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      LAGC Hostel Final List & Information


      We have released the FINAL list changes are no longer possible without a very good reason.

      Why Am I Not On The List? I Paid!

      Everyone who has paid should now be on the list. If you are not on the list, please contact us ASAP! (please check the whole list before contacting us!).

      When Can I See The Final List?

      The final list is now online and you can view it on the link below.

      I Want A Place At The Hostel! Are Any Still Available?

      We have no spaces available anymore. If you want accommodation and have not yet paid, you will need to make alternative arrangements.

      Provisional List Link

      The FINAL list can now be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

      Where we are staying and price.

      Where are we staying? We will be staying at the Smart Russell Square Hostel.

      The Smart Russell Square Hostel (WEB LINK HERE) is located near Russell Square tube station, which is on the Piccadilly line, one stop before Kings Cross.

      Smart Russell Square Address/Number

      Address: 71-72 Guilford Street, London
      Phone: 020 7833 8818

      Common Questions

      What time is checking-in?

      Checking in starts after the 2PM meeting on Friday. Please wait until 2PM until speaking to our staff in the common room. If you arrive earlier, you can wait in the common room until 2PM. We will be checking-in until 10PM. Afterwards, you will need to speak with the hostel reception to check in.

      Is there any late night curfew?

      No, you can come back to the hostel anytime. However, the hostel has night security on the door. You will need your keycard AND your photo ID to get into the building at night. No ID means no entry! Everyone is checked and there are NO exceptions.

      Is there a breakfast provided?

      ~Yes, there will be a free continental breakfast available.

      Are Visitors allowed? ~

      No, visitors are not allowed in the dorms or in the common room. If you try and bring anyone into the hostel who is not staying there, the hostel staff will remove you from the premises.

      Where is the hostel reception?

      ~ The hostel reception is located at the front of the hostel building.

      How do I get in and out of the hostel? How do I get a Dorm Key?

      ~ Dorm keys will be given out by our staff in the common room. Please contact us for your key! The hostel reception will not be able to check you in - you need to find us.

      Is there a security locker to leave high-value items in?

      ~ Lockers are available to hire for a fee.

      Does the hostel provide towels?

      ~ Yes, however there is a charge per use. We would advise you to bring your own towel.

      What time are check-outs?

      ~ You need to check out no later than 10:00am.

      - If you have paid for two nights then checkout is Sunday morning.
      - If you have paid for three nights then checkout is Monday morning.

      Is alcohol allowed in the dorms?

      ~ Alcohol is allowed to be consumed in the common room, but not in the dorm rooms.

      What is accessibility like at Russell Square?

      There is a small set of 5/6 stairs going up to the hostel building. Most of our rooms are either in the basement or upstairs, so staying is not recommended if stairs are a problem for you.

      Is WiFi access available?

      Yes, there is WiFi available at the Smart Russell. Please speak to a member of the hostel staff for the Wi-Fi password.

      Where to meet up with us on Friday & Friday Activities


      Don't panic! Just make your way to the hostel and we can still check you in up until midnight.

      We will be meeting at the Russell Square tube station at 2pm. If you arriving later or can not find us, make sure to call us - number TBC, or make your own way to the hostel after 2pm (easily found using Google Maps).

      Friday Activities

      Friday entry to LAGC starts at 12PM (noon), and we have activities going on all afternoon/evening. Please view the conbook and event timetable for more information (note: these will be made available in January).

      Saturday and Sunday Activities

      Normal entry to LAGC is at 10.30am unless you are helping out (ie: staffing) in which case it is 9am onward. We will then be rolling until midnight, where everyone will return to the hostel (or go home/to their hotels!). The last tube back to the hostel is just after midnight.

      Lots to do throughout the day, including a ton of events, dealers (we will aim to have plenty of companies involved, so there will be plenty to buy, probably at prices lower than Expo events), Video Gaming, Artist Alley, anime screening and so forth.

      Transport Information.

      Getting the London in itself is not the end of transport costs. You will need to get a London Underground Day Travelpass on the Saturday at the least. This will cost about £6.50 (about two thirds of this maximum if you have an oyster card, which we recommend you buy). It will allow you to go anywhere in London all day via the underground.

      Click here for a map of the London Underground.

      I would recommend booking in ADVANCE by train or coach. You might get a discount.

      http://www.nationalrail.co.uk is the site for booking and finding out train times nationwide.

      IF you happen to live in or be close to a major city, then megabus might substantially reduce the cost of travelling.


      Similarly, National Express do a similar deal -

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Party room?
      Party room.
      Who's in?

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Melissa Rowlands
      lilly.underwood@hotmail.co.uk (yh probs should change it to avoid confusion XD)

      I don't mind who I share with but the party room sound cool coming from Purple haha

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      The Trash Takes Itself Out.
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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Get your requests in soon folks
      In a post-truth world, the one thing we can all rely on is the Animeleague News topic.

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Quote Originally Posted by LikkleMel1 View Post
      the party room sound cool

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Yeah I'd like a room with these weirdos
      Lewis wood
      Sammy Bobby
      Pete Dixon
      Liam Hanson
      And Ryan Lawson
      + whoever doesn't mind weirdos 
      Forgot the email part my email is lswood1995@googlemail.com

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      I Would Also Like To Room With:
      Sammy Bobby
      Ryan Lawson
      Lewis Wood
      Liam Hanson
      Peter Dixon
      Anyone That Will Put Up With Us 😂

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Nah fam why you copying me fam

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Hi wondering how many people share a room in the hostel together?
      Will it be guaranteed that my friends will room with me if its requested

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Quote Originally Posted by zeprussia View Post
      Hi wondering how many people share a room in the hostel together?
      Will it be guaranteed that my friends will room with me if its requested
      @zeprussia It depends on the rooms. Typically 9/12/15 are the room sizes. You don't get to pick the room size you get - this is done depending on requests to be together.
      We can't guarantee you being with your friends, though we try to honour requests as best we can. It's rare we can't honour as least part of everyone's request though, but it will depend on how you and your friends request.

      Creative Arts & Writing - You should go here!
      You're so far past the line, You've gone past the Medusa Cascade, through Narnia and landed smack bang in the middle of Mordor. Where you killed the cookie monster, dissected him, then tried to eat him before choking to death on his insides.

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      Bloody hay fever!!!
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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Hello Spoke

      With mike and he said myself and Martin from anime-FX can stay in the AL staff dorm rooms

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      Bloody hay fever!!!
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      Jun 2017
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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Forename(s) and Surname: Andre Duggan & Martin spring
      Email Address: vampirewarsuk@hotmail.com

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      I'm hoping I have to post the request here soo...

      Forename(s) and Surname: Oliver Tammik
      Email Address: beerkeg92@gmail.com
      Names of People you wish to share with: Robin Hilgersom; Harry de Haas; Nick de Kort
      Any special requirements we need to know?: We would like a pillow fort for 4 people.
      Last edited by Beerkeg; 06-21-2017 at 07:55 PM.

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Question are the rooms mixed gender?

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Yes, they are.

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