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    Haha obviusly make something together! That's always fun, I started one with my friends back in the past, we spent the whole evening making it haha and experimenting. It wasn't finished if course, but it was cool anyway.
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    It's quite expensive, even if it has 60% disccount, so I'll pass this time. Ot's actuallt quite often on disccount. If we end up meeting quite often it'll be a fun thing to have though, to create our own stuff haha
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    Aaah! And another thing I wanted to mention, RPG maker is on offer on steam... should I? Should I not? :')
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    Yeah, but when I moved here my internet wasn't that good, consideering I would share it with five other people at least haha, and my laptop wasn't that good either. And as well I wanted to quit, from a while ago, so I just took the chance haha.
    I am the kind of person that will loose charm in pictures haha, so I am quite bad as a model, even though I try to do this to like myself more the way I am, not to look like the girls on teli haha, that's why I'm happy about it (I still want to show my best me haha)
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    Ah, ok. I remember those days when I was waiting for code to compile too xP
    Can people really just come over and talk for like 30-45 minutes at your job? Seems like a lax atmosphere.
    Sorry you couldn't at least work xP
    It's more like I post in thoughts, and I don't actually actively think about how long my VMs are. Sometimes they are super long, and other times, not so much. Thanks for cutting it down xP
    I'd suggest not doing the gif. Just kinda too distracting, especially when writing VMs back to you. I'd be seeing it a bunch of times, so I probably couldn't concentrate at all.
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    I'll try to get the VM count too... At least this time, I didn't have to go to the second page xP
    One day I will meet up with Ryu, but it doesn't look like it'll be really soon or anything.
    You kinda remind me of myself when I started online relationships. I actually had at least a few people I wanted to meet irl, but eventually accepted this is how online relationships work. I was able to meet at least one friend offline before though.
    Also, none of the AL events are running this Thursday, so you're just going off to meet them? That's cool.
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    Oh no! You'll never get me to go in there xP
    Yeah we are xP Fortunately my parents live nearby, so I'm able to still go there for dinner break.
    Well, kids usually get out 4 or so days for snow a year, so its not too bad for them.
    And yeah, I'll do that. I might have to split this reply session up since I'm starting a bit later than usual. Noticed you took a while to write all yours too this time.
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    Sooo surprised that I didn't go over the limit that time talking about the programming stuff xP
    Ah, that kinda sucks for him now since he has that huge loan and has to face the interview stuff now as well. Would have been better if he at least stopped at his masters degree (since you really don't even get to use a PhD until you're much older anyway).
    Well, our implementation isn't perfect to say the least. The system does make rent super expensive, and I do think that it should fall from 1.5 times your takes to 1.3 to take the burden off a little, because 1.5 is just way to high.
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    Yeah, sorry, kinda busy as well as the journal just doesn't feel like the place we normally talk, so...
    Also, wouldn't it just be Rock Slide at that point? xP
    We'll have to see about it. Not really sure what I'll think about the journal by 50 pages.
    I was thinking a bit more about it, and I think if I could get my hands on some decent sprites, I could definitely whip up something more complicated than Awakening by adding elevation and stuff as a factor. Also, if you really think about it terrain in FE series seems kinda silly. If you are standing in the forest for example, and the enemy attacks you, then you get +1 defense. However, if you attack the enemy, you still get the +1 defense. It should be that when you attack the enemy, you both have to use the terrain the enemy is standing on since you are going out to meet them in battle. Only exception to this should be mages and archers.
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    Torterra 4x Ice
    Abomasnow 4x Fire
    Leavenny 4x Fire 4x Flying
    the list goes on xP

    They are making a trilogy of movies for Heaven's Feel. Already in the works for this year.

    Nope. Haven't heard of DN Angel.
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    Yeah, I like the text box at the bottom sooo much better. And that wouldn't really help, I don't want to only see their graphics. xP
    Yeah, Ryuji attracts a lot of attention, so he's gotten to know a lot of people on here already.
    Hm... I think this took me around 45 minutes this time? That sounds about right.
    Never have been a fan of gif avatars, but you can if you want.
    And I was so certain it would be less than 8 this time too......
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    Maybe... anyway, sadly I haven't met anyone in the US on AL. Even if they lived 2 states away, thats a really long drive. I'm pretty sure the last thing I want to do is spend most of my vacation time traveling. If thats 24 hours one way, you have a total of 48 hours you have to drive.... thats a lot. I'm pretty used to online relationships, so I don't really mind either.
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    Yeah, it takes me quite a bit to reply to all of these VMs xP Maybe we should start doing it as an every other day thing? Just to give us a breather.
    Today, what I did which was really helpful is have both screens up like this: That way I could reply and read both mine and your responses without leaving this text box.
    And yeah, you did mention that before about your memory as well xP
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    One day you'll be up for doing live chat, and when that day comes, you'll regret it xP
    I've pretty much started avoiding groups at work now. During break I used to just hang out and listen to a group of people I knew, but eventually I was like "I've had enough of this" and now I pretty much just skip my breaks.
    3-4 inches?!? That's not real snow xP I'm pretty certain that if we got that much over here, people would just be like "oh its snowing" and go on with their lives. Like I don't even think school would be delayed for that.
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    Over here, they already have a system in place for that. If your property is being rented out, you pay double the taxes on it, and since that goes directly into the rent payment, renting becomes super expensive here to the point that buying a house is cheaper (per month).
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