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    No problem! ^^ I had no idea they even added you to ALJ! I just came on and seen! I haven't been the best mod atm because I had a lot going on when I agreed to come on. Hhaha. My dad came for a visit and I just got a new puppy, but I should be around more now! If you have skype, feel free to add me - notetheobvious is my UN.
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    Hey Chaos - welcome to the ALJ family ^^ <3 Look forward to having you!
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    Yes, the "Toy Cow Incident" that haunted only one boy. I love how when the guy who owned the cow heard his name he was like "Wait.... why is there 'One Horn' in that name?" and the person who broke it got into trouble That guy also fell asleep on the train back so they person who stole and broke it took a selfie with the cow there. The cow is going to be travelling on holiday with him and more selfies will appear before he finally gets it back. Idk, I haven't seen them since Maybe they went to after-prom
    Yup! I got experience and I just had bad luck with the matchings. It makes me want to aim to do better next time
    Achievement Unlocked: Survived long messages so far
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    I meant to light the fire to cook our food but gas went everywhere and the grass caught fire. Luckily I blew it out before our assessors noticed (they were actually still asleep, it was 4:45am) The reference is that they went to meet someone called Susan and it was a guy, so they said that maybe he was called Shushan (excuse my lame attempt at typing 'Susan' said with a Chinese accent)
    I'd run straight to that drumming rhythm game Thank you, it's one of my biggest achievements in life
    Still have no idea what I want to do for a job. I guess I have time before I seal my fate on how many more years I'll be in education for.
    It's alright, I waffle as much as anyone else so we're good
    Same here, I'd prepare everything well in advance. But it's also its own adventure and it's fun, in some way.
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    Luckily, no. The computer and the wifi had a temporary truce.
    Yup, so very classy

    I'd take it as a good sign
    Ouch I found that I tanned during my expedition but only my arms and some of my chest, so it looks quite strange The storm went on for hours but there wasn't as much thunder as there was lightning, which was why I was able to sleep through a lot of it. Yay for the weather being nice and fair to a person for once!
    Ah ok, I'm glad the age gap isn't significant. If I did go to a meet up at my age, I would probably bring a friend. I want to go to Hyper Japan next year and I am planning on going to the Christmas fair. Between that and MCM London Comic Con, I have my options for meet ups
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    I know, my year group is really random and weird, as shown by the toy cow incident. Idk, they stole more than one cardboard cutout.
    I'm doing alright. I had two huge blisters and a pulled achilles tendon but I recovered quickly. The I had my first ever taekwondo competition..... lost in the first round I was frustrated but I went up against the person who won gold so.... besides, I wasn't expecting to win anything. I got the experience and that's what counts

    Wow... I somehow managed to shorten it. Achievement!
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    Oh wow, that sounds great! My social life is near to non-existent so hearing about these things interests me. I love arcades and I only recently went on those games where you drive things. I was also proud of myself because I got to the top of the rankings in a piano playing game
    You're lucky with work clothes Me neither, I usually wear black and nothing else because black fits with everything. At least it's only for two years (hopefully)
    That's sad that you really didn't enjoy the work experience but at least it ended on a fairly good note! At least you can learn from it and decide whether or not that particular thing is what you want. In Sixth Form, I'll be doing a lot more work experience so I'll probably end up with similar stories.
    I don't mind the waffle. I love a good waffle every once in a while
    Yeah, it's risky but I guess it adds to the charm a little bit. Still, it worries me XD
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    I know that feeling, my sense of humour is pretty strange so a lot of people don't get my jokes. It ends up with that awkward situation where you're the only one laughing and everyone is looking at you strangely
    Yay for sunburn disappearing! Gosh, it has been raining here. I had a huge thunderstorm last night and my entire room was lit up for ages.
    Yeah, I'm planning to one day do meet ups. Probably when I'm a little bit older so that there's not too huge an age gap. They sound like fun so I want to go at some point!
    Yup, will do. Unfortunately though, my school won't accept me giving up homework for lent
    My expedition was good and I passed! Well.... I set the field on fire :3 Oops. There was also this thing with a toy cow that lost one of its horns and ended up being called One Horn Susan, the Susan being a reference to Johnny English. Yup, that was weird.
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    Also I love your classy way of restarting this conversation

    P.S. Our messages just got longer and longer, didn't they?
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    Sorry I haven't replied yet! My computer and the wifi are having a feud so I haven't been able to type up a reply. I'll reply after the RSPCA, at about 5:30. I shall do it, even if I must do it on my phone!
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    Not at all, I was more than content. U definitely deserved that honor!!
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    *pokes back*
    Hey ^^
    I'm good, a little on edge right now though >_< All stressy and stuff xD
    How're you?
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    Okay, during prom I was sitting outside when two boys ran out. One was carrying a celebrity cardboard cutout (the theme was Hollywood) and the other had stolen balloons. As they eventually came back, one had inhaled the helium from the balloons and had a really strange voice XD we never saw the cardboard cutout again though.....

    Wow that was my longest message yet! I had to split it into 4! Well, you'll have a few days to reply while I'm doing my expedition. See you in a few days!
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    Sadly sixth form is businesswear and nothing else. We no longer have a specific uniform though so while we have more freedom, I don't want the stress of picking out outfits each day. I'm the type of person to put on whatever is on top of the pile
    My school is obsessed with work experience and our futures while I barely know what I want for lunch
    Technically, yes. I work for my dad in the summer and he pays me so it comes out of his pocket.
    It's a shame that Finland didn't leave an especially large impression on you but at least you got to experience the country And you learnt to plan more for next time (not that I'm any better, my family are obsessed with spontaneous holidays - not even hotels are booked before we go)
    Yup, there's always next year! And you can go with more people that you enjoy being with!
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    Homework has been paused My hard working streak didn't last long but I have an excuse! I have my DofE qualifying expedition tomorrow, until the 10th. I'm hiking around the Isle of Wight for three days Wish me luck. It also means I won't be on for a couple of days
    Oh wow, this chat does sound interesting. I think I will join but I'll PM you my number when I get back from LAGC (provided I survive ) I'm quite forgetful though so you may need to remind me if I don't do it
    Laying on the floor while being swarmed by fluffy bunnies sounds like a great idea! That makes me want to go to Rabbit Island in Japan, where you CAN do that. ^^
    At least I can use my younger looks to get cheaper train tickets
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