gives you the following options -
      • Join a Clan: Clans are small groups of individuals who share the same hobby, fandom or interests. These groups have their own forums nestled away in ClanNation (Click the "View ClanNation" option to see all these clans and their forums). This link will take you to a place where you can sign-up for the clans, but won't take you to their forums.
      • Join a Social Group: Social groups are smaller than clans and can be made for virtually everything - as long as it follows our forum-wide rules. Just like clans, anyone can make and join a social group. Unlike clans, there's no limit to how many you can be apart of.
      • View Active Groups: Since nearly anyone can make a social group - even if there is one already made for that specific interest or fandom - some might not be as active as others. This option will allow you to see the most active groups ranked so that groups with messages posted recently are shown first.
      • View ClanNation: Takes you to the Clan hub of our forum. Here you can see all the forums for each of the clans and can go into our CN Community forum to learn how to create your own clan, chat with CN members in the Chat topic and learn more about each clan by browsing their clan topic.

      Gallery: Gives you the following options -
      • Add Album: Pretty straight-forward, simply adding another album for any pictures you wish to upload. You may want to have an album for each occasion (like different Conventions you've been to), different dates, different cosplays, etc.
      • View All Photos: A place where you can view all of the photos uploaded by our members.
      • View All Albums: A place where you can view all of the albums our members have created for their photos.
      • My Albums: An area where you can view all of the albums you have created.

      4. Settings

      The Settings page is where you can make a wide range of changes to your profile, as well as changes that affect the entire forum. You can make changes to your avatar, your signature, your account e-mail among others. This is a key aspect of your experience with using the forum, but understanding it can take some time. Here is an explanation of the different sections of settings and what they do:

      4a. Overview

      When you enter the new window, you should see all of your subscribed threads taking up the middle and right-hand side of your window. This area will show all the threads you've subscribed to that have new posts in them. If you would like to see all of your subscribed threads - new posts or not - then scroll down a bit to find the "View all Subscribed Threads".

      To the left of your screen you will see:

      >> My Messages: Shows you links to your Inbox, Sent Items, to Send New Message, Track Messages and Edit Folders. This doesn't include any folders you've added yourself (will explain below).

      >> My Subscriptions: Shows you Subscriptions, List Subscriptions and Edit Folders options.

      >> My Settings: Shows you different options you can do for you Profile, Account, Networking, Miscellaneous, and Blog. All of these will be explained below, in detail, as well.

      4b. My Messages

      >> Inbox: This is where you can check up on your private messages. Your inbox is messages you have received from other people. A closed envelope with a green arrow in a circle on the envelope beside a message indicates that you have replied to that message. A blue, open envelope next to the message means it's unread; and a closed white envelope means you have read the message. To delete message, check the white boxes in the right beside the message/s you wish to delete. The scroll down until you see a "Selected Messages (#)" drop-down box. The # will indicate how many messages you've selected. In the drop-down menu, you should see "Delete" - click that, then hit "Proceed".

      >> Sent Messages: This shows messages that you have sent, they do not indicate if the recipient has read the messages or not. Some messages may not be automatically sent here if you have "Don't save a copy of sent messages" option selected in your General Settings area (General Settings -> Messaging and Notifications area -> Sent Private Messages can be found right above Visitor Messages),

      >> Send New Message: This allows you to send a message to any member on the forum. You can send a message to up to five people at a time. Moderators and administrators have the ability to send the same message to more than five people, as well as to all members of usergroups and clans.

      >> Track Messages: Since the "Sent Folder" does not show you if the recipient has read your messages or not, you can choose to click the "Request a read receipt for this message" below the text box when you click "Advanced" when replying. This means that when the recipient receives your message, they can click "yes" to confirm they've received your message. Also, the recipients may also select "Cancel" to not notify you that they have received it. In this area, you will see how many of your sent messages have confirmed receipts and how many have unconfirmed sent messages.

      >> Edit Folders: Here, you can add or delete any existing folders - or even change the name of them to whatever you want. "Inbox" and "Sent" folders are default, so you won't be able to change details about those. However, you can add a "Saved" folder for important information you want to keep as well as folders for your friends messages. Keep in mind that you will have to move the messages manually to these folders, since they will automatically go into your Inbox.

      To create a folder, go to the "Add New Folders" area of the Edit Folders window and type in the name of one, two or even three new folders you want to add. Once you've named them, click "Save Changes" in the lower right hand side. You will find that your folders show up after your sent folder.

      4c. My Subscriptions

      >> Subscriptions & List Subscriptions: These are typically threads that you've created or have manually or automatically subscribed to (see 4d on automatic subscriptions). Clicking this will take you to the "List Subscriptions" you see below this option. It will take you to the new window with all of your current subscriptions. You will be able to see if there has been a new post, who the post was made by and when they made that post. By clicking "" next to the day and time last posted in, it will take you to the new post made by that user.

      >> Edit Folders: Provides you with the same abilities as the "Edit Folders" option in your Messages. However, "Subscriptions" are not an automatic folder, so you may change the name to that folder and add new ways anyway you like. Creating new folders is done exactly like with making new message folders. To edit the current name, look under "Your Folders", you should see the current name of your Subscription folder. Simply highlight the text and type in a new name. Once you've selected the name, click "Save Changes" in the lower right (only use the first "Save Changes" so that it will save the name change).

      4d. My Settings

      >> Edit Profile: This is where you can fill in and edit information about yourself which is publicly viewable to everyone else. (The exception to this is your date of birth, but your age is shown). It is recommended you fill in as much information as you can so that people can get an at-a-glance overview about you, but it isn't necessary. Your custom title is a caption that appears underneath your name on every post you make, this is made by default depending on your post count, rank bar or status on AL (assistant, moderator, head moderator and admin). We have what is called a "Status" on VBulletin that you can go ahead and edit to be your Custom Title - it functions the same as it did on the old forums, however, you must edit it by going to "My Profile" (at the top of the screen) and clicking the edit button below your avatar.

      >> Edit Profile Picture: This lets you upload another image that will take the place of their avatar when you click to see their profile.

      >> Edit Avatar: Your avatar is an icon that appears below your name on every post you make, as well as on your profile and in the arcade. You can chose to have your avatar hosted on the forum, or you can provide a link to an image provided from elsewhere (See section 7c). "Upload from Computer" and "Link off-site" are two options for using your own avatar. It is recommended you link off-site to avoid errors. You do not need to modify the avatar dimensions, the forum will automatically detect the dimensions of the image for you. Modifying this may result in what looks like a squished image. If you don't have your own, you can scroll down a little bit more to see ALs pre-defined avatars. We currently have 120 avatars from you to choose from. Below the first 10 avatars, you will see page numbers that you can browse through to see all 120. When you find something you like, select the round button besides the file name and hit "Save Changes".

      >> Edit Signature: This is where you can modify your forum signature. Your signature is automatically attached to every post you create. Everything you can do to regular posts (See section 6) can be applied to the signature. Modifying the signature will also affect all past posts you have made, as well as future ones you create. Although, if you have recently added a signature after making some posts around the boards, your new signature will not be added to those previous posts. If you want your signature to show up, you must go to those posts, select "Edit Post", then "Go Advanced". You should see "Show your Signature" in the Additional Options area under the text box. Check the box and scroll down to select "Save changes".

      There is a size limit for signatures however, in which they can be no bigger than 800 pixels in width, and 300 pixels in height. For more information on content that is allowed in signatures, as well as what the limit looks like, see [Here]. You can disable forum signatures in 'General Settings' (General Settings -> Thread Display Options).

      >> Edit Profile Privacy: Here you can change who can see every part of your profile: what groups your in, your statuses, your contact info, profile picture, etc. If you don't want the default of "Everyone" to see certain things, simply click the appropriate drown-down menu and select the status they must have to view your stuff.

      >> Edit E-mail & Password: Pretty straight forward. If you ever want to change your password or change your e-mail address, you can do so here. Be sure to select "Save Changes" once you finish.

      >> General Settings: Here you can select many settings for your forum experience. If you want to hide from regular members, assistants and moderators you can do so here by selecting "Invisible Mode On". You can select how your subscriptions are set-up, how you want to receive notification of who has posted in your subscribed threads, who can PM you, how you want to be notified you've received a PM, where your sent messages go, etc. There are a TON of features available, so read through this area and select the permissions you want for your forum experience.

      >> Edit Connections: This area allows you to connect Facebook to AnimeLeague. To connect, simply click on "Connect with Facebook". Once you do, the blue facebook "Connect" button that shows up in the upper right of the AL Banner will be replaced with your facebook image. Around the forums, you may also find "Like this thread" at the top of the threads you're reading. Like other sites, you will also see how many of your facebook friends have liked that thread as well.

      >> Clan Groups: Just like in the Clans option at the top of the forum (explained in section 3), this will show you all of the active clans we have on our forums, as well as your own. You can also request to join clans through this feature.

      >> Edit Ignore List: Here you can search users you do not want to contact you, PM you or anything of that nature. Simply search their username and select "Okay".

      >> Edit Arcade Settings: Allows you to customize how you want to be contacted when your high score has been beaten, how you wish to accept challenges, etc.

      >> Friends & Connections: Takes you to the same place "Friends & Contacts" did from the Community drop-down menu explained in section 3. Here you can add people to your friend list by scrolling all the way down to the "Add a Member to Your List" area and click "Add Friend" - which will then send them a friend request of sorts so that you will show up on their friend list as well.

      In the upper right corner, above all of your current friends on AL, you will find a search area that will allow you to find a friend on your list - if you have multiple pages. You may want to do this for quick access to send them a PM, leave them a visitor message or even to delete them off your friends list. Deleting a friend off your list is easy. You'll see little checked boxes in the upper left corner of each friends' avatar. Unchecking this box and clicking "Save Changes" will remove those with unchecked boxes from your friend list.

      >> Event Reminders: When I explained the Calendar in section 3, I told you there was an option to view details about events posted. What I didn't mention was that, at the bottom of the event message, there is an option to be reminded of that event if you're interested in attending or taking part. Once you click that option, all event reminders will show up here for you!

      >> Attachments: This window allows you to see any and all attachments you've posted anywhere on the forums. To post attachments, simply select "Manage Attachments" when you're in the Advanced reply reply box (just click "Advanced" to get there). A pop-up window will appear with options to allow you to upload files and images from your computer (click browse to find) and images from other websites (simply place the URL of the image in there). Once you've uploaded your attachments, select the appropriate "Upload" button.

      >> Blog: Clicking "Blog" will take you to the Blogs area discussed above in section 3.

      5. Navigating the site

      Navigating AL is rather simple. There are many symbols and signs that make getting around AL an easier experience, but getting used to them can take time. One of the first things you may notice is a '+' sign (This may be different depending on your AL scheme) next to each forum and topic. At the very bottom of the forums and sub-forums there is an icon legend which may look something like this:

      New posts means that there are new posts within the thread since you last visited. No new posts means the opposite. A topic that is locked you can't post in, unless you are a moderator or admin.

      There can be many sub-forums within a forum. For a quick way of navigating back to the forum list, click the banner or click 'Forum' underneath it. You can also quickly navigate to the main forum if you're in a sub-forum. For example, if you've gone into Assistant Central to check out scheme's, and want to head back into community central to sign up as an assistant, then you can click on that section below the banner. A paper clip to the right of the topic () indicates there are attachments within it, expect possible long load times on a slow connection. Holding your mouse over the paper clip will tell you how many attachments are in the section.

      6. Terminology

      There is a lot of different terminology used across AL. Some of then may appear obvious, others not so. There are a lot of acronyms, abbreviations and not-quite-so common words used across the boards. This section aims to list all of which are used around AL. If there is any that you'd like to see added, then mention it in a reply and it will be added here.

      6a. Acronyms and Abbreviations

      There are many acronyms and abbreviations used to describe various aspects of the site. Some of these are very commonly used, others not so much. The acronyms and abbreviations included here are specifically for forum terms and those exclusive to AL. Commonly used words in instant messaging and texting for example, aren't included. Below is a list compiled of commonly used acronyms and abbreviations across AL:

      AC: Assistant Central
      Admin: Administrator
      AL: AnimeLeague
      ALJ: AnimeLeague Journals
      ATTN: Attention
      Ava/Avi: Avatar
      A&M: Anime and Manga
      BBCode: Bulletin Board Code
      BCC: Blind Carbon Copy
      CL: Crazy League
      CN: Clannation
      CNC: Clannation Community
      Con: Convention
      CS: Cityscape
      DB: Dropbox
      EZ: Entertainment Zone
      EH: ]Entrance Hall
      GFX: Graphics
      GD: General Discussion
      Img: Image
      IRL: In Real Life
      ITT: In This Thread
      LAC: London Anime Convention
      L&W: Literature & Writing
      MEC: Meetups, Events & Clubs
      MCA: Manga & Comic Artists
      Mod: Moderator
      Px: Pixels
      RB: Ramblings
      RP: Roleplay
      Sig/Siggy: Signature
      VG: Video Gaming
      YT: Youtube

      6b. Word Meanings

      There are many words, from the common to the unconventional, that are used throughout AL. Below is a list of words that may not be understood clearly:

      Avatar: An image which is used to represent yourself.
      Clan: A clan on AL is a sub-forum in which groups of people interact with each other for various reasons, such as roleplaying, of which the clan is based on.
      Fanbar: A variation of the userbar, a fanbar is similar in tradition but has a specific focus on which the user is a fan of. These may look like 'AnimeLeague fan' for example.
      Forum: A section which is primarily focused around a subject where users can discuss and chat with each other. Usually a website (Such as AL) contains more than one forum to provide variety and attract a larger base of people.
      Message Board: Another term for forum.
      Probation: A period of time where a user is monitored and has limited access of the forums. This is issued when a user makes more than few rule breakages.
      Rankbar: Not to be confused with the userbar or fanbar, a rankbar is a small bar that appears below the username which shows the rank of the user.

      • Note: Although AL uses rankbars, these are not used to show someones status on the forums and are purely trivial. Rankbars can be brought from the shop using credits. For more information about the shop, see [This thread].

      Signature: A signature on forums is something that will be automatically attached to every post you make. It's as if signing every post you make with your 'Signature'.
      Spacer: This is literally an empty image. This is one method of spacing images and text apart from each other. For more information on using spacer's, see section 7.
      Sub-forum: A sub-forum is a forum within a forum. These are usually focused on a more specific subject within a broader subject.
      Thread: Term used to describe a topic, in which users can post in.
      Userbar: A popular item used in signatures. These vary in sizes and length, but are distinguishable for traditionally being very small in height and very wide in width.
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      Re: AL Community Guide! How-to's, tips and everything else!

      7. Using BBCode
      Section written by Android 18

      Media Codes

      Posting Videos
      To post any video onto the boards, you can find the correct parts of the code in the URL section of your browser. An example of the Youtube video link you'll need is below:


      We're going to use the part after the "v=" for the beginning of the tag, and then the entire URL for the rest of it. Copy the parts after the equal sign and put it in the video code, after youtube, like so (remove spaces for actual code):
      [video =youtube ;FUgM105uN4c]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUgM105uN4c[/video]
      You should get this:

      The Many Faces of Text

      Bold, Italicize and Underline
      Bolding, italicizing and underlining is very simple. You can bold, italicize and/or underline any word, sentence or paragraph you wish. You can even use all 3 codes on one word if you feel the need. Here's an example of the codes to get what you want (remove spaces):

      [B ]Bold![/ B] [I ]Italics~[/ I] [U ]Underline.[/ U]
      And it should turn out like this:

      Bold! Italics~ Underline.

      In the quick reply boxes, located at the bottom of every thread, you will see that there are B, I and U buttons. Once you highlight any word, sentence, or paragraph and click those buttons it will make that highlighted area Bold, Italicized or Underlined.

      A Splash of Color
      You can find an easy-to-use color menu in the Quick Reply box located at the bottom of every thread. It will look like an A with a specific color (most likely black, the default) underneath it. If you've highlighted a word, sentence or paragraph in your reply and want to make it a certain color, simply click the drop-down arrows and select your color. If you want to do the colors manually, you should get the code to look something like this (without spaces):

      [COLOR= #ff0000]Add[/ COLOR]  [COLOR= #00bf00]some[/ COLOR]  [COLOR= #ff00ff]color[/ COLOR]  [COLOR= #ff8000]to[/ COLOR] [COLOR=  #ff80ff]your[/ COLOR]  [COLOR= #00ff00]world[/ COLOR]
      And it should turn out like this:

      Add some color to your world

      You can add color to your hyperlinks as well! Check out the hyperlink section to find out how.

      Size it up.
      Making your text bigger or smaller is very simple, you just need to know the size of text you want if you wish to use the quick reply box or the advanced text box. Below is the code for changing the size of text. You can only go from size 1 to 7; simply insert the number where you see #:

      [size=#]Up - or downgrade. Your choice.[/size]
      A very popular thing across the boards to store all of your friends. The code goes a little something like this (remove spaces):

      [dropbox ][option ]Here's a dropbox[/option]
      [option ]Here's a line in a dropbox[/option]
      [option ]And another[/option]
      [option ]And the last one[/ option]
      As you can see, if you wish to add another friend to your dropbox, you'll have to put the option tags around that line - but stay within the opening and closing dropbox codes. The dropbox should turn out like this:

      A marquee is a line of text that enters from the right side of the page and exits on the left. A marquee can contain just text or images. To get text to scroll, you'll put whatever you want in between the marquee codes. Here's an example (remove spaces for code to work):

      [marquee ]It's marquee time![/marquee]
      It should turn out like this:

      It's marquee time!

      To get images to scroll, just add the image URL with image tags around it in between the marquee codes. If you need help with image codes, look at the "Image" section below.

      Spoiler Alert!
      Let's say you're talking about a movie or book and what you have to say might give away important parts of the movie/book. You'll want to use this tag to let others know that what you've typed can give something away. All you have to do is put what you want to say in between the spoiler tags or the hide tags, like so:

      [spoiler ]Spoiler tags[/spoiler]
      [hide ]Hide tags[/hide]
      It should turn out like this:

      Spoiler tags

      hide tags

      To see what's hidden behind the hide tag, just click next to the black rectangle and drag your mouse to the opposite side/end. To see what's in the spoiler tags, simply click the "Show" button.

      Striking Out
      To strike out text is to put a line through what you've said. As with the marquee and spoiler tags, you'll just want to put what you want to strike out - could be a word, sentence, or paragraph - in between the proper tags shown below (remove spaces):

      It's three strikes and you're out!
      It should look like this:

      It's three strikes and you're out!

      Center it!
      The enter tag can come in use when you want to add a certain something to your signature or have a title to a thread you posted. Like the tags above, you continue to put what you want to say in between the correct tags shown below (remove spaces):

      [CENTER ]Be the center of attention~[/CENTER]
      It should look like this:

      Be the center of attention~

      Get it Right!
      Centering not your thing? Then be original and put your sig content or posts to the right of the page. Continue to follow the pattern of putting everything in between the correct tags - like this (remove spaces):

      [RIGHT ]It's feels good to be right.[/RIGHT]
      It should look like this:

      It's feels good to be right.


      To hyperlink something is to have a word or sentence become click-able; to direct you to another website or image. You'll of course use the URL tag with this, but add a little extra. An example is shown below (remove spaces):

      [URL ="http://www.animeleague.net/forum/forum.php"]Click here to go to AnimeLeague[/URL]
      It should show up as this:

      Click here to go to AnimeLeague

      To add some color or any other interesting features like bold, italics, etc to your links, put all codes after the URL like so (remove space):

      [URL ="http://www.animeleague.net/forum/forum.php"][COLOR=  #ff0000]Anime[/color]League[/URL]
      It should turn out like this:


      To use the image tag, you'll need the URL for a specific image. Image URLs end with some of the following: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, etc. So make sure that the image URL ends in some of those - or others that you know of. To get the image to show up on the boards, you'll need to sandwich the URL in between the image tags like so (remove space):

      [IMG ]http://www.animeleague.net/forum/dustym/logo.jpg[/IMG]
      You can enable an image to contain a link as well (remove spaces):

      [URL ="http://www.animeleague.net/forum/forum.php"][IMG  ]http://www.animeleague.net/forum/dustym/logo.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

      Other Codes

      Quote it.
      If you want to quote somebody and don't feel like going back and forth to press "Quote" for each post, you can do it yourself like so (remove space):

      [quote ]This person said this and that.[/quote]
      Or, if you feel inclined to include a "title" for the quote (remove space):

      [quote ="So and So"]This person said this and that.[/quote]
      The forum gives you the codes to do generic, plain lists. I'll show you how to do those - but also ones where the bullet points become numbers or letters. Here's the generic (remove spaces):

      [LIST ]
      [* ]Bullet point 1
      [* ]Bullet point 2[/LIST]
      It should turn out like this:

      • Bullet point 1
      • Bullet point 2

      For abc and 123 bullet points, you'll need to click "List=" above the message body for the opening and closing tags. Then continue with "[*]" for each point. For 123 and abc points (remove spaces):

      1. [* ]#1 [* ]#2 [* ]#3
      Should turn out like this:

      1. #1
      2. #2
      3. #3

      1. [* ] Point A [* ] Point B [* ] Point C
      Should turn out like this:

      1. Point A
      2. Point B
      3. Point C

      HTML is a widely accepted web-design language. It creates headings, tables and alters fonts in many ways - just like BBCode. To create a table with BBCode, you'll do it just like you would with HTML - except replace "< >" with "[ ]". You'll start off with the table tags (Without the spaces): [ table] [ /table]. In between the table tags, you'll need to add in the tr tags. TR meaning "Table Row." You'll use this whenever you're adding a row or column. In between the table row tags, you'll need the TD tags. TD meaning "Table Data" - this is the information you want all the rows or columns to contain. This tag is to always be between the table row tags. Below you'll see how to only make one or 2 columns of information. With every column you need filled, you'll add another set of TD tags. Here's how you'll get your basic table with two columns with rows:

      [table ][tr ][td ]Column 1[/td][td ]Column 2[/td][/tr]
      [tr ][td ]Row 1[/td][/tr]
      [tr ][td ]Row 2[/td]In half[/tr][/table]
      [table ][tr ][td ]Column 1[/td][td ]Column 2[/td][/tr]
      [tr ][td ]Row 1[/td][/tr]
      [tr ][td ]Row 2[/td][td ]In half[/td][/tr][/table]

      It should look like this:

      Column 1Column 2
      Row 1
      Row 2In half

      Column 1Column 2
      Row 1
      Row 2In half


      Just like HTML, BBCode is very easy to mess-up. So be sure you double check all of your codes. Always ensure that whatever tag you use as an opening tag and closing tag with brackets and slashes in the right places. If you don't, the unclosed tag with continue until it finds the correct closed tag.

      8. Other Tips and Tricks
      8a. Adding even more color!

      The 'Color' tags use what is known as hexadecimal, or hex for short. Hex is commonly used to represent colors. With it, you can use literally any color imaginable on the forums -- You're not just limited to the color menu!

      A great site with a wide range of colors is [This]. When you find a color that you like, you can copy it's number and place it after the equals sign '=' in the tags. For example, if I want to use 'idianred3' from the site which has the number #CD5555, then it would look like this (remove space):

      [COLOR =#cd5555]Indian Red[/color]
      Indian Red

      8b. Correctly using BBCode

      BBCode's are simple to use on their own, but chained together they don't always work correctly. If you have multiple BBCode's, such as color and size, you'll need to put them inside of each other in the corresponding order for them to work properly. Here are two examples. The first example has the code placed in the wrong order. It attempts to demonstrates using a combination of size and color tags to make the test look bigger, whilst making the first letter standout in a different color (remove spaces).

      [COLOR =#ff00ff][SIZE= 2]E[/SIZE][/color][SIZE= 2][COLOR= blue]xample text[/color][/SIZE]
      Example text

      To have the text two different colors, whilst remaining the same size, the first size tag should be before the first color. To make sure it works correctly, both the opening and closing tags should be placed in the opposite, corresponding order to each other. (i.e 1 2 3 : 3 2 1). This is what the example looks like with the BBCode in the correct order (remove spaces):

      [COLOR= #ff00ff]E[/color][COLOR= blue]xample[/color] text
      Example text

      Because BBCodes don't always function correctly placed inside of each other, it isn't possible to make the 'E' a different size without having two separate BBCodes. This is what it looks like having a string of BBCode separate for each part (Both the 'E' and the rest of the text; remove sapces):

      [SIZE= 3][COLOR= #ff00ff]E[/color][/SIZE][SIZE= 2][COLOR= blue]xample text[/color][/SIZE]
      Example text

      If you want to put a BBCode within a BBCode, then what is explained in the second example may work. However, if it doesn't, then you'll have to create separate strings of BBCode for each part you wish to effect as explained in the last example.

      You can also combine certain BBCode's to achieve different effects, such as making the underline or strike-though colored or not. If you put the underline tags inside of the color tags, you'll get this effect (remove spaces):

      [COLOR= red][U ]Underlined red words with red underlines[/U][/color]
      Underlined red words with red underlines

      To note have the underline colored, you'd put the underline tags outside of the color tags (remove spaces):

      [U ][COLOR= red]Underlined red words without red underlines[/color][/U]
      Underlined red words without red underlines

      Feel free to experiment, but as mentioned before putting BBCodes within BBCodes does not always work.

      8c. Posting Images

      There are a couple of methods to post images around the forums. One of which is using attachments (See section 4d). However, image attachments don't always work or display the image properly, and they don't offer image resizing or compression. So if your image is really big, it can end up taking a long time to load as well as stretch the forums. A better way is to use an image provider. There are many image providers which allow you to store images in your own account as well as manage them. Some even allow you to completely change your image with a complete built-in image editing program! Some sites that you can use to upload images to are:

      [Imageshack] - Allows images and video. It has unlimited storage. It does not resize images. No registration required.

      [Imgur] - Very simply to use. Unlimited storage. Images over 1mb will automatically be compressed. Allows you to browse through all uploaded images from users. No registration required.

      [Photobucket] - Allows you to upload images and video. Has 1gb of storage for free accounts. Will automatically resize images over the size of 1024x768px and compress images over 1mb on a free account. Has a built in image editing program. Allows you to browse through all uploaded images from users. Requires registration.

      [Tinypic] - Allows images and video. Unlimiated stoage. Will automaticaly resize images over 1600px in width or height. Allows you to browse through all uploaded images from users. No registration reqruied.

      These are just some of the many image providers available, and you're not even limited to image providers. Practically any image that you can find you can link too. Just right mouse click on it and click 'Copy image location' or click on 'Properties' and copy the image URL. You can then paste this into the forums. Note however, that some websites don't want direct linking. Be sure to check their policy and if in doubt, save the image and upload it to one of the image providers. To display an image, paste the URL of the image in between the img tags (For more on using the img tags, see section 7c). Here is an example with it's code:

      [IMG ]http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/7527/p1080324.jpg[/IMG]

      • Note: Be sure that your image isn't too large! It's recommended that you don't post images over the size of 800x600px as they are likely to stretch the pages.

      • For an easy way to resize images without having to re-upload it/messing up it's proportions, you can use [Photobucket] which will resize images upon and after upload for you. It's also great for editing images in many ways if you don't have an image editing program yourself.

      8d. Spacing Text and Images

      There are many reasons why you might want to manually space text and images. One of which might be to create a unique composition on your signature, or perhaps you want more of a distance between two images put together. One of the ways to achieve this is using a spacer. A spacer is literally an empty image, or rather, an image that is made up of one completely transparent layer. As an example, right mouse click in between the dotted lines and click 'Properties' and you will get image information, just like you would doing this on any other image.

      .................................................. ..........................

      .................................................. ..........................

      To create a spacer, it is ideal that you have an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Unlead Image Editor etc. Simply create a blank, transparent canvas (Usually represented by a grey and white checkerboard) to the size you would like it as. You can also request spacers from various GFX'ers around AL if you don't have one of those programs, or don't know how to.

      There is also another method that can be used. The command 'List' will move all text to the right a little. While not as precise as using the spacer, it can be quicker and more organized. Combining multiple list commands will space the text out more and more. Note that a list within a list just moves text and images down. However, two separate list commands will move the second item down as well. It can also be used to create interesting compositions. Here is an example:

      • Area 1

          • Area 2

      The code for this is (remove spaces):
      [LIST ]
      [* ]Area 1[/LIST]
      [LIST ]
      [* ]
      [LIST ]
      [* ]
      [LIST ]
      [* ]Area 2[/LIST]
      9. Questions and Answers

      Do you have a question on how the boards the run? Are you still confused about how to do a particular function? Or even have questions on the guide itself? Then simply reply to this thread. Anyone can ask a question, and anyone can answer one. Frequently asked questions and answers will be featured here.

      10. Updates and Changes

      Version 1.00: Guide is up and ready! (17th July 09)
      Version 1.01: Added in 'Board Preferences' into the table of contents which was missing. Corrected section numbers not matching up with that in the table of contents. Corrected the description for white indicator boxes in private messages. (23rd July 09)
      Version 1.02: Added a tip in hyperlink section: adding color, bold, italics, etc. to a link. (26th July 09)
      Version 1.03: Added links to the post indicators within the table of contents to save time having to scroll. Added a new section 'Administrators, Moderators and Assistants' after the introduction so those new to the site can get an understanding of the various roles throughout the forums. Added information on the end of section 7b to explain that the arrangement of underline and strike-through tags in conjunction with the color tags will affects whether the underline or strike-through is colored. Changed the Youtube video example as the previous one was set to private. Also corrected a couple of grammatical mistakes. (1st August 09)
      Version 1.04: Updated the guide for VBulletin move, some information is still slightly out of date but will be updated as soon as possible.
      Version 1.05: Updated all of the codes and new features so that the guide is compatible with VBulletin entirely. Updated Table of Contents since it wasn't accurate. (17th March 11)
      Version 1.06: Added Part 3 of the guide (21st July 2012).

      Credit goes to Kuroyuri~/Starship Wiki and Android 18 for writing the original draft of this.
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      Re: AL Community Guide! How-to's, tips and everything else!

      11. Using the Forum

      11a. Forum View:

      This is a snap-shot of the Entrance Hall. Moving from left to right, we see an icon suggesting that a new post has been made since last viewing the forum, forum information and last post. For forum information (top to bottom), we have the section name. Clicking that will take you to the forum. Next to the topic title, you may also see the number of people viewing the section in parenthesis. This number includes all guests and registered users on the site and, when you view the forum, you can see at the top of the forum who is viewing the section (only registered users). At the bottom of the forum, you’ll see a comprehensive list that includes that number of users and guests.

      Underneath the title we have the section blurb; this blurb gives you an overall feel for the section and informs you of the more important things you can do in the section. Many blurbs have clickable links in them. For Entrance Hall, “Guardian”, “Guidebook”, “here” (after ranks) and “here” (after assistant) are all clickable. Below that, there’s a list of moderators and subforums. If you see an issue in a section, be sure to contact anyone (or all) moderators on that list with the information so that the issue may be dealt with. The sub-forum section can be used as a short-cut. If you don’t feel like clicking multiple links to get to a particular area, you can click the sub-forum name and be taken there instantly. Looking through the forum, you will notice that many of the sub-forums sections have are archives – or places where moderators place dead or popular threads. Typically, posts are disabled in these areas, but if you would like to revamp and reintroduce a topic that has been made in the past, you can look in the archives for the old topic and work based off of that. Like Entrance Hall, Graphics, Fiction and Art contain a sub-forum that allows posting and serves a purpose other than to house old threads. Assistant Central is a place for Assistants to sign-up for their schemes and discuss section work with the moderators (this may also occur in the section staff forums – you won’t be able to see the staff forums unless you have the necessary permissions). For Graphics, Fiction and Art this sub-forum is Literature and Writing: a stand-alone section that is all about writing. Keep an eye out for these useful sub-forums, they can be easy to miss!

      With the last post area to the far right, you’ll see (top to bottom) the topic title, who made the last post, and when they made that post. The topic title won’t show in full or else it’ll stretch the page in a funky way, so you’ll get the majority of the topic title. Next to the topic title, you‘ll notice "". If you click this, you’ll be taken to the last post you’ve read in that topic. If you’ve read nearly the entire topic, you’ll be taken to the new post or the last post.

      Inside the forum, you’ll see plenty of other options. From top to bottom, you’ll see a breadcrumb navigation. Pretty much, you’ll see how you got to that section and can back-track at any time. If you look at the first image given in this post, you’ll see that Entrance Hall is located in the “Community” section, but we have many others: Upcoming Events, Creative & Roleplaying, Discussion & Chat and Other. While you won’t actually click “Community” or any of the other sections first before you decide what section you want to go in (although you certainly can), it will show up on the breadcrumb and you can choose to go back and only see sections in the “Community” section or simply click “Forum” or the banner at the top to see all of the sections we have. If you were to select “Assistant Central”, your breadcrumb would change to “Forum -> Community -> Entrance Hall -> Assistant Central” as you can tell the last option is the section you are currently in – just in case you get lost.

      Below the breadcrumb, you’ll see the list of sub-forums that section has. It is in the same format as discussed earlier in this post. Below that you’ll see the Users Currently Browsing. Only those who are registered will show-up in this area. Underneath that (left to right) is a Post New Thread button that will allow you to post a new thread. To the right of that are the number of pages the forum currently has. So if you’re looking in a section you posted in some time ago and want to find that thread (and that section doesn’t have an archive to put the topic in), you can use this area to navigate the section itself. You’ll notice a downward arrow in front of “Page # of ##”. If you click that, an option will drop down and you can input the page number you want to view. So if you know that the topic you’re looking for is on page 12, you can input “12” in the box and be taken to that page number.

      Below the page information is “Forum Tools” and “Search Forum”. As you are given more permissions, more options will appear in this area.

      In Forum Tools, you’ll see the following options:
      • Post New Thread: Performs same function as “Post New Thread” button to the left.
      • Mark This Forum Read: Marks every post and topic in the section as if you have already read them.
      • Subscribe to Forum: Depending on your settings, this will e-mail (at different intervals) or simply show ANY topics that are presently in the section or any new topics and posts that are made in the section in your “Settings” area (simply click “Settings” and you’ll see all your subscribed threads).
      • View Parent Forum: In Entrance Hall, the Parent Forum is “Community”, so you’ll be taken to a view that shows you all the sections within the “Community” area. If you were in Assistant Central and click that option, you’ll be taken to Entrance Hall.

      In Search Forum, you’ll see an input box where you and input the keywords you want to look-up. So if you posted a topic and you’re looking for it and this topic is about kittens, you could search put “kittens” in that box and keep “Show Threads” or change the option to “Show Posts” so that only the posts containing the word “kittens” is shown. Having “Show Threads” will give you the threads that contain posts with the work “kittens” in them.

      Looking below that, we see two types of threads: Sticky threads and Normal threads. Sticky threads are those that generally contain the rules of the forum. In the case of Entrance Hall, you’ll see threads stickied that are geared towards helping newcomers adjust. So “Information Central” is there to help answer questions you may have on many of the features we have. The “AnimeLeague Entrance Hall” topic will have a short guide on where you should get started along with the option to sign-up for a guardian (a buddy who will show you the ropes of the forum). The “Assistant Central” topic is a place to learn about our assistant group and learn how you can become an assistant (anyone can do it!) and lastly we have the “Suggestion Box” – pretty much, it’s a thread devoted to giving your feedback and suggestions on how the staff are doing and what can be done to improve the section.

      All Normal topics are those that have been posted by anyone and aren’t urgent enough to be stickied or announced. You’ll also notice stickied/announced topics are those that benefit the entire forum or section in some way. In the case of Entrance Hall, every normal thread there is about someone returning or having just signed up to the forum or someone is leaving/taking a break.

      When looking in a forum, you’ll notice a few things about the topics, here’s an explanation of each from left to right. Much of the characteristics are similar to what you would see on the forum index. First, you have an icon that either indicates if you’ve read the topic or not. As you can see, the stickied threads in the screenshot have all been viewed whereas the first normal topic has not been viewed or there have been posts made since last view. For stickied topics, you’ll have a post-it note sort of icon to show that it is a stickied topic (along with the word “Sticky”). After that, you have the topic title (clicking this will take you to the first post). Underneath the title, there’s the OP or Original Poster (person who started the topic), the date and time the topic was started, and page numbers. Unlike the forum page numbers, you can’t jump to a page number that you can’t currently see (so I can’t jump to page 4 in Information Central), but once you go into the topic, you can do so (you’ll see the same thing you currently see to search the forum pages). To the right, you’ll see a green checkmark icon, this indicates that you have subscribed to the thread. You can have it preset in your settings how to you want to subscribe to threads (that will be discussed later on). Next to that icon, you’ll see a small list with the number of replies that topic has as well as the number of views the topic has. Further to the right, you’ll see the person who made a post last and the date and time they made a post. Again, you’ll see that fast-forward button to take you to the last post of the thread.

      Looking down in the normal topics, we see a similar set-up. The only difference is "" in front of the topic title. This button, when clicked, will take you to the first unread post of that topic. If that post happens to be the initial post (meaning, you’ve never read the topic), then it’ll take you there. If you’ve read up to a 4th page of a topic, you’ll be taken to page 5 or any posts on page 4 that you haven’t read.

      When you click the topic title, you’ll be taken to the first post. We’ll look at the options you’ll have when in a topic:

      As you can tell, the heading is similar. We start off with the breadcrumb that will help you navigate through the forum. Below that we have a new button: “Reply to Thread” which will, as it says, take you to a different page to reply or will take you to the bottom of the thread to the “Quick Reply” box to make a post. If it does take you to a Quick Reply box and you don’t want to use that reply box, you can click “Go Advanced” and you’ll be taken to the normal reply box with smilies and other posting options. As I said earlier, you’ll see the same page input box/area (to the right) where you can jump to certain pages of the topic if needed. Underneath that option, you’ll see a couple other things that weren’t present while viewing the topic: “Thread Tools” and “Display” – ignore the “Administrative” as it’s a permissions awarded option.

      In Thread Tools, you’ll see the following options:

      • Show Printable Version: If you ever want to print the topic you’re currently viewing, you can click this option and all of the images will be removed. All of the posts will be separated by a black link. All of the options will disappear as well.
      • E-mail this page: If you want to e-mail yourself a certain topic or e-mail it to a friend to reference, you’ll be taken to a window where you input the name of the person to receive the e-mail and where you can input the e-mail associated with that person. You can also edit the subject link and details in the e-mail.
      • Subscribe to this thread: If you’re not already subscribed to the thread, you can do so by clicking this option. If you’re already subscribed, then you’ll see the “Unsubscribe from this thread” option.
      • Add a poll to this thread: This will appear if you have the appropriate permissions or are the OP (original poster; person who started the topic).
        In Display, you’ll see the following options:
      • Linear Mode: If your page looks like the screenshot above, then you’re already viewing the topic in linear mode.
      • Hybrid Mode: Clicking this will open up a box at the top of the forum in between the post and all of the options for that topic (“Reply to thread”, “Post new thread”, page numbers, thread tools, search thread, and display in this case). In this box, all of the posts will be listed in the order they were made and who replied to what posts.
      • Threaded Mode: In this view, you’ll see the box previously mentioned and then the OP below that. No other posts will be shown, the “Reply to thread”, “Post new thread”, and page navigation in the upper left will disappear. You’ll only be able to navigate the topic through the box and by post, not by pages. In the box, you’ll see the poster, the title of their post (the default is “RE: [topic title]) and the time and date they posted. Clicking the topic/post title they have and their post will replace the OP that is shown at the start.

      You can navigate between all three options using the Display option or through your settings (Settings -> General Settings (on the left-hand side) -> Scroll down until you see the "Thread Display Options" section -> the options above are in a dropbox next to "Thread Display Mode:", which will set the default view for every thread.

      In the small area just below that, you'll see two main things: post date and time on the FAR left and post number on the FAR right. These visuals are mainly helpful if you need to see when a post was made (if a section has a rule on the time limit to posting in a thread; many sections have a 2 month rule, where you can't post in a topic that hasn't been posted in for at least 2 months, but you can certainly remake it) and if you want to link someone to a certain post. To link someone to a post, right click the post number and select "Copy Link Location".

      In the post, you’ll notice a section to the far left that contains information on the poster. This area is called the post-bit and contains (from top to bottom), the username, their user rank (optional), user status (in the image, it’s with the “–“ and the pen – you won’t see the pen if you don’t have the permissions to edit user status’), user mood (not shown in image), avatar, date they joined the forum, the country they’re in, the number of posts the user has, all the awards they’ve received, credits they have and the messengers they have linked to their account. You’ll notice an “Array” there as well, but this is just a bug the forum currently has. At the bottom, there will be three options: Thank, Quote in PM (an envelope icon) and add to user reputation (a star icon). Whatever the reason may be, you can thank anyone for any post that they make. Clicking this option will open up two input boxes at the end of their post and above their signature area. You can add how many credits you wish to give the person (it will be taken from your account) and the reason for “Thanking” them. The credits are optional and so are the Comments. You won’t see this in the above screenshot simply because users are unable to “Thank” themselves for the posts they’ve made. The envelope, when clicked, will quote the post it is attached to in a PM to that person. So it will both quote the post and initiate a PM to that person. The star will allow you to add to a persons’ reputation. You cannot add reputation to your own posts.

      Along the bottom of the post, you will see “Reply”, “Reply with Quote” and a quotation icon with a plus sign to the lower right. When you click “Reply”, a quick reply box will appear under that post. The post you make will NOT show-up underneath the post you have clicked “Reply” to if someone has replied after that person already (so all posts will continue to be shown in the order they were posted). Instead, those who have the Hybrid or Threaded Mode selected will be able to see that your post was in response to someone elses. Clicking "Reply with Quote” will pretty much do the same thing: it will open a quick reply box underneath the persons post, but this time it will have that individuals message quoted in your reply. Like the “Reply” button, your post will NOT appear after theirs if another person has already made a post. The last option is a neat feature and way more useful than the first two: it is a multi-quote button. If you would like to address many quotes in your post, all you need to do is click this little button so that a check-mark appears over the plus sign for every post you want quoted. You can even select posts to quote from many different pages! Once you have the posts you want to quote selected, scroll down and click the “Reply to Thread” button. In the Quick Reply box all of the quotes will appear in the order you have selected them.

      11b. Posting

      There are a lot of options you can take advantage of in your posts. Some are listed above the message box while others are learned as you use the forum. I’m going to go through some of the features. I won’t go through all in the following picture since some are standard across all forums (and may subsequently be outlined in part 2 – especially things like bolding and adding color), but features that aren’t intuitive and involve multiple steps will be outlined. I’ll start top to bottom, left to right.

      In the upper left of the text editor, you’ll see the first grouping of buttons. The first is a plain, small “A” with a larger, underlined and blue “A”. This button will switch editors for you. As you can see, my text editor box is white, the “Enhanced Editor”. This editor allows me to copy a post that contains colored, bolded, italicized, etc. text and paste it within this reply box so that I DO NOT have to re-format it; all of the colored, bolded, italicized, etc. text will transfer. Note, however, that some of the coding may be messed up, so it’s best to click this button so that the text editor is black and make sure the coding is done correctly and doesn’t overlap anywhere. The button to the right (the same button design but with a red “X”) removes any formatting you brought over from another site or post. So if you copy a message with all sorts of coding and formatting and don’t want it there, simply highlight the message in its entirety (after pasting it) and click this button. All links, color, italicized tags, etc. will be removed from the text. You can switch editors if you wish to make sure it’s all gone or if the format removing button doesn’t seem to have worked.

      To the right of that, we have another set: one button is blank and the other is a clipboard with the Microsoft Word symbol. These are just fancy paste buttons. The blank one has you paste whatever text you’re planning on having in your post and removes all the formatting for you; it’ll paste the information as “plain text”. The second button may come in handy if you are an RPer: this editor accesses your clipboard (pretty much a record of the copies you have made to be pasted somewhere) and will keep the formatting that you have. What’s so special about this one? Nothing. It has the same effect – that I can tell – as regular copy and pasting with the Enhanced Editor. If you don’t have the Enhanced Editor, you won’t be able to use this – along with many other features – as it’s disabled with the standard, black background editor. Also, if you have security settings so that the browser CAN’T access your clipboard (like I do), a window will pop up and ask you to manually paste it into a certain box (that will pop up as well). When you click “OK”, it’ll post the message as you want it.

      Moving all the way to the right of that first row and you’ll see a paperclip. This button is for attachments and, when you click this area, it’ll bring up a pop-up window with areas for you to browse and select the documents you want in your post from your computer. You can also upload something from a website; just provide the link in the given spaces. If you scroll down in the pop-up window, you’ll see a list of all formats on the far left, then Max file size, Max Width and Max Height (for images). If you see a “-“ in any of these areas, it means AnimeLeague DOES NOT support these documents. You may only upload files in the file type with any of the listed columns filled out. Presently, that’s six file types.

      While the final buttons in the top row are common elsewhere, they haven’t been seen on forums too often: undo and redo buttons. Anytime you add something into the text editor, the undo button will become visible. Anytime you backspace on anything, the redo button will become visible. This, to my knowledge, occurs with all text editor modes.

      I’m going to skip the middle row completely. All of those buttons in the middle row are highlight and select and many of the options are explained in part two. The last row is something different that I don’t see on forums too often and can be very beneficial. While most of the processes for the third row are explained in the second half of the guide, I think this will be beneficial to go over. First, I want to mention that if you don’t have the Enhanced Editor mode selected, you will only see the button on the far left: the table button. When you click this, you’ll see a new window prompting you to add in how many rows, columns, etc. that you’d like. Once you’ve selected what you want and hit “OK”, the table will be set-up for you. If you have the standard/basic editor, it’ll show up in code form and you’ll need to input your data in between the tags. If you have the Enhanced Editor, you only need to start typing in the appropriate boxes. The second button you won’t have to worry about – it does EXACTLY the same thing as the first button, so you can ignore it. The third button deletes the table altogether from your input box. If you have more than one table, you’ll need to select the table you want deleted. You can’t select the table by highlighting it, instead you’ll need to click inside the table. If you’ve clicked outside of the table – none of the tables will be deleted. The same procedure works even if you only have one table. The next six buttons will add or remove columns and rows. The buttons with the green arrows are those that will add columns and rows and the ones with red arrows will remove them. Much like deleting the table, you should click the row or column you want to be deleted or in the row you want another row to be added above or below.

      • Note: The following options are NOT available when you have the Standard/Basic text editor selected for use – In the top row, the “paste as plain text” and “paste from word” are unavailable; in the third row, “table properties” (second button from left) and the rest of the table buttons are all unavailable. There is a new button added when you switch from Enhanced to Basic/Standard. This button is in the second row between “Link” and “Unlink” buttons (they’re the buttons with an image of the world and a single chainlink), all this button does is open a separate window where you input the e-mail address you want listed in the post. Once you click “OK”, the e-mail address is added with e-mail tags around it.

      The next five buttons don’t really have anything to do with the table tags, but you can use some of them within the tables. The first two (after all the table tags) are for subscript and superscript (respectively). All you’ll need to do is highlight the text you want to have either feature and click the button. The third button is to just add a horizontal line in your message. So if you want to separate two paragraphs or aspects of your post, this can help. As the fourth button icon suggests, it adds spoiler tags around the text selected, or simply adds it to the message. In part two of this guide, you can find the other method for adding spoilers to your text. This button is for the spoiler tag with the “Show” button.

      The last button at the top of the text editor is to add a mention tag. When you add this tag – and this tag can only be utilized properly when around a username of someone on the forum – around the username, the person will receive a notification that they have been mentioned in a thread and will be taken to that post. This is a great way to get the attention of moderators or someone who needs to update a thread. You can also mention friends in the threads so that they can get involved in the discussion. The staff request that you NOT overuse this feature as some members may find it a bit annoying – especially staff members who are constantly mentioned in posts that aren’t for urgent matters (like rule breakings). So please be mindful when using this tag. If you don’t want to click the button all the time – you don’t have to! We have a shortcut for mentioning users: simply put a @ symbol in front of their username. Make sure that you have the correct username! I’ll use my Username as an example: sometimes, people will try to mention me in a thread and do so the following ways: @Android18 or @Android_18. Neither of those is exactly like my username, which is: @Android 18 . You can tell you have mentioned someone properly when you submit your post. When you place your mouse over the mention in that post, you should notice it’s a clickable link that will take you to their profile. If you don’t do the mention properly, it’ll just be standard text.

      The last feature of posting is one you may not see all the time, depending on how often you try to post a thread and leave that window. You may notice that, while typing up any message, a small, yellow bar appears in the lower right corner of the text editor window. It’ll say “Auto-saved”. What this does is, pretty much, save everything you have just written. If your browser ends up crashing, you can reload the tabs and, in the “Post New Thread” or “Reply to Thread” window you will see a button in the lower left of the text editor. This button will say “Restore Auto-saved content” and when you click this button, all of the text you have entered that was auto-saved will appear in the text editor. It’s a very neat feature, but it only has recent data. So if you’ve done this with a few threads, it’ll only restore the content you have recently tried to post. There won’t be a list of recently deserted post information that you can choose from.

      Everything below the standard box (shown above) is basic settings that are mostly set already in the “Settings” tab in the upper right of the forum. The only thing that isn’t already preset is the “Post a Poll” area.

      If you want to post a poll, simply check the box and input the number of options you want in that poll. Once you have done that, you’ll need to “Submit New Thread”. Note: you can’t add a poll when simply posting a reply, only the OP of the thread can add a poll only when they’re making that initial post – they can’t go back and edit it in. In the new window, you can add the title or question of the poll and all of the option you’d like. You can even specify how long you want the poll open for. Please note that only a Moderator can go back and edit the options and title/question you have given your poll, so make sure everything is the way you want it!

      You may also notice that there is a "Subscribe to thread" section. The default setting is that you are subscribed to every thread you post in. If you un-check the box, will only ensure that you are not subscribed to that thread. If you want to change the default, you will need to go into your Settings and select "General Settings" on the left-hand side. You should see "Default Thread Subscription Mode:" - if you click the dropbox next to it, you'll see some options on how to receive notices of a post being made in that thread. Personally, I use "Through my control panel" as it's easier for me to click "Settings" and go through all of the threads I need to tend to. But if you check your e-mail before you check AL, you can select any of the other settings that fit your lifestyle (if you check your e-mail daily, weekly, or monthly). Now if you don't want to subscribe to any thread automatically, just select the "Do not Subscribe" option, scroll down and click "Save". At this point, if there any threads you want to keep tabs on, you will need to manually subscribe to a thread using the "Thread Tools" option.

      The last feature that I think should be mentioned is the real-time posting feature. You may not notice this all too often, but if you’re viewing a thread and others are currently having a discussion, that discussion will be updated while you are viewing the thread – without the need to refresh/reload the page manually – so you will get a real-time feel to your forum conversations.

      11c. Front-Page Sidebar

      The Sidebar is broken up into three parts: Latest Statuses, New Forum Posts and New Trending Topics. You can hide all of the side bar or one or more of these segments. To hide them all, simply look to the right of “Latest Statuses”, you’ll see "". Clicking this will hide all of the sidebars and will extend the Forum segment to the right so it extends from the left to the right of the screen. If you want to hide only certain areas, simply click "" and the content will disappear (only the name of the section will be shown). Each section only shows the five latest statuses, posts or trending topics. Statuses have a limited number of characters that you can use so the full status will be displayed. For posts, however, you will only see the first 100 characters or so (including spaces) in the update on the sidebar. For trending topics, very little information is given. You will only see: the title of the thread, who posted in that thread last, how many replies the thread has, when the last post was made, the time it was made and the section it belongs to. All trending topics are ordered from highest number of replies to smallest and (I assume on this part) this section includes all topics that have been posted in the most in the past 24 hours.

      11d. Radio

      When an AL DJ goes on air, you will notice something like the above image will appear between the AL Banner and the forum itself. This new menu will show you (left to right, top to bottom) the name of the DJ and Show that is online, the number of listeners out of 60 possible, and the kbs (kilobytes per second) that the radio is playing at. To the far right, you’ll see a few clickable links: Schedule, Guide, Stats, and History. The Schedule will basically take you to the radio schedule so you can see who is going to be on next or see who will be on at certain days. The schedule is currently listed in GMT (Current UK time zone), so if you do not follow that time zone, you’ll need to do some conversions to see when a DJ will be on in your time. Clicking the Guide will take you to a thread where you can find information on how to connect to the radio. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a DJ, you can find a how-to for signing up along with links on the software you’ll need to download and install. That guide thread also contains information on how to install and set-up your software. The Stats dropdown menu will show you some information on our record of listeners, the speed things are being transmitted at, average time on the radio, etc. The next dropdown menu – History – will give you the last 19 artists and song titles that have been played on the menu.

      In the second row, you’ll see some links to Flash, Winamp, Media, and Quicktime. These links will help you connect to the radio. Flash, Media and Quicktime, when clicked, will open up a pop-up window that will play the music through your browser. You will need to make sure you have the appropriate plug-ins to use each of these options. I find that Flash is an easier option for me to use. Winamp will open up as a download that will connect with your media player.

      In the rest of the space, you will see the artist and song title scroll from right to left on the screen. This does not update automatically, so you will need to reload or refresh the page to get an updated list of what is playing as well as how many listeners the DJ has. Also note that if no one is on air, the links for the Schedule, Guide, Stats and History cannot be accessed and neither can any of the listen links. If you’re expecting a DJ to go on soon, you’ll need to reload/refresh the index page to see if they have connected yet – this, too, does not automatically update itself. When no one is on and you'd like to see our schedule, you can go to the FrontPage (Website tab -> Frontpage) and click the "AL DJ Information" section on the left-hand side of the screen. There, you will find some DJ profiles - or information on our DJs - you'll also see a Mon-Sun schedule of who is on. Another schedule is found in the Radio thread (same thread you're directed to by clicking Guide, you can find another link in the "Guides" tab).

      11e. Chat

      AnimeLeague has always had a chat feature, but only as an IRC add-on, never in the way we have one now. The chat that appears at the bottom of the page is an optional feature – meaning you can remove/disable it at any time (details on how to do this will be discussed in a bit). The above image is my view of chat (or who is online). You’ll notice that there’s a group of people listed above the “Chatroom” title. These people will be different for everyone as the chat lists all of those on your friends list FIRST. When you open up chat, you don’t have to scroll through the entire listing of members using this feature; instead, you’ll have easy access to all your friends. Clicking on their name will open up a window to the left of the Chat window or the Public Chat window (if you have this open). You may notice that some users are listed in red and others in blue; this is due to the fact that the people listed in red help moderate the chat. They are Head Moderators on the forum who have the ability to kick or ban anyone from the chat who is causing a disturbance. If you’re in the Public Chat and you notice someone is being too offensive or crossing the line and breaking any of ALs rules – whether they’re a regular member or a guest – don’t hesitate to contact anyone in red with their username and reason. If need-be, you can provide some logs as proof. Although many staff members are shown to be logged in, they may not have the Public Chat open and may miss a few things, so this is a good back-up plan just in case. If you see there are staff (Head Moderators and Admins) online but aren’t shown to be online in Chat, you can PM them the users name (or Guest ID) and show them logs of the disturbance. If they can, that Head Moderator or Admin will log on to the chat and take care of them for you.

      Any chat window you open, whether it’s with an individual member or the public chat, can be closed using the “X” to the right of the minimize button. If you’d like to open the Public Chat window again, you can simply click that option underneath the “Chatroom” section. Keep in mind that if you had the window open before, the new window you open will not show you the conversation that has occurred while the window was closed or when you clicked the “X”. Your conversations with other users, at this time, are NOT saved in your messages (like you would see on Facebook). So if you’ve had a discussion with someone and will likely need that information later, please make sure to save it someplace. Also, from my personal experience, I do NOT recommend typing up lengthy responses in the chat. Lengthy messages/responses don’t always go through to the other person, so you’ll need to chop up those lengthy responses to something smaller to ensure it sends to the other person.

      If you are having a conversation with someone and they go offline (for whatever reason) and they didn’t get the last message you sent, you can resend the last message you sent (but they didn’t receive) without having to do all the typing or copy and pasting. All you need to do is click the input box (where you would type your message) and use the up arrow key on your keyboard. This will make the last message you typed reappear and all you’ll have to do is click “Enter” to send. You can scroll through many of your past responses as well to resend anything to that person (and in the original window, as far as I’m aware).

      As time goes by, you may end up seeing some people who don’t have a green circle to the right of their name. Instead, you may see a yellow or red one. You can change your status to “Away” or “Busy” – like these people have – by clicking the small gray box to the far right of the chat bar and select which status you’d like to set yourself to. Also, you may also allow sound notifications for when you’re using software and are unable to see the AnimeLeague tab in your browser.

      If you’re one of those individuals who don’t want the chat option enabled, simply click the little gray circle to the far right of the chat bar. You’ll see the “Close Chat” option at the bottom of the list. Clicking this will show you as offline. To go back online, you can click the Chat (Offline) box and it’ll reload the chat feature.
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      Re: AL Community Guide! How-to's, tips and everything else!

      i want to know how to post my own drawings up, how do i post them?????
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      You can find instructions on this in section 8c.
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