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      Lockdown at Cordova [Open and stuff!]

      Soooo, rebooting this to see if I have the same success I had with it before, which was miiiiiiiighty good.

      OOC thread: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...02#post4522802

      Lockdown at Cordova!

      Cordova was like any other normal High School. The kids complained about being bored and the teachers complained about the misbehaving students. It had been this way for eons and all assumed it would remain this way for years to come. That all changed however one autumn day when it was least expected.

      Meridian and Mataiya were prime examples of what best friends were like. They met in second grade in Chase elementary school. By their Senior year of High School nothing had changed, they were still best friends. Stopping in the hallway after their Spanish class, they gossiped about Meridian’s latest crush and Mataiya’s ex boyfriend.

      “Don’t forget we’re meeting after class to walk to Drama together, Meri!” Mataiya yelled after Meri as she rushed into class.

      “I’ll be here, Taiya, see ya then!” Grinning and stopping in the middle of the classroom, Meri quickly darted back to the doorway, sticking her head out into the hallway to respond.

      Mataiya went on into her Chemistry class and slid into her normal chair. While she was in class, Meridian was asking to use the restroom. Since the teacher wasn’t that bright, he excused her and giggling, Meri ran into the bathroom. Although the students noticed she never returned, the teacher just ignored it.

      After class, Mataiya walked over to where they were supposed to be meeting and waited until the tardy bell rang for the next class. Frowning, she ran to the Drama classroom and after letting the teacher know, ran for the bathroom. The door opened with a squeaking noise and Mataiya walked in only to stop in horror. In the floor beside the first set of stalls was Meridian. Her body had been ripped to shreds, most of her guts and organs were lying on the ground beside a pool of blood. There was blood all over the walls along with huge scratch marks.

      Screaming, Mataiya ran to the office to tell them of her horrific discovery. That very minute, a loud screeching noise blasted across the PA system. Just as abruptly as it started, the noise stopped but the silence didn’t last long. Every exit, window, and doors that would lead outside seemed to implode before completely disappearing. The students, teachers, administrators, and security officers were trapped inside the one place they felt was safe. Screaming erupted across the school and three classrooms filled with students and teachers were found gutted the same way Meridian had been. The rest were trapped with something that was killing off them all off. The two main questions that formed in everyone single person’s mind was in regard to what was doing the killings and how they were going to escape.


      ][OOC: Okay, the point of this RPG is simple. It takes place in our world [on Earth] in the normal time period [20th century]. You’re either going to be a student, teacher, or other faculty type person, such as a security officer, or even a cook. The phone lines are down and there’s no contact with the outside world, not even e-mail, or cell phones. You can’t just bust out through the walls even though they were once like every day cement based school walls. Since all the doors, windows, and anything else that leads outside are gone, there’s no escaping the school in a normal way. To clarify, the doors heading into the classrooms, library, auditorium, etc., are not gone, just the ones that lead outside. The vents that run above the school still open up into each classroom and restroom but they do not lead outside, they just end.

      The school is basically like a normal high school in a large city. The school itself is three stories high; basement, main floor, and a second floor. It has the huge commons area in the middle of the school where the students can eat snack foods while socializing during passing periods and allotted breaks. The commons area is filled with round tables that fill up the football field sized room. Ten feet down from the commons area is the lunchroom that also has round tables as well as square tables. The lunchroom is based on an Ala Carte system though the students still have a chance to have regular school lunch. There is everything imaginable on the buffet style tables and the students don’t pay until they have filled their trays. On the left side of the lunch room is the main kitchen where the lunch ladies make the meals.

      There is a large auditorium on the west side of the school that was built to resemble an old gothic looking churchlike auditorium. It has painted glass panes that give the church a little light without having the hanging chandeliers lights on. A wood beam juts out beneath each of the window and perched upon the beam is an angelic figurine. The auditorium is on the main floor and the balcony part is up on the second floor. At the very front of the auditorium is the stage area and like all stages, has a trap door, which leads into the basement. The chairs are theatre style chairs that rock ever so slightly. They are black and red, alternating to go with the gothic feel of the church.

      The school has a library on the east side of the school that has four doors leading into it. It is not just on the main floor, but it goes up to the second floor as well. The library houses every book imaginable and has computers stationed all around for easy net connections for research projects. The resource books, magazines, newspaper, and old microfiche articles are all upstairs on both sides of the library. There is a restroom upstairs as well, along with more computers.

      There’s a huge roundhouse gymnasium on the south side, main floor of the school. The gymnasium has circle seating above the floor and can hold up to a couple thousand people. Hanging above the seating is banners, which state the accomplishments of the school in regard to sports. On each side of the gym high above the seating hang the two scoreboards.

      On the north side of the school, main floor are the main administrative offices. Inside the huge administrative office are the offices of the principal, assistant principal, the four secretaries, the two counselor offices, the nurse, as well as the person responsible for paying everyone employed by the school district. Also, inside of the administrative office is the security station, which houses the few security officers employed by the district. Beside the security station is the teacher’s workroom where the mailboxes reside and where the copier, laminator, and other miscellaneous equipment reside. Directly beside the administrative is the smaller gym, used mainly for the second PE classes and practices. The smaller gym has pull out pink plastic bleachers for additional seating during games or other programs.

      The entire basement is filled with storage rooms, a furnace room and a maze of corridors off limits to the students. Part of the basement area beneath the auditorium is used frequently and that’s storage for the Drama Theatre class and plays. Another part of the basement that is used is beneath the roundhouse gymnasium. It is used for the wrestling room as well as the weightlifting room and exercise room.


      OH, RULES.

      .::.RS rules apply.
      .::.Profiles are not necessary, but you may use one if you want. Please post at the beginning of your post whether or not you’re a student/teacher/other faculty member.

      Student .::.Mataiya Callahan.::.

      Breathe… just breathe Mataiya… It’s just a dream. Only a dream… it has to be. Despite the thoughts careening in her mind, the senior couldn’t help but doubt them. How could it be a dream when the bathroom had been filled with so much carnage? Her dark brown oculars closed for a mere moment as the mind within attempted to make sense out of the insanity.

      Upon opening up the chocolate orbs, Mataiya figured it wasn’t an illusion but an actuality. Her entire corporeal form hadn’t moved from the front of the office and for a moment it seemed as if she was floating in a daze. With a shake of her noodle, Mataiya snapped to attention. Once realizing that Principal Lewis had instructed everyone to remain in their classrooms, the class ditcher determined if it was wise to leave the administrative offices to return to Drama class or not.

      You should go back. Mr. Tyler is probably worried about you and it would be detrimental if he came out and wound up being slaughtered while looking for your sorry ass. Just go… stop being a coward and go. But maybe you’re safe here with people. If you go out of this office whatever did the squealing and caused all those kids to scream could be out there waiting… The incoherent babble wasn’t helping matters and for a moment, Mataiya marveled whether or not she was unbalanced.

      A soft whimper slipped out of her velvety pink lips as she disputed internally with herself. At last a decision was made though now it was unknown if it was a wise conclusion. Sliding a pale slender hand up through her thick dark brown hair to push it back away from her equally pale face, Mataiya moved towards the main door of the office. Knowing that through this door would be a hallway that would eventually split into another series of corridors; a deep breath was taken through her slightly parted mouth. Without wasting anymore time, the athlete placed a few digits on the knob portion of the door. Every second that passed made it increasingly difficult to go through with the plan she had devised, but nothing else could be done.

      “Just go, Mataiya!” The lean wrist twisted ever so slightly to allow the knob to turn so that the door slowly opened. Wrinkling up her nose before walking out of the office, brown eyes moved from one end of the corridor to the other. Once determining that it was safe, at least for a moment, Mataiya began to take small steps towards the Drama classroom.

      The black boots she happened to be wearing made soft thumping noises on the cream colored tile flooring. As she passed beneath the lights hanging from the ceiling, each reflection seemed to bounce off the red lenses perched upon her hair. Even though it was against school policy to wear a jacket or coat during school hours while inside the building, Mataiya couldn’t help but wear her metallic blue long coat. Maybe it was the rebel inside of the normally perfect athlete trying to get out or perhaps it was that she just didn’t care. Despite the reasoning behind her madness, it swished against her body as she walked.

      “Mrr… no sweat…” Her eyes shifted towards each classroom and deep in her gut it became apparent that she had no idea which rooms were filled with slaughtered students. Shuddering at the thought that was causing her stomach to quiver, Mataiya slid a hand across the butterfly tattoo on the right side of her waistline and followed it into the tail part of her dragon tattoo.

      It soon became crystal clear that the silence of the overbearing school was becoming too much for her normal peppy self and with a quick glance up and down the barren walls, Mataiya ran towards the stairwell that would on a normal basis lead up to another level. However, she had no intention of going upstairs, not now at least. What she wanted was a place to hide and the darkness beneath the stairs was quite appealing. Pulling her tall body up in a slight crouch, Mataiya pressed her back against the wall. Hoping upon hope that someone would come by soon, someone that wasn’t a killer that is, Mataiya kept her eyes peeled for any signs of life.

      Should have stayed in bed…
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      Re: Lockdown at Cordova [Open and stuff!]

      (OOC: saw this and had to come out of semi retirement xD)

      Zhane had just finished cleaning up after the Kendo club, which consisted of him and four other members. It was the bare minimum for a team, but as he was a transfer student from Japan, it was nice to have something that reminded him of home. The day had started out just like any other, wake up, complete daily routine,
      grab book bag, take bus to school. Even his classes were going smoothly, something that was a rare occurrence. The male had just stacked all the pads and other equipment in their proper place, stretching a little before deciding to take a shower before heading home for the day. Hanging up his Gi on a hook outside the door to the showers, Zhane let out a sigh of content as the warm water rushed over his toned frame. After finishing up his shower, the male grabbed a towel and dried himself off before putting on his Gi once more. The only flaw in the Kendo area was that the lockers were on the opposite side of the dojo from the showers, meaning he had to put on the sweaty Gi before he could change.

      Before he could make the trek to the locker room, the windows to the outside suddenly flickered and then vanished from sight. Before he could even ponder what he just witnessed, he heard a demonic screech followed by blood chilling screams. Instinct took over, the male racing for a Bokken hanging on the wall as he armed himself before making his way to the door that lead to the halls. Twirling the wooden weapon expertly in his hand, the male quietly opened the door to the hall.
      His bare feet made little sound as he made his way into the silent hallway, his eyes darting around to make sure there was no danger. His eye narrowing, the samurai rand the hand not holding his weapon through his raven spiked hair. It was a nervous habit, the only tell his body gave off when he was doing something potentially dangerous. As he walked past a few classrooms, the male noticed red liquid seeping from under some of the doors. He was about to investigate further when he heard the sound of shoes on the floor.

      Closing his eyes to better focus on his hearing, the male made note that it was coming from the stairwell around the next corridor. Great... coming from a blind spot... what could possibly go wrong with investigating that... Pushing the thought out of his head, the male made his way to where the footsteps were coming from. Hopefully it was not responsible for the blood coming from the classrooms, but if it was, he would make sure to knock the person out before figuring out what happened to all the windows and doors. As he rounded the corner with a roll into a crouching position, the male shifted his eyes around with his weapon ready.
      Someone... or something was there in the darkness, his instincts honed from being raised in a traditional, yet modernized Samurai family told him as such.
      They also told him one more thing, there was no danger near him. Letting out a sigh, he called out to the shadows. "Oi! come on out.... what's going on here?
      Are you responsible for everything that is going on right now?"

      shout out to Kitty for Avatar and Siggy set

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      Re: Lockdown at Cordova [Open and stuff!]


      -Natalia Grey-

      The announcement over the PA system if you could call it that, that screeching noise had caused an absolute panic in her English class had sent the students and teachers into a frenzy and whilst she wasn't exactly peachy about things there had to be a rationale to it or else she was going to drive herself insane. Glancing over at her fellow students who by this point were all huddled together in the middle of the class room with their teacher Mrs. Forbes saying prayer after prayer in an effort to save their souls. Normally she would find such a scene amusing but after that announcement nothing really seemed amusing anymore but Nat wasn't one to sit on her laurels and staying here waiting to die was not high on her list of things to do, so whilst the rest of her English class prayed to the high heavens she snuck out of the classroom and into the hallway taking a deep liberating breath as she did so.
      There are some things you gotta save no matter what, even if it means losing everything - Bleach, Fade to Black.
      You think you can be forgiven - Lightning FXIII

      If you look for the light, you can often find it. If you look for the dark, it is all you will ever see. - Legend of Korra
      When we reach our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. - Avatar Aang - Legend of Korra

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      Re: Lockdown at Cordova [Open and stuff!]

      OOC: Wow, this looks interesting.

      Paul Strickland [Security Guard]

      Paul straightened up slowly, still feeling queasy. He wiped his mouth with his hand and spit the last remnants of vomit into the trashcan. He smoothed his blonde military-style haircut down as he attempted to regain his strength.

      That's worse than anything I saw in Iraq, he thought. And that was bad enough to make me get out. Now I wish I was still in the Army.

      He didn't have much in the way of marketable skills; he'd joined the Army as infantry right out of high school, and so he was really only qualified to be a guard. He'd attended this school, and so he applied for a security guard position, and had been hired just last week.

      The tension in the air as he walked through the halls reminded him of the uncertainty as he sat in the humvee as it bounced through the desert. Paul began to feel extremely naked without a rifle at his side. He ducked into a janitor's closet and came out with a wooden dowel that was once a broomstick.

      He'd been one of the first responders to the scene in the bathroom where the single girl had been found, and the carnage had shaken Paul to his very core; so much was he shaken that he'd run back to the security desk to vomit. So he knew that this stick would probably not help him much, but it made him feel a little better anyway.

      As he walked the halls - on orders to make sure the kids weren't wandering about, though that hardly seemed to matter - the sentry thought he heard a voice near a stairwell. Male, by the sound, but even. In these quiet halls, though, Paul thought it sounded a bit haunted.

      He rounded a corner to see a boy with a wooden sword approaching the stairwell. The kid looked capable and unpanicked, though to Paul's instincts, the boy was every bit as scared as Paul. But like his comrades back in the desert, it was a smart sort of fear; it was the sort that kept you safe in dangerous stations, not the kind that had you flee at the slightest danger.

      Still, Paul was on his rounds, and the Army in him nagged until he finally challenged him.

      "Why are you roaming around the halls?" Paul inquired in his best soldier voice. "The orders were to stay in your classrooms."

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