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      Re: City of Fear (Mature 18+) (Closed)

      "Were you?" He whispered softly back as she opened up to him. Telling him that she had been scared. Intently listening to her as she skimmed the surface of what happened. The look that flickered through her eyes, the pitch in her voice told him it wasn't about having to cut herself that scared her. Cupping both sides of her face his thumbs brushed the tears away. "Mmm... I'm not going anywhere." Kissing her lips he continued to move his hips against her. Easing the tension in her body as pleasure from the stimulation weaved through her body. The moans evidence of that as they came out of her throat even though tears still leaked out. It made him smile softly at her, he loved how she responded to his body. Welcomed him even though she was in this state.

      Quickening his pace he brought them both to their orgasm, he moaned deeply against her mouth. "I love you, Mimi." God, he loved her so much it hurt. Nuzzling her neck he played with her for a little bit to ease her up more. Tickling her and carefully wrestling with her, bringing out the smile he so desperately wanted to see on her face. Finally settling with her sitting on his lap facing him. Tadashi had asked him to do something and he had to get it done. That was look at her wounds and assess the situation. Tadashi and Azusa were convinced that what the kids were saying wasn't the full truth, that all of them were lying.

      Without a word he started undoing the bandages on her right arm, not letting her reject him from looking at what she did to herself. After all those he killed, mangled, tortured and so on in his long history of blood and death, he was one of the best as being able to read the story of an injury. While he wouldn't know what happened, he could gauge some from the sights of wounds. The expression didn't change on his face as he uncovered the stitched wounds that covered the arm. Out of all the things had had taught her in cause of being taken... he hadn't thought of teaching her how to injure herself in the least damaging way. The jagged unclean cuts painted a clear picture of her trembling hand holding the blade and digging into her arm. The number was strange, it didn't seem to hold a preference to time intervals. The cuts didn't match how long she was in captive hours. What was more strange was the fact that the boys had been whipped, why was Nozomi that only one subject to self harm? Wouldn't all of them?

      "You're hands betray you every time." His eyes intently looked at each cut into her arm. The trembling in her hand had been worse in some than others. Her hands were always the sign of her distress. "Never thought I would have needed to tell you how to harm yourself to prolong your life, you cut yourself too deeply in spots. Your hand also shook too much. Some will go away, others will leave deep scarring. Percy can make the mid-depth ones go away. Hera had worse scarring than this, but he got rid of them." Surely, she had been subject to seeing something she didn't want to see. Had she witnessed the boys being beaten? That didn't make much sense to him, if she was also self harming herself he didn't see why the boys being beaten would cause her to shake so much. Nozomi was good at controlling herself. He would have to agree with Tadashi, there was more to the story than they wanted anyone to know.

      Tenderly he cleaned her wounds, then bandaged them back up before pulling her naked body against him. "It's time for you to sleep now. You'll be in my arms the whole time." His fingers lightly trailed up and down her bare back. "When you open your eyes I will still be right here."


      The sound of the door opening made his heart race, as if getting caught at home by him mom, he was on his feet. Hand stuffing himself back in his pants, how-how did she get in here? He had rented this room for himself. Fumbling the remote he turned off the TV off by the time she came around to tell him to sit down, with her behind him. Before he could respond to the woman tell him she would help him, her hand took hold of his hardened length. The feel of her hand already made him moan, it was rather humiliating. What was this woman? This felt different than when Pantera had touched him, this was... intoxicating.

      "Ah..." Digging his fingers into the couch he hips arched as moan after moan came out of his mouth. The combination of her hand stroking him and her lips touching his weakest point was making him go crazy. Yet the moment ended all to quickly as he came all over himself, bringing out a loud moan from him. When her mouth pressed against his, the taste of her was unlike anything he had tasted before. Kissing her back hungirly he was quickly left hanging as she pulled away saying her goodbyes. No. No he didn't want this to end.

      Getting up he stumbled as he tried to go after her. Hitting the ground on his knees harshly his hand snagged her wrist, pulling her to a stop before she could leave the room. "Wait." He was still panting from his intense orgasm, his eyes dilated with pleasure and desire for her. "Don't leave yet... What about you? Shouldn't we continue so I can give back what you gave?"


      Bad things happened to her brothers, mama and papa were really worried about them. Well. More big bro Seong. Dante didn't act like anything happened. Instead.. He was out most of the time. She had seen it on TV that mama and papa were forced to fight a lot of people. Papa got really injured. So did Seong. He didn't talk much... and that was bad cause he didn't talk much in the first place. So Reina worked hard and made him treats to make him feel better! She loved Seong the best. Dante was mean to her, always annoyed with how clumsy she was... According to him she caused more problems than solved. He made her cry a lot. Seong never made her cry.

      She never had a day that she didn't have a new bruise added to some part of her body. Her mind wandered all the time and she ran into everything. Right now she was concentrating really hard, not wanting to spill off of her hard work for Seong. Biting her lower lip she balanced the fruit on the tray, while trying desperately to watch where she was going. Refusing the help of the maids. She could do this on her own for Seong. If there was one thing she was good at, it was cooking, even though the kitchen didn't look like what she made could be edible. The kitchen staff had tried strongly to talk her into allowing them to prep the snack, but she happily refused their help.

      Carefully she opened the door, excitement boiling over inside of her at the sight of Seong laying in his bed. Reading. "Seong! Seong!" The movement of her feet didn't match her excitement as she forced herself to walk super slow. Only when she put the tray on his stand next to his bed did she pounce on him. Giggling happily she straddled his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a warm loving hug that poured out every once of love she had for him. "Seong! I made you your favorite. Chocolate covered strawberries! I worked really hard on them." Grinning happily she leaned over to get one off the tray and offered for him to eat it. "Ah." With complete delight she fed it to him, then kissed him quickly on his cheek.

      Everyday. Without fail she spent the evening with Seong. The moment her classes ended she sought him out, not wanting him to be alone. When he allowed her to she slept in bed with him too. He didn't let her all the time, sometimes he went to sleep in bed with Dante, but lately she could a lot cause Dante was out most of the night. "I love you Seong. You know that right?" Cupping either side of his face she smiled brightly at him. "I'm always here for you. Kay?"
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