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      Smile Helloooooo!

      I found here through MAGC's event page! I'll probably end up just lurking but I'd like to say hi!!

      I enjoy cosplaying, though I haven't managed to get far yet. So far I've cosplayed as Marry Kozakura from kagerou project and Temmie from undertale (though that one was a little rushed and not great)
      I'm hopefully cosplaying as Chiaki Nanami from danganronpa at MAGC in April!! If I can manage to get the outfit together.
      I'd love to learn how to make my own costumes, but I'm not sure where to begin and I don't think I have the patience/motivation to make anything bigger than accessories ;;

      I enjoy anime/manga, some western cartoons and some games! My current favourite thing is danganronpa c:

      Do you have any future cosplay plans? Please share them! I love reading what other people have planned :0c

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      Re: Helloooooo!

      That is so neat you Cosplay. I wish I could. I really hope you do get to make your own, it's such a great skill to have!

      Welcome to AL! What was the anime you saw that got you into anime?

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me any time!

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      Re: Helloooooo!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anime Fairy View Post
      That is so neat you Cosplay. I wish I could. I really hope you do get to make your own, it's such a great skill to have!

      Welcome to AL! What was the anime you saw that got you into anime?

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me any time!
      Thank you!! I really recommend it if you're able to!

      The earliest anime I remember watching was technically the pokemon series! I used to watch them daily before school as a kid.
      Though besides that, I think it was sword art online.

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      Head Moderator
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      Oct 2015
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      Re: Helloooooo!

      Hi and welcome to AL @mintymocha

      What kind of anime do you like?

      Feel free to message me if you have any questions or fancy a chat

      All art by YukiChan || Entrance Hall

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      Re: Helloooooo!

      hy hey

      nice to meet you.
      what kind of manga do you read?
      feel free to pm or vm, to chat or with a question.

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      ♥ Idol Princess ♥
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      May 2016

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      Re: Helloooooo!

      Haaii @mintymocha ^_^
      Welcome to AL!!
      I hope you enjoy yourself here c:
      If you need anything feel free to message me!^^
      The Poking Queen

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      Awesomeness Incarnate
      Awesomely Awesome
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      Dec 2013
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      Re: Helloooooo!

      Heya Minty, welcome to AL.

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      Klyxi's Avatar
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      Jan 2017
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      Re: Helloooooo!

      hi minty! i'll be lurking at MAGC too! I was thinking of cosplaying toshaka rin from fate stay night butttt i am queen of procrastinating til its too late >.< haha. Look forward to seeing your cosplay thoughh!

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      Can't play csgo for 9 hours
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      Dec 2016

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      Re: Helloooooo!

      Hey @mintymocha , welcome to animeleague! If you like cosplaying, you should check out the cosplay section :3 http://www.animeleague.net/forum/for...0-Cosplay-Home

      If you have any questions or would just like a friend to chat to, feel free to pm me

      Thank you YukiChan for the sig!
      OSRS RS3

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      Watchful Philosopher
      Drowning in stuffed bears XD
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      Feb 2016

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      Re: Helloooooo!

      Hi, welcome to the community

      I've been meaning to do a Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle or Inuyasha. Unfortunately I get distracted whenever I try to get them together

    11. #11

      Re: Helloooooo!

      Ikklegemz - I tend to lean towards fantasy/magic power anime!
      Thaquiry - Unfortunately I haven't read much manga as I tend to prefer watching things ;; I occasionally read the Kagerou Days manga but I can't remember where I'm at with it oop
      Klyxi - oooooooooo, that's cool!! Same rip ;;
      Bradach - Nice!! o:
      YukiChan, Moratorium, Blissharmony - Thank you!! c:

      Question: How do you mention people in posts?

    12. #12

      Re: Helloooooo!

      Hi @mintymocha and welcome to AL!

      To answer your question, you simply put @ in front of the persons name and it will mention them

      I hope you enjoy AL, if you have any questions then just let us know

      Artwork by the wonderful YukiChan!

    13. #13

      Re: Helloooooo!

      @Tinuva aaaaaa I thought that might be it!! I wasn't sure as I was expecting it to link like how it does on some other websites oops
      Thank you!

    14. #14

      Re: Helloooooo!

      You're more than welcome Let me know if you need anything else!

      Artwork by the wonderful YukiChan!

    15. #15

      Re: Helloooooo!

      @mintymocha sometimes it is easier to read as well. for some animes stop at a certain chapter and for some of us who wanna know how it goes further start to read the manga until it is finished or until the second or third season start.
      for some series it is way longer than expected

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