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    Woow, Thank you, that's exactly what I need... you can avoid the that is for that's, I know it's possible but sometimes I can't find properly the " ' " key so I rather just avoiding it haha. But thank you for everything else, really really helpful!
    Hmm.. I've played some games in my life, I won't say I'm a gamer (we say that in Spanish, I'm not sure it's the way you say it in English as well) But I bought a game quite recently that can be played with other people... and I was thinking about opening a thread about it, so I can find someone to play it with haha. It's name is starbound, if you know it pleease play with me! Otherwise have a look on youtube, and let me know if it sounds interesting haha
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    Work has been sooo meh today; probably on a top 5 list for worst days at this job. :/ And its only half over since I work night shift...

    Also, in Abyss, you don't even need another frontline unit other than Luke and Guy, so Anise being mildly better than Jade on the frontlines doesn't really help all that much. xP
    And with Luke, the reason why I like him better before the incident is because he starts to feel a bit more generic imo, as well as that there are very few characters in games that take this kind of approach for the main character. I probably would have liked it better if the incident happened a bit later on in the story, or maybe have Luke lose a bit of his sanity or something.
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    So you are the one to take my flower... :$ I think is going right, my level of activity sustains... haha
    So please please please pleeaaaseeeeee, correct anything you see. I know spelling should be ok thanks to the corrector, but my grammar can be wrong sometimes, so I leave you on charge of that
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    Yeah, I guess I mean the incomplete ones. Since I play as Luke who doesn't have a wide range of arts, he usually isn't able to change the colorless to an actual color (usually Jade has to cast the same spell twice or something). To be honest, I feel like they could have taken Anise out (as her only reason for being in there was tying the party to Ion). And yeah, they were kinda harsh on him for Van manipulating him.
    Hope you like Little Witch Academia!
    Might end up trying Blue Exorcist someday, but I have sooo much on my backlog already xP Thats not even including that I usually watch at least a few shows every season.
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    Rather interesting about Berseria being covered in the Zestiria anime xP
    Actually, I was one of the people who helped start the Pokemaniacs guild. So, I already know that no one there is interested xP And I have no clue who you heard it from, but Gen 4 is great. Play Platinum and Soul Silver and you'll be good. Gen 5 was my favorite though since it seemed to have a good story and characters that they actually tried to develop. The designs for the pokemon in that region weren't the best though.
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    I think they did a decent job with the character development for Alvin from Xillia as well. Luke was definitely done very well, but I seem to have the unpopular opinion of thinking he was a better character before the incident than after.
    Yes, Erased was really good! (It kinda aired a while ago though for the last thing you watched... xP) If you ever need recommendations, feel free to ask. Also, I've never watched Blue Exorcist, only heard a few things about it. How are you liking it?
    Sorry to hear about you being ill D: I was rather sick a few weeks back, and it was pretty miserable (especially since I was trying my best not to use sick time).
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    Thats what I tend to do with FoFs too, but usually only the colorless one will pop up, and then I can't actually use it. They seems to happen most often during boss battles (probably due to the length of the battle and how often Jade is spamming arts). I feel like Guy and Jade both outclass Anise is both close and long range respectively which really doesn't allow her to shine in battle (like how Serenade in Eternal Sonata is amazing at both close and long range). And princess girl (Natalia, thanks for reminding me xP) tries to be an extra Tear, she doesn't measure up either. Didn't even know that she only does single target healing which is pretty bad. Healing circle is like the best move in the game after all.
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    I used to do that with my Steam games, but I've finally gotten it down to like 3 or so games left, so I'll probably be able to actually buy something and play it right away for the summer sale.
    Also, yes, please try it out when you can! You're like the only person I can get interested in Showdown at all. xP
    I can definitely understand learning the games gradually, as even with my current showdown team, I find it rather difficult to add a single 7th gen pokemon since I really know nothing about them.
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    Yeah, I can definitely believe that Mikleo is better in the game, but for now, he doesn't leave that great of an impression. I'll let you know what I think about the dub. Perhaps tomorrow since I'm thinking about watching the first episode tonight. Kinda wish I could watch it now, but sadly I have to go to this thing called work. xP
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    Currently playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. It has a battle system similar to Eternal Sonata, but its completely turn based, a lot more strategy involved, and a LOT more balanced. Easily one of my favorite battle systems of all time. Overall, there isn't too much of a story so far, just a lot of character development which is nice. Really waiting for the full story to kick in to accurately judge it though. I've been watching a few airing shows this season. Little Witch Academia, Demi-chan wa Kataritai, and Urara Meirochou. All of them are pretty good, but Demi-chan is currently my favorite right now. Just an extremely relaxing show with nice characters. Little Witch is close behind though (as it was my former favorite), and just needs a good episode or 2 to get its spot back. Overall, really satisfied with this season. Other than Zestiria, are you watching any shows?
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    And yes, the Abyss gameplay is really fun, but by a certain point I had played it so much I just tired myself out of it. FoFs are so frustrating to set up for me, so I don't ever really rely on them at all. My main team is always Luke, Tear, Guy, and Jade. Never even use Anise or princess girl (can't remember her name right now. xP)
    Kinda cool that they added a Berseria character in there. Never would have known that since I have yet to play either game.
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    Yeah, I more or less hate horror. xP There are times that I'm a bit more up to dealing with it, but as of recently, not so much.
    And I probably will get it sooner (hopefully), just so many things I want to finish and new games coming out soon as well which kinda take priority over Pokemon right now. Btw, do you use Pokemon Showdown at all? If so, would you like to battle sometime?
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    Guess I'm just kinda picky when it comes to VAs then xP It was probably more like the execution of the VAs rather than the VAs themselves though. Like I remember one scene were I didn't even have to read the subtitles, and I knew exactly what they were saying because their lines were that generic (and I only know a bit of Japanese).
    Also, glad to see you agree that Alisha would make a better MC. Sorey should have just been some random side character, and we can just erase Mikleo from the story entirely. xP Maybe I'll try the dub this weekend and see how I like it.
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    Yes, I saw that on Pokemon Showdown as well! I was completely surprised to see they buffed a move so much. Too bad Butterfree remains completely noncompetitive since it can't learn it xP Also, I'll at least remember not to get Dartrix then. xP I think I was going to end up getting the water one anyway since I liked its final evo the best.
    And yeah, my memory is quite similar when it comes to video games. If I've already played a game, I'll pretty much remember every plot twist, and anything else about the game even if its been a while. At one time I was trying to play Abyss for the 4th time, but just couldn't do it anymore. xP I'd say a few of the only games I've constantly been able to replay are Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
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    Was looking at XCOM 2 which came out last year. Their versions of aliens just kinda creep me out honestly. I'm sure its probably a great game, since I've heard many good things about the series. XCOM enemy unknown has a bit less of that creepy vibe, but..... yeah. xP
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