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      Video Gaming Tournament Lineup

      Get ready for our biggest ever tournament lineup at London Anime & Gaming Con this 1-3 July ( All tournaments are free to enter when you buy your entry at www.londonanimecon.com or on the door). We have over a dozen tournaments, including Three Headline Events with three 100 cash prizes up for grabs in Street Fighter V, League of Legends and Smash4 WiiU!

      Check out what's happening -

      - Mario Kart 8, Smash Melee, Street Fighter V Headline (Headline tournament with a 100 cash prize!), Smash Wii U Doubles and Pokken Tournament. Winners will get a full ticket each to the next London Anime and Gaming Con worth 29.
      - In the Eclipse Computers LAN Zone; League Of Legends 5v5, the winning team will get 100 cash prize and the Eclipse Arena LoL Trophy.

      - Street Fighter V, Smash4 WiiU Singles (Headline Tournament with 100 cash prize), Rocket League and Halo Master Chief. Winners will get a full ticket to the next London Anime & Gaming Con worth 29
      - In the Eclipse Arena LAN Zone; League Of Legends: 2v2 with a London Anime & Gaming Con (LAGC) ticket each for the Summer.
      - DDR Sight Reading Tournament. A pair of LAGC tickets as prize in this special tournament where anything can happen! This takes place in the DDR & Chillout Area in the main bar.

      Both Days
      - Retro Challenges occur throughout both days including The Random Fighting Championship, Outrun Heart Attack Mode - Score Attack (PS2), MarioKart 64 - Time Trial (N64) and R-Type - Score Attack (Master System). Ask crew for prize info.
      - Ubisoft will be running various tournaments (ask them for more details)

      Sign-Up Information
      - Sign-ups take place at the signups desk in the first Video Gaming Hall next to the entrance. Exceptions are the retro challenges and DDR/Arcade challenges.
      - All tournaments ask you to bring your own controller - we will provide if not but can't guarantee quality
      - All sign-ups open at 11am for every tournament at the start of each day and close at 12:30pm for early tournaments and at 4:30pm for late tournaments.
      - A lot of tournaments will have specific rules, please ask crew for info

      Headline Tournament Rulesets

      The three major tournaments for LAGC are the ones that have a 100 cash prize. You can read the rulesets and ask questions about them beforehand -

      - League of Legends
      - Street Fighter V
      - Smash4 WiiU
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      Re: Video Gaming Tournament Lineup

      Can't Wait! DDD
      "He's no longer that weak child. Now he has true power; now he has money."

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